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Vanessa Hudgens To Star In Serial Killer Thriller

12th September 2011

Vanessa Hudgens is to move away from her High School Musical image and star alongside Nicolas Cage in new thriller Frozen Ground according to Ground will tell the story of Alaska's most infamous serial...

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John Cusack To Replace Tobey Maguire In The Paperboy - Report

13th July 2011

John Cusack has stepped in to replace Tobey Maguire in Lee Daniels' new crime thriller The Paperboy, according to multiple internet reports.He'll join Zac Efron in the film about two brothers investigating a murder. Maguire...

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Cusack Praises 'Courageous' Egypt Protests

31st January 2011

JOHN CUSACK has come out in support of the uprising in Egypt, praising the "inspirational courage" of protesters in the African republic.The demonstrations have made headlines across the world as thousands of citizens held daily...

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John Hawkes Is The Surprise Oscar Nominee For 2011

25th January 2011

John Hawkes, the 51-year-old American actor whose previous roles have included appearances on 'Psych', 'Monk' and 'Without a Trace', has been nominated for the 'Best Supporting Actor' award at this year's Academy Awards. Hawkes' was...

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Nasa Scientists Slam 'Absurd' 2012

3rd January 2011

NASA scientists have named JOHN CUSACK's blockbuster 2012 as the most "absurd" sci-fi film of all time.Experts at America's National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) have put together a list of the least plausible science...

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Jennifer Carpenter And Michael C Hall File For Divorce

15th December 2010

JENNIFER CARPENTER, the American actress best known for her role in 'The Exorcism of Emily Rose', is set to divorce from husband MICHAEL C. HALL after just one and a half years of marriage, reports...

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Cameron Crowe And Nancy Wilson Set To Divorce

24th September 2010

CAMERON CROWE and his wife NANCY WILSON are set to divorce after the HEART singer-songwriter filed for divorce from the writer and director after more than 20 years of marriage, reports CBS News. 33-year-old Wilson...

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Joaquin Phoenix In Talks For Numerous Roles

10th September 2010

JOAQUIN PHOENIX has been in talks to star in several new films, despite announcing he was quitting acting two years ago, reports the Press Association. The star of 'Walk The Line' signalled his intention to...

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Cusack At War With Fox News

1st September 2010

JOHN CUSACK is embroiled in a war of words with journalists at Fox News after he called for a "satanic death cult" to be set up outside the broadcasting giant's headquarters.The High Fidelity star made...

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Cusack To Play Poe

30th August 2010

JOHN CUSACK has confirmed he is set to play EDGAR ALLAN POE in a new murder mystery.The High Fidelity actor will star as the horror writer in director James MCTeigue's forthcoming The Raven, a fictionalised...

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Gossip Girl Leads Teen Choice Awards

15th June 2010

'Gossip Girl' leads the nominations for this year's Teen Choice Awards.The popular US TV show is up for the Choice TV Show: Drama accolade, while its stars Chace Crawford, Penn Badgley, Blake Lively and Leighton...

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Cusack Is A Technophobe

6th May 2010

JOHN CUSACK is fed up with communicating with his friends via the internet - because he is a failure when it comes to technology.The High Fidelity star forces his pals to meet up with him...

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National Movie Award Nominees Announced

20th April 2010

Aaron Johnson and his superhero comedy 'Kick-Ass' are among the nominees at this year's National Movie Awards. The 19-year-old actor is among a number of Britons to be nominated in the Performance of the Year...

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John Cusack's 'Stupid' Movie Title

29th March 2010

John Cusack admits his latest film has a "stupid title".The US actor said 'Hot Tub Time Machine' - about a group of friends who travel back in a time machine to relive a particular weekend...

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Cusack Mistaken For Spacey And Broderick

28th March 2010

Hollywood star JOHN CUSACK suffers from a regular case of mistaken identity - movie fans frequently get him mixed up with KEVIN SPACEY and MATTHEW BRODERICK.The Being John Malkovich star admits he is always recognised...

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John Cusack Doesn't Trust 'Virtual' Friends

28th March 2010

John Cusack hates modern technology. The actor - who stars in the new comedy 'Hot Tub Time Machine' where he plays a character who goes back to 1986 with a group of male friends -...

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John Cusack Lives For Now

28th March 2010

John Cusack wouldn't choose to go back in time. The American actor - who stars in 'Hot Tub Time Machine', a new comedy about a group of friends who suddenly wake up in the 80s...

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Fascinating Fact 9015

24th March 2010

Hollywood star JOHN CUSACK went to high school with STEVE PINK, the director of the actor's new comedy HOT TUB TIME MACHINE.

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The Things They Say 15874

23rd March 2010

"It's such a stupid name and it goes around the world and it becomes a great name." Actor JOHN CUSACK on the title of his new movie HOT TUB TIME MACHINE.

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The Things They Say 15841

21st March 2010

"I remember the '85 (Chicago) Bears won the Super Bowl, and I was there, I think, on mushrooms... That was my problem." JOHN CUSACK on his hazy memories about 1986, where his new movie, HOT...

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Cusack Dating Willis' Ex?

3rd March 2010

JOHN CUSACK is dating BRUCE WILLIS' former fiancee, BAYWATCH star BROOKE BURNS, according to a U.S. report.The High Fidelity actor has been romancing the 31-year-old beauty, who split from Willis in 2004, since the beginning...

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The Things They Say 15564

27th February 2010

"A hot hand with dice is my idea of heaven. I can't describe it. Anyone who thinks gambling isn't for them would instantly change if they caught a winning streak playing craps." Actor JOHN CUSACK...

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2012 Is China's Biggest Film Ever

29th December 2009

JOHN CUSACK's disaster movie 2012 is anything but in China - it has become the nation's biggest-grossing film ever.The end-of-the-world epic had raked in $67.3 million (GBP42 million) in China as of 23 December (09),...

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$225 Million Worldwide For 2012

15th November 2009

Film fans around the globe are obsessed with the end of the world - JOHN CUSACK's new disaster movie 2012 has scored a $225 million (£140.6 million) box office bonanza in just three days.The much-hyped...

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Nasa Post End Of The World Findings Online For Nervous Film Fans

14th November 2009

Boffins at NASA have posted a detailed report online dismissing heightened fears the world will end on 21 December, 2012 - brought about by interest in JOHN CUSACK's new disaster movie.The scientists have received so...

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Thandie Newton Suppresses Sexuality

9th November 2009

Thandie Newton doesn't flirt.The 'Crash' actress - who has two daughters, eight-year-old Ripley and Nico, four, with her husband, writer Ol Parker - has strong friendships with her male pals because she never tries to...

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The Things They Say 14052

6th November 2009

"John is smart and he's got that look, like he would know what to do with you! He's a sexy man. Even my mum was like, 'Ooh, yes!'" THANDIE NEWTON took a liking to her...

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Top Astro-historian Rules Out 2012 End Of The World Threat

4th November 2009

Prominent astronomer and astro-historian DR. E.C. KRUPP has urged film fans not to panic after watching JOHN CUSACK's upcoming disaster movie 2012 - because there's no way the end of the world will come so...

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The Things They Say 13981

2nd November 2009

"It's very chaotic and then there's usually a game show element where somebody runs into the audience and slaps someone... bells go off; you start to feel like you're in a little children's Vietnam or...

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Bocelli & Crowe Added To Walk Of Fame's Class Of 2010

24th June 2009

ANDREA BOCELLI and actors RUSSELL CROWE, COLIN FIRTH and JOHN CUSACK have been added to the list of celebrities set for stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2010 - the 50th year of...

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