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Director John Carpenter To Release Debut Album

6th January 2015

Veteran moviemaker John Carpenter is putting his famous musical talents to use by releasing his first ever non-soundtrack album.The director, whose creepy, self-penned theme tune for his 1978 slasher movie Halloween became an iconic horror...

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Charlie Hunnam And Dan Stevens Wanted For Escape From New York Reboot

1st September 2014

Sons Of Anarchy star Charlie Hunnam and Downton Abbey actor Dan Stevens have reportedly emerged as the frontrunners to take on the lead role in a long-delayed remake of John Carpenter's sci-fi classic Escape From...

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Netflix To Erase A Huge Chunk Of It's Library In The New Year

By Joe Wilde | 31st December 2013

No longer will you be able to see such instant classics as Foxy Brown, Killer Klowns From Outer Space, Stop! Or My Mum Will Shoot or Troll II on Netflix by 4 January at the...

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Tom Hardy And Jason Statham In The Running For Escape From New York Remake

26th March 2013

British movie tough guys Tom Hardy and Jason Statham are going head-to-head to compete for the role made famous by Kurt Russell in a planned remake of John Carpenter film Escape From New York.Jeremy Renner...

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The Things They Say 23151

17th October 2011

"I was around for 3D part-one in the 1950s as a kid, and saw a lot of those films. The idea was so exciting, until you put those stupid glasses on, your eyes started going...

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John Carpenter Blames Remakes On Internet

17th October 2011

Veteran director John Carpenter has defended the glut of movie remakes in Hollywood, insisting rebooting films familiar to fans guarantees success.Studio bosses have commissioned dozens of remakes of classic movies in recent years, sparking claims...

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'80'S Revival At Box Office

14th October 2011

Two movies from the 1980s are being reincarnated this week and will join a comedy about the unlikely subject of bird watching to try to unseat last week's robot fight film, Real Steel , from...

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The Thing Trailer Captures 'Psychological Terror' Of Original

15th July 2011

A trailer for the forthcoming movie 'The Thing' has hit the web, giving fans a sneak peak of Dutch filmmaker MATTHIJS VAN HEIJNINGEN JR's interpretation of the classic horror tale. The upcoming flick is the...

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John Carpenter Ready To Take On A Musical

16th May 2011

Legendary horror film director John Carpenter is eyeing a move into musicals, admitting he'd like to "transform" the "old-fashioned" genre.Carpenter made a name for himself after shooting slasher classic Halloween and sci-fi chiller The Thing...

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Renner To Take Over From Russell In Escape From New York Remake

9th November 2010

THE HURT LOCKER star JEREMY RENNER is in negotiations to star in the remake of JOHN CARPENTER film ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK.The 1981 sci-fi classic starred Kurt Russell as anti-hero Snake Plissken. Russell returned for...

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Carpenter Hospitalised After Seizure

11th October 2010

Legendary horror director JOHN CARPENTER was hospitalised in Florida on Saturday (09Oct10) after suffering a seizure at a film convention.The Halloween helmer collapsed during Spooky Empire's Ultimate Horror Weekend in Orlando after taking a break...

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Carpenter Resurrects Dracula

7th June 2010

JOHN CARPENTER is bringing DRACULA back from the dead - the famed horror moviemaker has signed up to direct HILARY SWANK in a modern-day adaptation of BRAM STOKER's classic vampire tale.The Halloween director has agreed...

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The Thing To Get Prequel

31st January 2009

Fans of director JOHN CARPENTER's horror movie THE THING are in for a treat - plans are afoot for a prequel. Studio bosses at Universal have revealed they are working on a new movie with screenwriter...

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The Exorcist Voted Greatest Horror Film Of All Time

31st October 2008

William Friedkin's The Exorcist has been voted the best horror film ever made in a new Halloween poll.The 1973 thriller, based on William Peter Blatty's book, topped an online poll of more than 6,000 HMV...

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Butler Escapes New York

31st October 2007

Gerard Butler has quit the upcoming remake of Escape from New York over 'creative differences', reports claim.The 300 star signed up to follow in Kurt Russell's footsteps as Snake Plissken in the New Line remake...

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Carpenter Dismisses Need For Movie Censorship

28th April 2007

Veteran director JOHN CARPENTER has defended violence in movies, arguing there is no need for the US government to regulate what can be watched at the cinema. The Halloween filmmaker was speaking on Thursday (26Apr07)...

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Russell Enraged With New Snake Plissken

25th March 2007

LATEST: American actor KURT RUSSELL is enraged with the decision to cast Scottish actor GERARD BUTLER in a remake of the 1981 film ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK. Russell, who played infamous anti-hero SNAKE PLISSKEN in...

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Butler Plans To Escape From New York

13th March 2007

300 star GERARD BUTLER is set to star in the remake of the 1981 action film ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK. Butler is in talks to play SNAKE PLISSKEN in the film, about a one-eyed convict...

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Wrestler Piper Battling Cancer

28th November 2006

Legendary wrestler 'ROWDY' RODDY PIPER has been diagnosed with lymphoma cancer and will begin treatment to fight the disease immediately. The 52-year-old Canadian, who starred in director JOHN CARPENTER's 1988 movie THEY LIVE, posted a...

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Screenwriter Nigel Kneale Dies

1st November 2006

British screenwriter NIGEL KNEALE died yesterday (31OCT06) following a long battle with ill health. He was 84. Kneale is best known for writing the hit British TV show THE QUATERMASS EXPERIMENT which debuted in 1953...

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Tarantino Confirms Russell Collaboration

25th July 2006

LATEST: Director QUENTIN TARANTINO has confirmed action star KURT RUSSELL will star in his new horror movie collaboration with ROBERT RODRIGUEZ - and he insists the collaboration is a dream come true. Tarantino had hoped...

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Russell Replaces Rourke As Grindhouse Killer

24th July 2006

KURT RUSSELL has replaced MICKEY ROURKE as the sick killer in QUENTIN TARANTINO's new horror film GRINDHOUSE, according to internet reports. Rourke reportedly pulled out of the project earlier this month (JUL06) and Tarantino immediately...

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Cooper Begs For Bond Villain Role

16th May 2005

Rocker ALICE COOPER has begged movie bosses to cast him as superspy JAMES BOND's arch enemy in upcoming 007 movie CASINO ROYALE. The SCHOOL'S OUT star doesn't care whether PIERCE BROSNAN, DANIEL CRAIG or...

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Selma Signs Up For The Fog To Thrill Husband

26th March 2005

SELMA BLAIR has signed up to star in the remake of horror classic THE FOG to keep her husband AHMET ZAPPA happy. The HELLBOY star will recreate the character played by ADRIENNE BARBEAU in...

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Halloween Producer Debra Hill Dies

8th March 2005

Hollywood film-maker DEBRA HILL, best known for writing and producing horror classic HALLOWEEN, died yesterday (07MAR05). She was 54. Hill, who was working on a number of projects including sequel HALLOWEEN 9 at the...

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The Fog Rolls In Again

28th October 2004

Horror classic THE FOG is set to return to the big screen with the original film's director, JOHN CARPENTER, acting as producer. The original 1980 thriller, about a sinister sea fog which brings vengeful...

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Hawke And Fishburne Assault Precinct

10th February 2004

Hollywood actors ETHAN HAWKE and LAWRENCE FISHBURNE are poised to sign up for a remake of seventies cult classic ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13. Hawke will play a policeman and Fishburne a gangster in the...

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John Carpenter: Halloween Isn't Misogynistic

6th January 2004

Veteran director JOHN CARPENTER has blasted critics who label his cult movie HALLOWEEN misogynistic. The 55-year-old cult filmmaker laughs off accusations that the 1978 classic contains scenes in which killer MICHAEL MYERS is unnecessarily...

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