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Cusack And Thornton For Ice Harvest

29th February 2004

Hollywood duo JOHN CUSACK and BILLY BOB THORNTON are teaming up to star in new movie ICE HARVEST alongside Italian beauty MONICA BELLUCCI. HIGH FIDELITY star Cusack will play a lawyer who wants...

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Kidman Tried To Pull Out Of Stepford Wives

25th February 2004

OSCAR-winner NICOLE KIDMAN reportedly tried to pull out of starring in new movie THE STEPFORD WIVES, after co-star JOHN CUSACK backed out of the project. According to American news site PAGE SIX, Kidman was...

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Cusack's Kaufman Discovery

14th January 2004

JOHN CUSACK was determined to star in BEING JOHN MALKOVICH as soon as he read the script - despite having to wait five years to eventually play CRAIG SCHWARTZ. The IDENTITY star discovered the...

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Cusack Comforts Troubled Britney

11th January 2004

Movie hunk JOHN CUSACK has become troubled pop beauty BRITNEY SPEARS's close confidant in recent months - after the singer disclosed to him that she has a serious problem with alcohol. The HIGH FIDELITY...

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Cusack And Bergin For West End Wilde

5th January 2004

Hollywood stars JOHN CUSACK and PATRICK BERGIN are set for London's West End, in a new play about the trial of gay playwright OSCAR WILDE. The production of Irish writer ULICK O'CONNOR's acclaimed A...

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Woody Allen's Acting Aspirations

5th January 2004

Film legend WOODY ALLEN will take a break from directing in 2004 - so he can act in a new movie about the infamous 1972 PIERRE HOTEL robbery in his native New York. The...

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Cusack's Summer Resolutions

22nd December 2003

HIGH FIDELITY star JOHN CUSACK has decided to buck tradition by making his New Year's resolutions in the summer. The actor admits that while everybody makes a list of what they plan to give...

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Cusack Dating Again?

21st December 2003

Movie star JOHN CUSACK is reportedly in love again - with a Latina actress. The HIGH FIDELITY star, who has been romantically linked with MEG RYAN, BRITNEY SPEARS and NEVE CAMPBELL in recent months,...

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Zeta-jones' Aide: Julia Roberts Is Horrible To Women

2nd December 2003

Hollywood superstar JULIA ROBERTS goes out of her way to be nice to men but is rude and distant when it comes to women, according to CATHERINE ZETA-JONES's former personal assistant. LOUISE LENNON, who...

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Pitt's Fight Club Turn Triumphs In Cool List

28th November 2003

Hollywood star BRAD PITT's anarchy-driven hunk TYLER DURDEN has been hailed the coolest character in movie history. Pitt's portrayal of the ultra-confident Durden in 1999's hit film FIGHT CLUB opposite EDWARD FURLONG has been...

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Spears Dating Film Star Cusack?

31st October 2003

BRITNEY SPEARS is reportedly dating actor JOHN CUSACK, after falling for him during a promotional tour for her upcoming album. According to Britain's DAILY STAR newspaper, the OOPS!...I DID IT AGAIN singer, 21, met...

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Cusack Amused By Airbrushing

28th October 2003

Movie star JOHN CUSACK is amazed by the trend of airbrushing stars on the covers of magazines - because they look nothing like they do in real life. The HIGH FIDELITY star insists the...

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Heather's Crush On John

22nd October 2003

HEATHER GRAHAM has a crush on fellow movie star JOHN CUSACK. The actress fell for Cusack when she saw him in 1989 movie SAY ANYTHING - and now she has had the chance to...

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Chainsaw Massacre Slices Through Box Office Competition

20th October 2003

The remake of THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE has become the latest blood-drenched movie to top the American box office, after debuting with an estimated $29.1 million (GBP18.1 million). QUENTIN TARANTINO's bloody vengeance saga KILL...

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Cusack Stunned By African Wildlife

16th October 2003

Actor JOHN CUSACK was stunned by his African safari this Summer (03) - because he couldn't believe roaming lions refused to eat him. The HIGH FIDELITY star took a jeep safari in KRUGER NATIONAL...

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Beckinsale's Kissing Habit

13th August 2003

English star KATE BECKINSALE has been involved in so many on-screen trysts, her daughter thinks she kisses men for a living. The actress has enjoyed celluloid romps with BEN AFFLECK in PEARL HARBOR and...

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Don't Cry For Meg Ryan

13th August 2003

MEG RYAN is going public with her thoughts on love, loss and life itself in a bid to prove she's making the most of things. The actress became a somewhat pitiful figure in some...

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Brittany Is Tinseltown's Top Tease

12th August 2003

ASHTON KUTCHER's ex BRITTANY MURPHY has been named Hollywood's biggest flirt in a new American teen poll. The actress beat out MARIAH CAREY and DREW BARRYMORE to claim the top spot in TWIST magazine's...

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Neve Finds New Love

28th July 2003

SCREAM beauty NEVE CAMPBELL has found love once again, after her split from actor JOHN CUSACK. The 29-year-old brunette has embarked on a romance with actor BILLY BURKE, who appeared in hit TV series...

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Hackman, Hoffman And Cusack Movie Sparks Upset

23rd July 2003

GENE HACKMAN, DUSTIN HOFFMAN and JOHN CUSACK's new movie RUNAWAY JURY has sparked a real-life legal battle between the film studio and a small kite shop. The actors were recently in New Orleans, Louisiana,...

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Cusack's New Girl

15th July 2003

Movie star JOHN CUSACK has reportedly switched girlfriends after romancing MEG RYAN. The HIGH FIDELITY actor was spotted celebrating his 37th birthday in Malibu, California, with actress JODI LYN O'KEEFE, 28, last month (JUN03)....

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Minnie Driver Ensnares A Toy Boy

26th June 2003

Unlucky-in-love actress MINNIE DRIVER has landed herself a sporty new toy boy boyfriend - American tennis star ROBBY GINEPRI. The 33-year-old GOOD WILL HUNTING has been spotted strolling among the crowd at the WIMBLEDON...

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Cusack Lashes Out At Celebrity Culture

13th June 2003

Hollywood star JOHN CUSACK has launched a scathing attack on fellow actors who appear on TV to discuss their personal lives - labelling the idea "insane". The critically acclaimed actor - who's controversial latest...

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Cusack: Max Will Improve In Time

9th June 2003

JOHN CUSACK is unconcerned about the critical and commercial failure of his last film MAX - because he thinks his pet project will be proved right in the end. The controversial drama, which stars...

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Cusack Attacks Michael Moore

9th June 2003

Hollywood star JOHN CUSACK has attacked fellow filmmaker MICHAEL MOORE for failing to support the DEMOCRATIC party in the last American presidential elections. Moore, who won the Best Documentary OSCAR at this year's (03)...

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John Cusack Defends Hitler Film

6th June 2003

Quirky Hollywood actor JOHN CUSACK has defended his controversial movie MAX, about a Jewish art dealer who befriends a young ADOLF HITLER. The GROSSE POINT BLANK star faced a backlash for making the fictional...

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Jon Bon Jovi's Acting Ambitions

5th June 2003

Rocker JON BON JOVI is keen for his burgeoning movie career to be as successful as his music career. The BLAZE OF GLORY singer has so far appeared in a handful of movies and...

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Richard Cusack Dies

4th June 2003

JOAN and JOHN CUSACK's actor father RICHARD CUSACK has died aged 77. The former advertising executive turned actor/screenwriter lost his battle with pancreatic cancer on Monday (04JUN03). Cusack entered the film industry in...

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Cusack Pines For Action Script

30th May 2003

Indie hero JOHN CUSACK would love to make an action movie - if he could find one with a good enough script. The BEING JOHN MALKOVICH star, best known for turns in quirky classics...

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Cusack Sweet On Peet

16th May 2003

Hollywood actor JOHN CUSACK has uncovered his true reason for starring in the new thriller IDENTITY - he was desperate to meet AMANDA PEET. The 36-year-old screen hunk admits he was thrilled to be...

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