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Ben Foster To Play Lance Armstrong In New Biopic

29th July 2013

Ben Foster is in talks to play Lance Armstrong in a biopic by Stephen Frears.The 32-year-old actor looks set to star as the disgraced cyclist in the film which will focus on the seven-time Tour...

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Danny Boyle Plots Trainspotting Sequel In 2016

11th March 2013

Danny Boyle is hoping to release 'Trainspotting' sequel 'Porno' in 2016.The 'Slumdog Millionaire' director has revealed that the long-rumoured sequel to his hit 1996 black comedy about a group of heroin addicts may finally hit...

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Rosario Dawson To Go In A Trance

28th July 2011

Rosario Dawson has signed up to star in Danny Boyle's 'Trance'. The 'Sin City' actress and 'Black Swan' star Vincent Cassel are the latest names to join the cast of the drama, which will also...

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Mcgregor Considered Shooting Heroin For Trainspotting

12th December 2006

EWAN MCGREGOR considered getting high on heroin as research for his role in cult drug movie TRAINSPOTTING, as long as screenwriter JOHN HODGE, a doctor, was present. The Scottish movie star was struggling to capture...

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Boyle: 'I Hated The Beach'

13th June 2005

British film-maker DANNY BOYLE remains adamant LEONARDO DiCAPRIO was not to blame for the critical failure of THE BEACH - he insists his hatred of the backpacker lifestyle was the root cause of the problem....

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Boyle Backs Dicaprio

8th June 2005

Director DANNY BOYLE blames himself for the failure of 2000 movie THE BEACH, insisting star LEONARDO DiCAPRIO was unfairly targetted by critics. The film, about backpackers who discover a paradise island, was reviewed unfavourably...

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