THE WHO'S JOHN ENTWISTLE has left a $8 million (GBP5 million) legacy - but none of it will go to his estranged wife MAXINE ENTWISTLE.

The bass player - who died of a cocaine-induced heart attack in a Las Vegas hotel room on 27 June 2002, where he was found with a prostitute - had entered a clause in his will to say he was making "no provision" for second wife Maxine.

Instead, the fortune is to be split between girlfriend LISA PRITCHARD-JOHNSON, mother QUEENIE ENTWISTLE and son CHRIS ENTWISTLE - from his first marriage to ALISON WISE.

An insider says, "John split up with his wife Maxine a long time ago. Things must have been pretty bad between them if he couldn't bring himself to even leave her a penny in his will."

12/10/2003 10:08