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Strummer Film To Premiere At Sundance

8th November 2006

Punk film-maker JULIEN TEMPLE's much-anticipated JOE STRUMMER tribute will premiere in January (07) at ROBERT REDFORD's Sundance Film Festival in Utah. THE FUTURE IS UNWRITTEN features interviews with Strummer fans like JOHNNY DEPP, BONO and...

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Duff Praises Bulgarian Eating Habits

7th November 2006

Singer/actress HILARY DUFF has fallen in love with Bulgaria - thanks to the quality fruit and vegetables on offer. Duff, who is currently filming in the Eastern European country with JOHN CUSACK, was impressed by...

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Pearce Considers A Return To La Confidential Story

2nd November 2006

Australian actor GUY PEARCE is set to reprise his ED EXLEY character in the LA CONFIDENTIAL sequel, WHITE JAZZ. The Melbourne-bred actor won critical acclaim for his role as the thorough detective in the 1997...

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Fascinating Fact 2223

6th October 2006

MATTHEW BRODERICK beat out JOHN CUSACK to play the role of FERRIS BUELLER in the 1986 comedy FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF.

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Stallone And Cusack Sued For Wall Street Profits

25th August 2006

A string of Hollywood stars including SYLVESTER STALLONE and JOHN CUSACK are facing legal action over the money they made from a collapsed hedge fund for classic 1987 film WALL STREET. The pair are being...

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Cusack 'Fan': 'I'm No Stalker'

20th July 2006

LATEST: The woman ordered to stay away from JOHN CUSACK has denied she is stalking the HIGH FIDELITY star, insisting she only sent the actor two letters. EMILY LEATHERMAN, 31, was ordered by a Los...

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Cusack Granted Restraining Order

18th July 2006

LATEST: HIGH FIDELITY star JOHN CUSACK has won a restraining order to keep a Los Angeles woman at least 100 yards (300 feet) away from him. The actor, 40, filed court papers in Los Angeles...

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Cusack Seeks Restraining Order

27th June 2006

Actor JOHN CUSACK has asked a judge to issue a restraining order against a woman who he says has been stalking him. The HIGH FIDELITY star filed papers on Friday (23JUN06) in Los Angeles County...

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Cusack Disgusted By Hidden Dead

9th June 2006

JOHN CUSACK is so disgusted America's war dead are brought back home in secret, he felt it was his duty to make a movie about the sensitive issue. The media is banned from covering the...

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High Fidelity Set For Broadway

25th April 2006

British author NICK HORNBY's record store tale HIGH FIDELITY is set to hit Broadway, New York at Christmas (06) - as a new musical. The novel has already been turned into a hit film, starring...

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Jackson Teams Up With Cusack For King Film

5th April 2006

Actor SAMUEL L JACKSON is teaming up with JOHN CUSACK for the STEPHEN KING thriller 1408. Cusack will star as a debunker of paranormal occurrences who finds real terror when he checks into the notorious...

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Cusack Piles On The Pounds To Keep Out The Chill

8th November 2005

JOHN CUSACK is making no apologies for looking chubby in new movie THE ICE HARVEST - he gobbled down pizza to stay warm on the freezing Illinois set. The movie star admits he piled...

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Wilson Named Hollywood's Hottest Bachelor

31st October 2005

OWEN WILSON has seen off competition from long list of actors to be named Hollywood's Hottest Bachelor. Favourites GEORGE CLOONEY and COLIN FARRELL were relegated to the "Fun for a Fling" section of OK!...

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Cusack Eyed For Scrubs Role

7th September 2005

SCRUBS bosses are attempting to woo Hollywood actor JOHN CUSACK for a guest appearance on the hit TV show. Scrubs creator BILL LAWRENCE says JOHN McGINLEY, who plays DR PERRY COX on the show,...

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Freeman's Fake Graveyard Scares Bulgarians

22nd August 2005

MORGAN FREEMAN's latest film-making venture frightened residents in Bulgarian capital Sofia after the crew built an American graveyard in the city's Yuzhen (Southern) Park. People taking a stroll through Sofia's second largest park were...

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Wedding Crashers Tops Us Box Office

1st August 2005

OWEN WILSON and VINCE VAUGHN have become the new kings of the US box office, after WEDDING CRASHERS hauled a staggering $20.5 million (GBP11.3 million). JOHNNY DEPP's hit CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY, which...

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Cusack Fascinated With Bulgarian Men

27th July 2005

JOHN CUSACK finds Bulgarian men highly amusing - because they remind him of steroid-pumped versions of the BACKSTREET BOYS. The Hollywood actor is currently in the Eastern European country with MORGAN FREEMAN filming the...

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Cusack And Piven's Crush On News Woman

29th March 2005

JOHN CUSACK and his pal JEREMY PIVEN shared such a huge crush on a TV news anchor when they were younger, they tracked her down and showered her with roses. Evergreen EMMY-winning news veteran...

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Gervais Shunned Lead Hollywood Role

21st March 2005

British comic RICKY GERVAIS stunned a board of Hollywood bosses when he snubbed a major movie role, and advised them to offer it to JOHN CUSACK. The creator and star of THE OFFICE became...

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Nicholson Pays Artistic Tribute To Thompson

12th March 2005

Actor JACK NICHOLSON has paid a special tribute to his late pal HUNTER S THOMPSON with a hand-drawn portrait of the writer. In the sketches, photographs of which were obtained by PEOPLE magazine, Nicholson...

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Depp And Cusack Attend Thompson Memorial

6th March 2005

Hollywood stars JOHNNY DEPP and JOHN CUSACK joined friends and family of the late author HUNTER S THOMPSON at a private memorial party Saturday (05MAR05). The FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS scribe shot...

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Black: I Don't Have Many Famous Friends

15th October 2004

JACK BLACK has dismissed the notion all Hollywood actors hang out with each other, as he only has a handful of famous friends. The Los Angeles-based SCHOOL OF ROCK star counts TIM ROBBINS and...

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Cusack Flies Into The Eye Of The Storm

8th October 2004

HIGH FIDELITY star JOHN CUSACK risked life and limb recently when he literally flew into the eye of a storm to research a new movie. The movie star joined military weather experts and extreme...

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Cusack Wins Top Hitman Poll

30th September 2004

JOHN CUSACK has been crowned cinema's greatest hitman for his role in dark comedy GROSSE POINTE BLANK. The American actor, 38, who wrote the screenplay for the 1997 movie where he plays assassin MARTIN...

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Pregnant Monica Says No To Hollywood

27th August 2004

Italian movie star MONICA BELLUCCI turned down chances to work with NICOLAS CAGE and JOHN CUSACK in Hollywood movies because she didn't want to work while she was pregnant. THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST...

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Kravitz Top Hollywood Heartbreaker

6th August 2004

LENNY KRAVITZ's string of failed romances with a range of stunning women has earned him the title 'Hollywood's Biggest Heartbreaker'. The hunky rocker boasts MADONNA, VANESSA PARADIS, KYLIE MINOGUE, DEVON AOKI, NAOMI CAMPBELL and...

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Kerry Girls Swap Affleck For Cusack

2nd August 2004

Actor JOHN CUSACK has reportedly "stolen" JOHN KERRY's daughters ALEXANDRA and VANESSA from Hollywood hunk BEN AFFLECK. Affleck - who has just split with girlfriend ENZA SAMBATARO - hooked up with the sisters at...

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Baldwin's Passion For Politics

30th July 2004

ALEC BALDWIN was determined to attend the DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL CONVENTION in Boston this week (begins26JUL04) so he could throw his weight behind presidential candidate JOHN KERRY. Baldwin is one of a number of celebrities...

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Cusack To Move In With Girlfriend?

18th March 2004

Actor JOHN CUSACK has sparked speculation he's set to move in with his stunning Latina girlfriend after he was seen househunting with her. The 37-year-old RUNAWAY JURY star has been romancing Venezuelan soap beauty...

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Cusack And Thornton For Ice Harvest

29th February 2004

Hollywood duo JOHN CUSACK and BILLY BOB THORNTON are teaming up to star in new movie ICE HARVEST alongside Italian beauty MONICA BELLUCCI. HIGH FIDELITY star Cusack will play a lawyer who wants...

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