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Rielle Hunter Ends Romance With John Edwards?

24th April 2012

Rielle Hunter - the mistress of disgraced Presidential hopeful John Edwards - has reportedly cooled her relationship with the former North Carolina senator as the trial into their affair begins. Edwards is accused of using...

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Whitney Houston Death Included On Los Angeles Sightseeing Tour

15th February 2012

It's been just 3 days since the singing legend Whitney Houston was found dead in her Beverly Hilton hotel room, but it seems the tourism industry is already looking to cash in on the tragedy.As...

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Kim Kardashian's Tears Over Marriage Breakdown

23rd January 2012

Kim Kardashian broke down in tears while watching an episode of 'Kourtney and Kim Take New York' in which she told her sister her marriage needed to end.The 31-year-old socialite - who filed for divorce...

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John Edwards Trial Delayed Because Of Heart Condition

14th January 2012

One-time U.S. presidential candidate John Edwards is suffering from a life-threatening heart condition.The disgraced politician, who is facing a criminal corruption trial, was forced to delay proceedings last month (Dec11) due to a medical condition...

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John Edwards Charged With Conspiracy Over Affair

3rd June 2011

John Edwards, the American politician and former Presidential candidate, has been charged with using political funds to cover up his affair with Rielle Hunter, reports the Washington Post. A federal grand jury charged John Edwards...

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John Edwards Proposed To Girlfriend Weeks After Wife's Death

7th January 2011

JOHN EDWARDS, the former American Presidential candidate and husband of the recently deceased ELIZABETH EDWARDS, proposed to his girlfriend RIELLE HUNTER just three weeks after the death of his wife, reports the New York Post....

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Elizabeth Edwards Cut Estranged Husband Out Of Will

6th January 2011

ELIZABETH EDWARDS, the American author and attorney who died of cancer in December 2010, left her estranged husband JOHN EDWARDS out of her will, according to the Guardian newspaper. Edwards left all of her possessions...

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Edwards Laid To Rest

12th December 2010

ELIZABETH EDWARDS, the wife of former U.S. Vice President candidate JOHN EDWARDS, has been laid to rest in North Carolina, four days after losing her battle with breast cancer.Edwards, 61, passed away at her home...

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Sorkin To Turn Aide's Mistress Tale Into Edwards Film

17th July 2010

WEST WING creator AARON SORKIN is set to tackle the underbelly of politics again after signing on to turn ANDREW YOUNG's bestseller THE POLITICIAN - about the downfall of cheating former presidential candidate JOHN EDWARDS...

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Alexakis Disappointed With John Edwards Over Lovechild Scandal

16th July 2010

EVERCLEAR star ART ALEXAKIS is still disappointed in cheating former U.S. presidential candidate JOHN EDWARDS - because he campaigned for the Democrat in 2004.Despite his denials, Edwards was outed as the father of former assistant...

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Matthews: 'I Wouldn't Have Played At Politician's Wedding'

1st February 2010

Grammy Awards nominee DAVE MATTHEWS has laughed off reports he was asked to perform at disgraced U.S. politician JOHN EDWARDS nuptials, insisting he would never have agreed to the offer.The former Senator and vice-presidential candidate...

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Penn Arrives In Haiti

21st January 2010

Actor SEAN PENN has arrived in Haiti as part of a mercy mission led by former U.S. presidential candidate JOHN EDWARDS.Penn and Edwards are part of a group which has flown to the hurricane-ravaged Caribbean...

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Hip-hop Great Russell Simmons Backing Barack Obama

4th March 2008

Def Jam legend Russell Simmons has confirmed his endorsement for US presidential hopeful Barack Obama.Hugely influential in the black community, Simmons' backing will provide a boost to the Illinois senator's campaign ahead of crucial primary...

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Kucinich Ousted From Nevada Debate

16th January 2008

Democratic presidential contender Dennis Kucinich flew to Las Vegas Tuesday, betting that the Nevada Supreme Court would uphold a lower court order requiring MSNBC to include him in Tuesday's presidential debate. As it turned out,...

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Nbc To Fight Ruling In Candidates' Debate

16th January 2008

NBC News said that it will seek to have an appeals court overturn a decision issued Monday ordering it to include Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich in a Democratic presidential candidates debate in Las Vegas, NV...

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Fascinating Fact 4516

17th December 2007

FOOTLOOSE star KEVIN BACON joined U.S. presidential hopeful JOHN EDWARDS on the campaign trail in Iowa on Saturday (15Dec07). The actor performed Bacon Brothers songs at a rally in Cedar Falls.

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Goldberg Angry With Political Stunt

26th November 2007

WHOOPI GOLDBERG has hit out at presidential candidates JOHN EDWARDS and BARACK OBAMA's wife MICHELLE, for boycotting her talk show THE VIEW. The pair backed out of appearing on Monday's (26Nov07) edition of the topical...

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Conservative Group Claims Morning News Shows Favor Democrats

30th August 2007

The conservative Media Research Center claimed Wednesday that the three network morning news shows gave far more time during the first half of the year to Democratic candidates running for president than their Republican counterparts....

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Edwards Steps Up Attack On Fox News And Murdoch

3rd August 2007

Presidential candidate John Edwards has called on his Democratic rivals to refuse to accept contributions from News Corp as a way of protesting its purchase of The Wall Street Journal. (The leading candidate, Hillary Clinton,...

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Democratic Candidates To Debate Gay Issues

11th July 2007

Logo, Viacom's cable outlet targeting gay and lesbian viewers, plans to air a Democratic presidential debate on August 9, in which candidates will be asked about their views on gay issues by singer Melissa Etheridge,...

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Critics Dump On Couric For Edwards Interview

27th March 2007

Criticism of Katie Couric's interview with Sen. John Edwards and his wife Elizabeth on 60 Minutes Sunday night flooded Internet political websites and blogs Monday, with many writers taking Couric to task for couching her...

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College Basketball Scores For Cbs

26th March 2007

With an overrun of the NCAA basketball tournament giving the overall schedule a big boost, CBS dominated every half hour of primetime Sunday night. The combination of the basketball game and the first half hour...

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Politico Fallout

23rd March 2007

For the second time in two weeks, the recently launched website, which has partnered with CBS News for political coverage, has found itself having to backtrack after issuing what appeared to be poorly sourced...

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The Debate Over The Debate

9th March 2007

The decision by Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards to pull out of a Nevada debate in August that will be co-hosted by Fox News was denounced Thursday by Fox News Chairman and CEO Roger Ailes....

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Double Blow For John Edwards

4th November 2004

American vice-presidential hopeful JOHN EDWARDS and his family were dealt two severe blows yesterday (03NOV04) - they missed out on a chance to run America and Edwards' wife ELIZABETH was diagnosed with breast cancer....

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Diddy Brings In The Heavyweights On The Campaign Trail

27th October 2004

SEAN 'P DIDDY' COMBS has joined presidential hopeful JOHN KERRY on the campaign trail - and he's bringing his celebrity pals with him. Picking up from pal ASHTON KUTCHER, who visited his home state...

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Affleck: Bush Helped Me Save Money

28th July 2004

Democrat actor BEN AFFLECK is desperate to oust US President GEORGE W BUSH from the White House - despite admitting the leader has saved him $1.5 million (GBP830,000) in taxes. The millionaire movie heart-throb...

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Fogerty Protests Iraq Conflict In New Tune

19th July 2004

Former CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL frontman JOHN FOGERTY is using the upcoming American presidential race to launch a major comeback - thanks to a new protest song. The BAD MOON RISING singer, who famously penned...

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Affleck To Campaign Without Damon

18th July 2004

Hollywood actor MATT DAMON has been forced to give up his hopes of joining best pal BEN AFFLECK on his political campaign, because he'll be working on the OCEAN'S ELEVEN sequel. Affleck recently...

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Slim-fast Drops Whoopi Goldberg After Bush Riff

15th July 2004

GHOST star WHOOPI GOLDBERG has been dropped as a spokesperson for diet aid company SLIM-FAST after reportedly comparing American President GEORGE W BUSH's name to crude terms for a vagina. Slim-Fast says it is...

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