The Newsroom star John Gallagher, JR. has opened up about his high school romance with actress Aubrey Plaza.
Gallagher, Jr. found love with the Parks and Recreation star as a teenager growing up in Delaware, where they both performed in an amateur theatre group.
He tells New York Magazine's Vulture blog, "Aubrey was my first girlfriend when I was about 15 years old. We grew up together in Delaware; she's from Wilmington as well. We did community theatre together, and yeah, we had quite the young love for a while."
The former high school sweethearts have since gone on to find fame in Hollywood, but Gallagher, Jr. insists they are still close friends.
He adds, "We still keep in touch. I still see her whenever I can, whenever I'm in L.A. or when she's in New York. We go way back. Our families are close. It's great. You don't always end up keeping in touch with those first loves."