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Wachowskis Sued Over The Matrix Sequels

4th March 2013

The Wachowskis are being sued over 'The Matrix' sequels.The 'Cloud Atlas' filmmakers have been hit by a $300 million lawsuit by Thomas Althouse, who claims they stole ideas from his own script, 'The Immortals', to...

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Turned Down Die Hard And The Rock

24th September 2012

Arnold Schwarzenegger turned down 'Die Hard' and 'The Rock'.The 'Terminator' actor revealed that when he was offered the scripts for the two films he wasn't impressed enough with them to commit, and Arnold recalled the...

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Joseph Gordon-levitt Wants Justice League Role

11th September 2012

Joseph Gordon-Levitt would consider starring in the 'Justice League' film.The actor appeared in 'The Dark Knight Rises' as heroic cop John Blake - whose twist hinted at a greater destiny for the character - and...

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Dwayne Johnson To Play Lobo

17th July 2012

Dwayne Johnson has confirmed he is in talks to play comic book star Lobo. The 'G.I. Joe: Retaliation' star - who also wrestles in the WWE as The Rock - took to his twitter account...

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Liam Neeson To Star In Non-stop

4th April 2012

Liam Neeson is set to star in action thriller 'Non-Stop'. The 59-year-old actor is being lined up to star as a tired, stressed out air marshall whose international flight gets interrupted by a nasty threat....

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Jeremy Renner To Star In Motor City

15th March 2012

Jeremy Renner is in line to star in 'Motor City'.The 'Hurt Locker' actor is the latest person in line for the lead role in the thriller, and has entered negotiations to star alongside Amber Heard...

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Gary Oldman To Star In Motor City

2nd February 2012

Gary Oldman is set to star as a villain in 'Motor City'. The 'Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy' actor is in talks to take on a role alongside Dominic Cooper and Amber Heard in the movie...

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Steve Carell Signs Up To Conviction

3rd November 2011

Steve Carell has signed up to star in and produce 'Conviction'.The 'Crazy, Stupid, Love' actor will work alongside 'Lethal Weapon' producer Joel Silver on the movie, which tells the story of a mastermind bank robber...

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Motor City-bound Dominic Cooper

29th September 2011

Dominic Cooper is set to star in 'Motor City'. The 'Devil's Double' actor - who rose to fame in all-signing, all-dancing Abba-themed movie 'Mamma Mia!' - has replaced Chris Evans in the movie, set to...

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Ben Affleck For Line Of Sight

24th August 2011

Ben Affleck is set to star in 'Line of Sight'.The actor is in negotiations to appear in the action movie as well as direct the project, which is being produced by Joel Silver and Andrew...

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Christian Slater To Star In Stallone's Bullet To The Head

11th July 2011

Christian Slater has signed to star in Sylvester Stallone's new film.The 'Guns, Girls, and Gambling' actor is the latest addition to the cast of the currently untitled movie, which is based on the French comic...

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Joel Silver To Make Ben 10 Movie

14th June 2011

Movie mogul Joel Silver is to develop a live-action film based on cartoon hero Ben 10.The Matrix trilogy producer has signed on to adapt the shift-shaping character's TV series into a big screen project. He...

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Barbra Streisand Movie Cancellation Explained

22nd March 2011

Barbra Streisand will no longer be appearing in a forthcoming movie adaptation of the classic Broadway musical 'Gypsy', according to reports. The legendary singer and actress was set to play 'Rose', an American burlesque entertainer...

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Adrianne Palicki Unveiled As The New Wonder Woman

17th February 2011

WONDER WOMAN is set to return, with ADRIANNA PALICKI chosen to play the crime-fighting superhero in a forthcoming pilot for NBC.ADRIANNE PALICKI, the American actress best known for her role on 'Friday Night Lights', is...

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Silver Takes Charge Of He-man

24th May 2007

Movie mogul JOEL SILVER has struck a deal with toymakers Mattel to turn HE-MAN + THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE into a new film franchise. Mattel bosses, who created the He-Man action figure in the...

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Silver Embarrassed By Previous Movies

24th April 2007

Renowned moviemaker JOEL SILVER cringes when he sees some of his earlier work. The producer, who made The Matrix trilogy, is embarrassed about his earlier movies - particularly 80s action film Commando, which starred Arnold...

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Joel Silver "Struggling" With Wonder Woman Movie

23rd April 2007

Movie producer JOEL SILVER admits he's struggling with bringing WONDER WOMAN onto the big screen. The female superhero was last seen on our screens in a TV adaptation in the seventies. But the Matrix producer...

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The Matrix Creators Sign On For Speed Racer

1st November 2006

THE MATRIX creators LARRY and ANDY WACHOWSKI have signed on to write and direct a big screen version of the classic 1960s animated TV series SPEED RACER. The brothers will re-team with The Matrix producer...

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Wonder Woman Guru Urges Producers To Find A New Star

7th April 2006

Movie mogul RON SAMUELS is challenging the producers of the much anticipated new WONDER WOMAN film to find an unknown to play the lead - or risk another CATWOMAN debacle. A former top Tinseltown agent,...

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Carpenter Competes With Lohan For Wonder Woman

29th March 2006

Former BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER star CHARISMA CARPENTER is making no secret of the fact she wants to steal the role of WONDER WOMAN from front-runner LINDSAY LOHAN. The superheroine movie is being written and...

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The Things They Say 1634

15th March 2006

"Who knew she had the ability to be a gangsta' rapper?" Director JOEL SILVER is amazed by the many talents of NATALIE PORTMAN, who stars in his new film V FOR VENDETTA. The star performed...

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Fascinating Fact 1219

13th March 2006

Warner Brothers and Village Roadshow Pictures will remake classic movie THE DIRTY DOZEN, the 1967 action drama that starred LEE MARVIN as a major who enlists 12 condemned solider-prisoners for a dangerous mission in World...

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Silver Rubbishes Vendetta Rumours

9th March 2006

Movie mogul JOEL SILVER has denied his new film V FOR VENDETTA was altered following the 7 July (05) London bombings, insisting filming had wrapped before the attacks. The controversial film - which features a...

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Fascinating Fact 1102

1st March 2006

Movie mogul JOEL SILVER hired a team of domino experts to spend 200 hours building an ambitious effect in his new film V FOR VENDETTA. The domino effect scene used 22,000 dominos, positioned to topple...

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Whedon Wants Baccarin As His Wonder Woman

11th January 2006

Brazilian actress MORENA BACCARIN has emerged as the new favourite to play WONDER WOMAN on the big screen. The action movie's writer/director JOSS WHEDON has let it slip that the actress is his new...

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Gothika Test For Downey Jr

6th November 2005

Film producer JOEL SILVER offered ROBERT DOWNEY JR a role in thriller GOTHIKA to test whether the actor had truly put his troubled past behind him. Silver, who produced THE MATRIX in 1999, was...

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Jessica Simpson's Dad To Make Movies

30th August 2005

JESSICA and ASHLEE SIMPSON's father JOE is set to move into the movie business, after striking a deal with superproducer JOEL SILVER. Joe Simpson has made his name managing his pop star daughters, and...

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Hilton Promotes Her Screen Death

31st March 2005

Hotel heiress PARIS HILTON is so proud of her death scene in her upcoming remake of horror classic HOUSE OF WAX, she's approved a line of T-shirts promoting her demise. The blonde socialite has...

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Silver Wants Basinger For Wonder Woman

22nd February 2005

Movie producer JOEL SILVER is pursuing KIM BASINGER for the heroic title role in his film remake of classic comic book WONDER WOMAN. After months of negotiations WARNER BROS have finally given DIE HARD...

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Berry's Soggy Basketball Experience

21st July 2004

HALLE BERRY was left disgusted when Hollywood producer JOEL SILVER treated her to courtside seats at a basketball game - because she was drenched with players' sweat and saliva. Silver, who produced Berry movies...

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