Lars Von Trier - John C. Reilly Can't Be Stereotyped

John C. Reilly thinks its "tough" for actors who "stick" to their stereotypes but feels he is in no "danger".

The 46-year-old star claims it is "tough" for stereotyped actors to star around in the industry unless they continually play roles in the same genre, but is confident this will not happen to him.

The 'Terri' actor said: "Doesn't seem like there's any danger of being stereotyped. Unless you do the same thing, it's tough for stereotypes to stick. That said, whatever you've done that's most popular at a given moment is what people think 'you do'."

John instead fears that his acting career has been so varied that he doesn't know what his own personality is like anymore.

John claims: "you define the role by the fact that it's you trying to bring the role to life. So you're trying to bring the role to life in a way that you see is honest, and sometimes that affects what your own personality is like. But to be honest, I don't even know what my own personality is really like. I've been acting for so long."

The notorious comical actor praises his comedy fans but is excited about his upcoming movies.

"I get a lot of great support for the comedy that I've done, but the next few things that I've got coming out are widely varied. From 'Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie', which is a big broad comedy, to a tense drama with Tilda Swinton called 'We Need to Talk About Kevin'."


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