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Joel Schumacher Honoured By Rehab Group

30th June 2014

Director Joel Schumacher was honoured by a drug and alcohol rehab organisation on Saturday (28Jun14).The Lost Boys moviemaker, who spent years battling drug and alcohol addiction before he got clean, was feted at a gala...

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Isabelle Collin Dufresne Laid To Rest

21st June 2014

Director Joel Schumacher was among the mourners at the funeral of Andy Warhol's former muse Isabelle Collin Dufresne in New York on Wednesday (18Jun14).The Catholic artist and actress, also known as Ultra Violet, was remembered...

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Producer Eli Richbourg Passes Away

3rd April 2013

Joel Schumacher's longtime movie collaborator Eli Richbourg has died after suffering a brain aneurysm.The writer/producer passed away in Paris, France on 20 March (13), according to He was 42. Richbourg worked in the...

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Dragon Tattoo Director Set For Flatliners Remake

27th February 2013

Swedish filmmaker Niels Arden Oplev has signed on to revamp Joel Schumacher's 1990 supernatural thriller Flatliners.The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo director will be working from a script written by Source Code and Species screenwriter...

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Whitney Houston's Final Film To Become A Broadway Musical

15th June 2012

Screenwriter Joel Schumacher and movie mogul Howard Rosenman are teaming up to bring Whitney Houston's final movie to the stage as a musical.Houston died in February (12) shortly after wrapping rags-to-riches story Sparkle with Jordin...

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Donald Sutherland Upset He Missed Kiefer Collaboration

24th March 2012

Donald Sutherland was a ''bit put out'' when he couldn't star alongside his son Kiefer in 'A Time to Kill'. The 'Hunger Games' actor always wanted to make a movie with the '24' star, but...

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Halle Berry To Star In The Hive

16th March 2012

Halle Berry is set to star in 'The Hive'. The 'Gothika' actress will take on the lead role in the Brad Anderson directed thriller about a 911 emergency operator who helps to save a teenager...

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Halle Berry Signs Up For Suspense Thriller The Hive

15th March 2012

Halle Berry is set to start filming Brad Anderson's suspense drama The Hive, this summer, revealed today (March 15, 2012). Anderson is quoted as saying "I'm thrilled to be working with Halle on this....

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Can Demi Moore Rescue Her Career In 2012?

4th January 2012

At her peak in the late 1980s and early 1990s, Demi Moore's career seemed to be unstoppable. After appearing in a string of globally successful blockbuster movies from 1990's Ghost to 1994's Disclosure, Moore was...

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Trespass Set Was Like A Hospital Ward As Cage & Kidman Got Intense

7th October 2011

Moviemaker Joel Schumacher was glad to have a military medic on the set of his new film Trespass because his "intense" stars were always getting injured.The director reveals Cam Gigandet, Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman...

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Phantom Returns To Movie Theaters

14th September 2011

Andrew Lloyd Weber's The Phantom of the Opera will be returning to movie theaters next month -- but not the 2004 version that was directed by Joel Schumacher and starred Gerard Butler in the title...

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Halle Berry To Be Honoured At Style Awards

20th January 2011

Halle Berry is to be honoured at the Annual Costume Designers Guild Awards next month.The Oscar-winning actress will receive the newly titled Lacoste Spotlight Award at the stylish event at Los Angeles' Beverly Hilton Hotel...

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Disturbed Nicole Kidman

1st November 2010

Nicole Kidman has been emotionally disturbed by her new movie.The Australian actress - who stars alongside Nicolas Cage in psychological thriller 'Trespass' - has cried because of the story, which tells the tale of a...

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Nicole Kidman For Best Actress Oscar?

16th September 2010

The Los Angeles Times report that NICOLE KIDMAN has been creating a strong buzz in the lead-actress race for next year's Academy Awards. The Australian's performance in upcoming film 'Rabbit Hole' has been described as...

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Forgetful 50 Cent's Film Blunder

3rd August 2010

Rapper-turned-actor 50 CENT made an embarrassing blunder at the premiere of his latest movie by forgetting the name of a previous co-worker, director JOEL SCHUMACHER.The hip-hop star appears with Chace Crawford and Kiefer Sutherland in...

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Cage Drops Out Of New Thriller Trespass

3rd August 2010

NICOLAS CAGE has reportedly pulled out of JOEL SCHUMACHER's new thriller TRESPASS, just two weeks before filming was scheduled to start.The actor was set to star alongside Nicole Kidman as a husband and wife who...

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Kidman & Cage To Trespass With Schumacher

17th June 2010

NICOLAS CAGE and NICOLE KIDMAN are set to re-team with their former boss JOEL SCHUMACHER for new thriller TRESPASS.The actors have both worked with the moviemaker before - Kidman starred in Schumacher's Batman Forever, while...

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The Things They Say 15193

28th January 2010

"He's the best, he's great. He has adult conversations. He reminds me that I need to grow up sometime!" Rapper/actor 50 CENT enjoyed working with movie director JOEL SCHUMACHER on his new drama TWELVE.

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Sutherland's Legal Trouble Jeopardised Twelve Role

25th May 2009

KIEFER SUTHERLAND's recent clash with a fashion designer almost cost him his role in JOEL SCHUMACHER's new movie TWELVE - because the director was furious about the negative press following the alleged headbutting incident. The 24...

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300 Star Butler Works On His Backside

26th March 2007

Scottish movie hunk GERARD BUTLER is thrilled with his look in war epic 300 - because his warrior role gave him a great bottom. The actor worked out religiously to play a Spartan king in...

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Lauryn Hill Was Dreamgirls' Original Deena

13th February 2007

BEYONCE KNOWLES' dream role in DREAMGIRLS would have gone to FUGEES star LAURYN HILL - if moviemaker JOEL SCHUMACHER had his way. The BATMAN FOREVER director was slated to take charge of the movie musical...

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Carrey Uses Nails + Neubauten To Find Creepy Sparrow

7th February 2007

JIM CARREY got into the dark mindset of his latest movie character by listening to the thumping sounds of NINE INCH NAILS and German industrial rockers EINSTURZENDE NEUBAUTEN. The actor asked THE NUMBER 23 director...

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The Number 23 Freaks Out Number 23 Cast

6th February 2007

The number 23 proved to be a haunting figure on the set of JIM CARREY's new thriller THE NUMBER 23 - so many crazy coincidences were linked to the odd number. Both Carrey and director...

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Schumacher Lashes Out At Lost Boys Sequel

5th February 2007

Director JOEL SCHUMACHER has criticised Warner Bros Pictures for deciding to make a direct-to-DVD sequel to his 1987 vampire flick THE LOST BOYS. The veteran film-maker has been trying to convince the studio to make...

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Madsen Replaces Pregnant Shue

19th January 2006

Actress VIRGINIA MADSEN has stepped in to replace ELISABETH SHUE in JOEL SCHUMACHER's new film, after the LEAVING LAS VEGAS star was forced to quit the role to concentrate on motherhood. Shue walked away...

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Shue Pulls Out Of Film Due To Baby News

16th January 2006

LEAVING LAS VEGAS star ELISABETH SHUE has reportedly dropped out of her latest film after falling pregnant with her third child. The actress was set to star in JOEL SCHUMACHER's NUMBER 23, but baby...

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Kilmer: 'Lies Gave Me A Terrible Reputation'

8th December 2005

Movie star VAL KILMER insists two terrible lies have given him a terrible reputation as a raging eccentric. The 45-year-old actor still resents the separate incidents that have dogged his career because they've given...

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Spanish Film Triumphs At Cognac Film Festival

12th April 2005

Spanish movie FERPECT CRIME (EL CRIMEN FERPECTO) won the top prize the French COGNAC THRILLER FILM FESTIVAL on Sunday (10APR05), beating British gangster blockbuster LAYER CAKE. GOYA-nominated Spanish actress MONICA CERVERA accepted the...

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Schumacher Defends Farrell

25th March 2005

Director JOEL SCHUMACHER has hit out at critics of COLIN FARRELL's wild behaviour - insisting he was far worse at his age. Schumacher - who directed Farrell in hit movie PHONE BOOTH - is...

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Thurman Learns From Her Mistakes

23rd March 2005

UMA THURMAN loves to watch her poorly received performances, because she can only improve herself as an actress by learning from her mistakes. Thurman remains upbeat about playing POISON IVY in much-maligned 1997 movie...

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