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Gary Oldman For 'Criminal'?

11th July 2014

Gary Oldman is in talks to join the cast of 'Criminal'.The 56-year-old actor is negotiations to join Kevin Costner in the upcoming Millennium Films spy thriller, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Costner will take on...

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Everything Is Doom And Gloom In First Trailer For "The Killing" Final Season

By Victoria Pavlova | 3rd July 2014

Four seasons in, Netflix’s The Killing is getting the axe in 2015. Judging from the first trailer for the final season though, the show is going out with a bang, or in The Killing terms,...

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What To Expect From The Final Season Of 'The Killing'

By Joe DeAndrea | 20th June 2014

‘The Killing’ just can’t be killed. AMC’s cult crime drama thriller premiered on the network in 2011, but was quickly canceled following its second season. Ultimately, it was revived for a third, but then canceled...

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Olivia Munn And Aaron Rodgers Are 'Very Happy'

14th June 2014

Olivia Munn's new boyfriend says they are ''very happy'' together.The 'Newsroom' actress, who recently split from 'RoboCop' actor Joel Kinnaman after two years together, started dating Aaron Rodgers last month and he doesn't mind the...

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Olivia Munn Loves Drinking In Nyc

2nd June 2014

Olivia Munn says she would always be drunk if she lived in New York City.The 'Newsroom' star, who recently started dating NFL star Aaron Rodgers, admits she loves boozing during the day, but rarely gets...

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Olivia Munn Dating Nfl Star Aaron Rodgers

14th May 2014

Olivia Munn is dating Aaron Rodgers.The 'Newsroom' actress, who split from 'RoboCop' actor Joel Kinnaman recently after two years together, was spotted introducing her new NFL star beau to her friends over the weekend.A source...

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Olivia Munn Linked To Sportsman Aaron Rodgers

14th May 2014

Actress Olivia Munn is reportedly overcoming the pain of her split from fellow Hollywood star Joel Kinnaman by dating sportsman Aaron Rodgers.The Newsroom actress announced last month (Apr14) that she had split from the Robocop...

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Olivia Munn And Joel Kinnaman Split Up

29th April 2014

Olivia Munn and Joel Kinnaman have split up. The couple reportedly called time on their two-year relationship ''a few months ago'' after their globe-trotting careers put a strain on their romance. A source told Us...

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Olivia Munn Won't Let Boyfriend See Her Shave

22nd April 2014

Olivia Munn would never let her boyfriend watch her shave.The brunette beauty - who has been dating 'RoboCop' hunk Joel Kinnaman since March 2012 - insists she wouldn't let her partner witness her hair removal...

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Joel Kinnaman Thinks Olivia Munn Talks Fast

3rd April 2014

Joel Kinnaman thinks Olivia Munn talks too fast. The 33-year-old American actress admits her Swedish beau, whom she has been dating since 2012, tells her to slow down when she is speaking to him because...

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Doug Liman In Talks For Splinter Cell Starring Tom Hardy

20th March 2014

Doug Liman is in talks to direct 'Splinter Cell' starring Tom Hardy. The filmmaker - who recently worked on 'Edge Of Tomorrow' - is in negotiations to helm the project which is a movie version...

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The Things They Say: 4072309

17th February 2014

"They were doing these auditions for Thor in the Scandinavian countries because originally they wanted somebody Nordic, so I just put myself on tape for that. I did it at home, really poorly lit, with...

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Joel Kinnaman: Robocop Suit Wasn't Good For Pee

16th February 2014

Joel Kinnaman had trouble peeing in his 'RoboCop' suit. The Swedish actor had 45lb of armour applied to turn him into the cyborg policeman every day of filming on the new movie - a process...

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Valentine's Day Cinema? See 'Robocop' And Avoid The Pda Space Invasion [Trailer]

By Lauren James | 14th February 2014

Valentines Day 2014: will you be heading to catch one of the cleverly-marketed lovers' day releases this year? Well there's plenty of them to choose from: Endless Love, Winter's Tale, and About Last Night are...

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Joel Kinnaman Opens Up About Robocop Wardrobe Malfunction

13th February 2014

Robocop star Joel Kinnaman's suit handler on the film set had a "rough job" because he often came face to face with the actor's penis while undressing him.One crewmember was responsible for making sure The...

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'Robocop' Remake Fails To Distract Critics From 1987 Comparisons

By Elinor Cosgrave | 13th February 2014

Robocop has failed to impress critics following its release in the US yesterday (12th January). Reviews have primarily focussed on comparisons between the original 1987 version of the film.Joel Kinnaman stars as Robocop.In this version,...

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Joel Kinnaman Initially Rejected Robocop Role

13th February 2014

Actor Joel Kinnaman almost missed out on the chance to star in the Robocop remake after initially convincing himself he wasn't right for the role.The Killing star admits he wasn't too keen on the idea...

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The Things They Say: 4064984

12th February 2014

"I got no empathy from Michael at all... He'd be like, 'You young guys, you got it easy. They had to glue my suit onto my face and my back still hurts... They had to...

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The New "Robocop" Is Shiny, But Heartless, Say Critics

By Victoria Pavlova | 12th February 2014

So far, despite a rather touching performance by Gary Oldman, a suitably repulsive turn as the villain by Michael Keaton and, of course, the ever impressive Samuel L. Jackson, critics seem to agree that, for...

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Joel Kinnaman's Initial Hesitations About Robocop

12th February 2014

Joel Kinnaman initially didn't want to be in 'RoboCop'.The 34-year-old actor - who plays cop Alex Murphy who is turned into a cyborg law enforcement officer in the movie - admits there is an expectation...

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'Mr Peabody' Takes Down 'Robocop', Because Robocop Is Rubbish

By Jack de Aguilar | 11th February 2014

While Robocop was staring over a dystopian land, contemplating whether to fight crime or corruption, or both, Sherman knelt down behind him and Mr. Peabody made the augmented super-enforcer look stupid by pushing him over.He...

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Joel Kinnaman: Robocop Costume Was Uncomfortable

11th February 2014

Joel Kinnaman's 'RoboCop' costume was a ''challenge to put on''.The 34-year-old actor plays cop Alex Murphy who is turned into a cyborg law enforcement officer in the movie and claims his iconic black costume was...

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The New Robocop Reboot Is (Not That) Different From The Original

By Victoria Pavlova | 10th February 2014

27 years after RoboCop, despite technological advances, cyborgs are still a way off, so we were just about overdue for a reboot of the original. The brand new RoboCop hits theaters this week, with a...

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Joel Kinnaman Loved Robocop Drama

8th February 2014

Joel Kinnaman loved mixing action and drama in 'Robocop'.The Swedish-born star - best known for his work in 'The Killing' - was excited to work on a script that asks philosophical questions as well as...

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Robocop Continues Hollywood's Hunger To Remake The 1980'S

By Rich Cline | 7th February 2014

We've already had new versions of Footloose, The Karate Kid and Red Dawn, and the craze for remaking iconic 1980s movies seems destined to continue. This week sees the release of a RoboCop remake with...

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Joel Kinnaman Hurt Leg On Robocop

6th February 2014

Joel Kinnaman injured a muscle in his leg while shooting 'Robocop'.The 34-year-old actor - who plays cop Alex Murphy who is turned into a cyborg law enforcement officer in the movie - didn't sustain any...

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Why, Oh Why, Couldn't Aronofsky Write And Direct 'Robocop'?

By Michael West | 6th February 2014

José Padilha's remake of RoboCop has severely divided critics ahead of its release on Friday (February 7, 2014) and sits around the 50% fresh mark on reviews aggregating website Rotten Tomatoes. The remake of the...

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Gary Oldman: Affleck Doesn't Need Tips To Play Batman

6th February 2014

Gary Oldman says Ben Affleck doesn't need any advice to play Batman.The 55-year-old actor - who portrayed police office James Gordon in Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy - insists Affleck will be fine when it takes...

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Abbie Cornish: Robocop Was Part Of Childhood

6th February 2014

Abbie Cornish wanted to appear in 'RoboCop' because it reminded her of her childhood.The blonde beauty was a big fan of the 1987 original movie - which starred Peter Weller in the lead role -...

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Michael Keaton: Robocop Costume A 'Sissy Suit'

31st January 2014

Michael Keaton claims the new 'Robocop' costume is a ''sissy suit''.The actor - who appears in the cyborg cop reboot as Raymond Sellers, CEO of the evil Omnicorp organisation - joked the special effects armour...

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