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Cowgirl-in-training Natalie Portman

14th September 2013

Natalie Portman has been watching Westerns as research for 'Jane Got a Gun'.The 32-year-old actress - who stars as lead Jane Hammond - is excited that the new American movie will star a female protagonist...

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Steven Spielberg To Produce The Grapes Of Wrath Remake

3rd July 2013

Steven Spielberg is planning a remake of 'The Grapes of Wrath'.The filmmaker and movie studio DreamWorks are in talks with late author John Steinbeck's estate about producing a new big screen version of his Pulitzer...

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Shia Labeouf Bulked Up For Lawless

15th August 2012

Shia LaBeouf had to bulk up for his role in 'Lawless'.The 26-year-old actor was instructed to pile on the pounds for the Prohibition-era gangster movie and he admits it took him some time to get...

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Classic Films To Debut On Hulu Plus

16th February 2011

Some of the greatest films ever produced will now become available for streaming on Hulu Plus, the $7.99-per-month subscription service launched last year by Hulu, the company owned jointly by Disney/ABC, Comcast/NBC Universal, News Corp./Fox,...

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Lost Ford Film Found In New Zealand Movie Stash

7th June 2010

An early silent film directed by legendary moviemaker JOHN FORD has been discovered in a stash of 75 rarities recently uncovered in New Zealand.The 1927 feature, titled Upstream, tells the story of a romance between...

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Stars Pay Tribute To Altman At Independent Spirit Awards

25th February 2007

M*A*S*H co-stars SALLY KELLERMAN and ELLIOT GOULD, JOHN C REILLY, ANDIE MACDOWELL and LILY TOMLIN were among the stars who paid tribute to late filmmaker ROBERT ALTMAN at the Independent Spirit Awards in Santa Monica,...

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Steinbeck Contract Fetches $24,000

26th January 2007

A movie contract signed by author JOHN STEINBECK fetched $24,000 (GBP12,600) at a Motion Picture + Television auction in New York yesterday (25JAN06). The contract handed over the rights to Steinbeck's novel THE GRAPES OF...

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Eastwood Gets The Golden Boot

14th August 2006

CLINT EASTWOOD has been presented with the Founders Award from the Motion Picture and Television Fund Golden Boot committee for his contributions to Western movies. The screen veteran, who has previously received the Golden Boot...

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Eastwood To Receive Western Award

13th June 2006

Oscar-winner CLINT EASTWOOD will receive the Founders Award from the Motion Picture and Television Fund Golden Boot committee for his film directing legacy. The star has previously received the Golden Boot for his acting...

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Malden Picks Up Cowboy + Western Honours

19th April 2005

A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE star KARL MALDEN has been inducted into the Hall of Great Western Performers. The OSCAR-winning actor, 93, received the honour on Saturday night (16APR05) at the Western Heritage Awards, held...

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Hepburn's Long Lesbian List

2nd February 2004

Four-times OSCAR-winner KATHERINE HEPBURN reportedly had affairs with JUDY GARLAND, GRETA GARBO and other A-list ladies - according to a new biography about the iconic actress. Author DARWIN PORTER claims Hepburn, who died last...

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Lost Ford Western Found In French Archive

21st April 2003

A silent cowboy film made by legendary director JOHN FORD has been discovered in France - 70 years after it went missing. The western, BUCKING BROADWAY, stars Ford's favourite silent film cowboy, HARRY...

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