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16th February 2012

"It's gonna be great. I won't have to meet any new people - same old group... It was like a family over there, a large dysfunctional family." Actor John Goodman can't wait to reteam with...

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16th February 2012

"The day I shot with the dog I had, like, a 104 (degree) fever." John Goodman has mixed emotions about working with retiring movie pooch Uggie in The Artist.

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Roseanne Barr And Goodman Reuniting On Screen

12th February 2012

Former Roseanne co-stars Roseanne BARR and John Goodman are reuniting onscreen for the first time in 15 years, according to U.S. reports.The stars, who played husband and wife on the hit show for almost a...

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Denzel Washington For 2 Guns?

8th February 2012

Denzel Washington is in talks to star in '2 Guns'. The 'Safe House' actor would star alongside Mark Wahlberg in the project, which previously had David O. Russell attached as the director. Now, Baltasar Kormakur...

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Silence Is Golden For 'The Artist' At Critics' Choice Awards

13th January 2012

Silent flick The Artist has triumphed at this year's Critics' Choice Awards, taking home four prizes at the prestigious event including the big one - Best Picture. It was also recognised for Best Score and...

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John Goodman Has 'A Lot Less Regret' Now He's Sober

20th December 2011

Actor John Goodman is grateful to mark his fourth year as a sober man because he lives with "a lot less regret" now that he's clean.The former Roseanne star, 59, battled alcoholism for almost 30...

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Phylicia Rashad Given Top Job By Denzel Washington

7th October 2011

Phylicia Rashad, the Tony Award winning stage and television actress, has been hired by Fordham University to head the school's Denzel Washington Endowed Scholarship, after the Hollywood actor donated $2 million to the school, reports...

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Alec Baldwin Presents Saturday Night Live For 16th Time

25th September 2011

Alec Baldwin was back at the helm of 'Saturday Night Live' as the long running American entertainment show reached its 37th season premiere since it first came to screens back in 1975. For the 53...

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Kardsahian Sisters' Accessible Kollection

6th September 2011

The Kardashian sisters hope their new fashion range will be accessible to "all shapes, sizes and nationalities". Kim, Khloe and Kourtney have created the Kardashian Kollection in conjunction with Sears and Australia-based Jupi International, and...

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Ben Affleck For Line Of Sight

24th August 2011

Ben Affleck is set to star in 'Line of Sight'.The actor is in negotiations to appear in the action movie as well as direct the project, which is being produced by Joel Silver and Andrew...

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Stars Of The Big Lebowski Reunite At Dvd Launch

17th August 2011

Veteran actor Jeff Bridges reunited with his The Big Lebowski castmates John Goodman and Steve Buscemi on Tuesday (16Aug11) to celebrate the film's Dvd relaunch.The trio was also joined by co-stars Julianne Moore and John...

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Ben Affleck To Direct And Star In Argo

28th June 2011

Ben Affleck is set to star in 'Argo'.The 'Armageddon' actor - who is already in line to direct the movie - has reportedly cast himself in the role of main character Tony Mendez, a CIA...

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Jack Kevorkian 'Turned Away Vast Majority' Said Al Pacino

3rd June 2011

Jack Kevorkian, who became known as 'Dr Death' for his work assisting suicides for terminally ill patients, has died aged 83, reports the New York Times. Jack Kevorkian, who passed away early Friday morning (3rd...

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Tom Hanks Joins Cloud Atlas

13th April 2011

Tom Hanks has signed on to 'Cloud Atlas'. The 'Da Vinci Code' actor will begin shooting the adaptation of the David Mitchell novel - about the action and consequences of one person's life on the...

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Big Lebowski 2 Spoof Trailer Hits The Web

30th March 2011

A spoof trailer for 'The Big Lebowski 2' has hit the web, with Tara Reid playing every character.A parody trailer for 'The Big Lebowski 2', the sequel to the classic 1998 Coen Brothers movie, features...

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The Kardashians' Sears Deal

13th January 2011

The Kardashian sisters have signed a fashion deal with US department store Sears.Kourtney, Kim and Khloe have teamed up with the retail giants to create a clothing and accessories line, The Kardashian Kollection, which will...

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John Goodman Joins Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close

4th January 2011

John Goodman has joined the cast of 'Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close'. The 'Flintstones' actor will join Sandra Bullock and Tom Hanks in the movie-adaptation of the novel about a boy in the aftermath of...

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Wendt Mistaken For Goodman

22nd November 2010

Former CHEERS star GEORGE WENDT is rarely recognised by fans of the hit TV show any more because he no longer looks like his character - insisting he is more often mistaken for JOHN GOODMAN...

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Kelsey Grammer Takes Pregnant Girlfriend To Party

9th September 2010

KELSEY GRAMMER, the star of multi-award winning show 'Frasier', took his 29-year-old pregnant girlfriend to a party in New York on September 7th 2010, reports US Magazine. The 55-year-old took KAYTE WALSH - who's pregnant...

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John Goodman's Weight Loss Joy

9th August 2010

John Goodman thinks he was "wasting" energy before losing weight.The actor has shed over 100lbs and admits he is delighted by the results, but is not going "nuts" with his diet and six-days-a-week exercise regime.He...

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The Things They Say 17569

5th August 2010

"I just ordered some nice slacks. I finally got them and they're too big now." Actor JOHN GOODMAN needs a whole new wardrobe after dropping more than 100 pounds (45 kilograms) of body fat.

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Goodman Staying Healthy After 400 Pound Shock

18th June 2010

JOHN GOODMAN is committed to keeping his weight down because he was tired of "breaking the furniture" as a 400 pound (181.4 kilograms) big guy.The actor showed off a slimmer new look during an appearance...

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Fascinating Fact 9181

23rd April 2010

Animated 2001 movie MONSTERS, INC., which features the voices of BILLY CRYSTAL and JOHN GOODMAN, is being rebooted for a sequel. The follow-up will hit cinemas in late 2012.

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Fascinating Fact 9112

14th April 2010

JOHN GOODMAN's return to U.S. television has been such a smash success network executives at cable channel HBO have already picked up his new drama TREME for a second season after just one episode aired...

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Sarandon And Goodman Team Up With Pacino

14th July 2009

Veteran actress SUSAN SARANDON will reunite with her SPEED RACER co-star JOHN GOODMAN in AL PACINO's forthcoming drama, YOU DON'T KNOW JACK.Pacino is set to play 'suicide doctor' Jack Kevorkian in an upcoming TV biopic,...

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Goodman Opens Up About Alcohol Battle

18th May 2009

Actor JOHN GOODMAN has opened up about his 30-year alcoholism battle, admitting, at his lowest point, hangovers were a "luxury". The former Roseanne star revealed all about his past booze issues during a Friday night TV...

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The Things They Say 11651

19th March 2009

"They see me, they shout, 'Hey, you're that Roseanne's husband TV guy.' I tell you one thing, it's sure better than someone throwing s**t at you." Actor JOHN GOODMAN is happy New Yorkers recognise him...

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Goodman 'Scared To Death' Of Broadway Return

19th March 2009

Actor JOHN GOODMAN is "scared to death" of returning to the stage in Broadway play WAITING FOR GODOT - after years of living in laid back New Orleans, Louisiana. Goodman will star opposite Nathan Lane and...

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Goodman And Lane To Star In Waiting For Godot

16th December 2008

Actors JOHN GOODMAN, DAVID STRATHAIRN and NATHAN LANE are teaming up to take on Broadway in a new performance of SAMUEL BECKETT's famous play WAITING FOR GODOT. The play kicks off a run at New...

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