Sir John Hurt is winning his cancer battle.

The 75-year-old actor, who announced in June that he'd been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, has revealed his treatment is ''going terrifically well'' and he's ''optimistic'' of making a full recovery.

The 'V for Vendetta' star said: ''I can't say I worry about mortality, but it's impossible to get to my age and not have a little contemplation of it.

''We're all just passing time, and occupy our chair very briefly. But my treatment is going terrifically well, so I'm optimistic.''

Meanwhile, John also revealed his pride at having been knighted by Britain's Queen Elizabeth last month, admitting he's relishing his new-found status.

He told Radio Times: ''I did nothing to encourage it. Some people do, you know.

''I like being Sir John - it works, doesn't it? Or John. The only thing that sticks in my craw is when people say, 'Mr Hurt'. I tell them it's no longer correct.''

Despite his cancer diagnosis, John has pledged to continue working and has always been upbeat about the outcome of his treatment.

In a statement revealing his diagnosis, John said: ''I have recently been diagnosed with early stage pancreatic cancer. I am undergoing treatment and am more than optimistic about a satisfactory outcome, as indeed is the medical team.

''I am continuing to focus on my professional commitments and will shortly be recording 'Jeffrey Bernard Is Unwell' (one of life's small ironies!) for BBC Radio 4.''