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Action Man Cusack

29th April 2003

JOHN CUSACK has defied his public quiet-man image by taking up action-man hobbies like helicopter snowboarding and kickboxing. The HIGH FIDELITY star loves to take to the slopes to snowboard down remote glaciers with...

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Fearless Cusack Takes On Hurricanes

29th April 2003

Hollywood actor JOHN CUSACK wasn't scared by a small hurricane - in fact he rode to the centre of the storm. The HIGH FIDELITY star was working in America's southern states when a storm...

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Cusack's Megalomaniac Part

29th April 2003

Celebrated actor JOHN CUSACK has finished a new film script about a megalomaniac - a part he wrote specifically for himself. The BEING JOHN MALKOVICH star, who has previously penned GROSSE POINTE BLANK and...

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Cusack's Identity Takes Over Top Spot

28th April 2003

JOHN CUSACK's murder-mystery flick IDENTITY shot to the top of the American box office after raking in $17 million (GBP11.3 million) in its first weekend. JACK NICHOLSON's ANGER MANAGEMENT was pushed to second place...

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Cusack Duped By His Own Movie

25th April 2003

Actor JOHN CUSACK promises his new thriller IDENTITY will keep audiences guessing - because even he was duped by the script. The HIGH FIDELITY star admits he was confident about the ending of the...

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Camryn Manheim Romancing Ann Cusack?

24th April 2003

Movie stars JOAN and JOHN CUSACK's sister ANN has embarked on a new romance - with THE PRACTICE actress CAMYRN MANHEIM. Manheim, who's made no secret of her attraction to both men and woman,...

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No One Wants A Driver

22nd April 2003

Hollywood stunner MINNIE DRIVER has dated MATT DAMON, JOHN CUSACK and HARRISON FORD but now is unable to find a man. The GOOD WILL HUNTING star, 33, says she can't get a date and...

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Faith Hill Set To Move To Stepford.

15th April 2003

Country star FAITH HILL could be making her big-screen debut in the remake of THE STEPFORD WIVES. The WAY YOU LOVE ME singer is in talks with movie studio PARAMOUNT about taking the role...

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Meg Breaks Down As Crowe Weds

14th April 2003

Hollywood actress MEG RYAN was reportedly so distraught at her ex-lover RUSSELL CROWE's wedding earlier this month (APR03) she collapsed in a wailing heap on the eve of his nuptials. As Crowe finalised plans...

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Romance For Meg Ryan And John Cusack

10th April 2003

As MEG RYAN's ex-lover RUSSELL CROWE embarks on a life of marital bliss, the actress has found romance - with HIGH FIDELITY actor JOHN CUSACK. Sources tell American magazine US WEEKLY that Cusack, 36,...

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Stars Come Out For Jordan

1st April 2003

JACK NICHOLSON, TOBEY MAGUIRE, SALMA HAYEK, STEVEN SPIELBERG and JOHN CUSACK were among the stars saying farewell to basketball ace MICHAEL JORDAN in Los Angeles at the weekend (28MAR03). The court ace plans to...

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