Hairspray director John Waters has hitchhiked across America as part of a new book deal.
The filmmaker kicked off his road trip in Baltimore, Maryland on 14 May (12), reaching San Francisco, California in just eight days thanks to the help of 15 strangers - and now he's set to share his experiences in new tome Carsick.
The 66 year old kept his celebrity a secret for the duration of the trek and Waters insists the social experiment went off without a hitch.
He tells New York Magazine, "There's not an airport in the world I'm not recognised in. But who thinks it's you on the side of the street?
Pot smokers, cops, I got everybody. And everybody was lovely."
And the actor/writer credits his crazy trademark facial hair with helping him attract driver attention, adding, "My moustache got me a third of the rides. I had it working."