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The Things They Say 6046

5th November 2007

"He didn't want to talk. I really don't know why." Filmmaker JULIEN TEMPLE on the most obvious omission from his JOE STRUMMER tribute documentary THE FUTURE IS UNWRITTEN, former THE CLASH bandmate PAUL SIMONON.

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Strummer Honoured With Guitar

21st July 2007

THE CLASH frontman JOE STRUMMER will be honoured by guitar manufacturer Fender later this month (Jul07), when The Joe Strummer Telecaster goes on sale. The late rocker, who died in 2002, played a 1966 Telecaster...

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Strummer's Guitar For Sale Online

13th July 2007

American fans of the late JOE STRUMMER can buy THE CLASH rocker's battered guitar - for $900 (GBP450). U.S. online company Elderly Instruments has obtained the replica Fender Telecaster, complete with the "road wear and...

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Fascinating Fact 3444

21st June 2007

A previously unheard track by late CLASH frontman JOE STRUMMER will receive its world premiere on Friday (22Jun07). DIVORCING JACK will air on The Late Show on BBC Radio Ulster....

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Jones: 'Strummer Would Have Loved Doherty'

16th May 2007

Punk legend MICK JONES has defended rock badboy PETE DOHERTY, insisting his former THE CLASH bandmate JOE STRUMMER loved the troubled rocker's music. Doherty is criticised for making more headlines for his drug addictions and...

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The Things They Say 4327

22nd March 2007

"I always remember JOE STRUMMER once said to me, 'I'll stop making movies when EDDIE MURPHY stop making records!' So I took the hint." Actor and music aficionado MATT DILLON has never been tempted to...

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Radio 4 Writing Music For Strummer Movie

20th February 2007

American rockers RADIO 4 are writing the soundtrack for a movie about the life of THE CLASH star JOE STRUMMER. The New York-based band admit they feel daunted by the prospect of scoring a film...

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Simonon Sees No Point In Reforming

28th January 2007

Former THE CLASH guitarist PAUL SIMONON will never reform the punk legends, and attacks old bands who get back together. The bassist, now performing with DAMON ALBARN's group THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE QUEEN,...

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New Strummer Footage Shows Establishment Upbringing

21st January 2007

New footage of the late THE CLASH frontman JOE STRUMMER's privileged upbringing has been unearthed and featured in a new movie about the rocker's life. Directed by JULIAN TEMPLE, JOE STRUMMER: THE FUTURE IS UNWRITTEN,...

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Strummer Upset By Rock The Casbah War Cry

15th January 2007

THE CLASH frontman JOE STRUMMER was still upset when he died that his hit ROCK THE CASBAH was the first song played on Allied Forces Radio after the invasion of Kuwait. The peace-loving rocker lived...

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Strummer Left $1.95 Million In Will

7th January 2007

Late THE CLASH rocker JOE STRUMMER left an estate worth nearly ($1.95 million) GBP1 million when he died in 2002. Documents just released reveal Strummer was worth $1.92 million (GBP986,229) when he died of a...

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Strummer Film To Premiere At Sundance

8th November 2006

Punk film-maker JULIEN TEMPLE's much-anticipated JOE STRUMMER tribute will premiere in January (07) at ROBERT REDFORD's Sundance Film Festival in Utah. THE FUTURE IS UNWRITTEN features interviews with Strummer fans like JOHNNY DEPP, BONO and...

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Moss And Doherty's Poetry Given Away

22nd October 2006

Poems written by supermodel KATE MOSS and boyfriend PETE DOHERTY were mistakenly given away at a book launch in London last week (ends22OCT06) Doherty's literary agent PAUL ROUNDHILL intended to sell verses written by...

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Fight Turned Press Against The Stranglers

17th October 2006

THE STRANGLERS rocker JEAN-JACQUES BURNEL blames a fight he had with THE CLASH bassist PAUL SIMONON for almost wrecking his band's career in the mid-1970s. Bass player Burnel and Stranglers keyboardist DAVE GREENFIELD both became...

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Bradfield Turned Strummer Into A Welshman

10th October 2006

Rocker JAMES DEAN BRADFIELD convinced himself his icon JOE STRUMMER was a fellow Welshman when he was a teenager, because he had such a deep hatred of English people. The MANIC STREET PREACHERS frontman, who...

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Strummer Speaks From Beyond The Grave

8th October 2006

Late punk star JOE STRUMMER is helping his friends and former THE CLASH bandmates by giving them advice from beyond the grave, according to his muse. Former vice queen JANIE JONES - the inspiration behind...

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Bid For A Date With Lily Allen

28th September 2006

LILY ALLEN is offering herself up for a charity date - providing potential suitors can splash out over GBP2,000 ($3,750) for the honour. The SMILE hitmaker snapped up the chance to take part in UK...

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Badly Drawn Boy Humbled By Strummer

20th September 2006

British singer/songwriter BADLY DRAWN BOY insists he will never allow fame to change him after being inspired by late THE CLASH star JOE STRUMMER. Just as the SILENT SIGH star, real name DAMON GOUGH, was...

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Barat Dismisses Doherty Reunion Reports

31st August 2006

LATEST: CARL BARAT has rubbished reports he's reuniting with his former THE LIBERTINES bandmate PETE DOHERTY, insisting they even recorded their parts on a charity single separately. The rockers were asked to appear on a...

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Doherty And Barat Reunite For Charity Single

28th August 2006

Former LIBERTINES bandmates PETE DOHERTY and CARL BARAT are on the verge of reuniting to form a new band, after being persuaded to record a charity single together. Estranged rockers Doherty and Barat, who now...

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Fascinating Fact 1689

26th June 2006

Late punk star JOE STRUMMER's music charity Strummerville is launching a new night to showcase up-and-coming bands in London. The event, entitled Strummerville Nights, kicks off next month (05JUL06).

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Fascinating Fact 1286

28th March 2006

Late THE CLASH rocker JOE STRUMMER contributed guitar for JANKY HOLOCAUST, a track recorded for the long-awaited GUNS N' ROSES album CHINESE DEMOCRACY, two weeks before his death. Frontman AXL ROSE has since ditched the...

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Lydon Blasts Late Clash Rocker

2nd February 2006

JOHN LYDON has slammed late punk contemporary JOE STRUMMER as a hypocrite for preaching a socialism while living a posh lifestyle. The SEX PISTOLS icon - also known as JOHNNY ROTTEN - claims THE...

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Temple To Direct Strummer Tribute Film

31st January 2006

Director JULIEN TEMPLE is returning to his punk roots by making a new movie about late music icon JOE STRUMMER. The movie-maker, who made the ultimate punk documentary with SEX PISTOLS film THE FILTH...

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Fascinating Fact 468

7th November 2005

Late British radio icon JOHN PEEL has had a train named after him. The Class 47 locomotive will operate from Norwich, England, on the Cotswold Rail route, where punk great JOE STRUMMER also has a...

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Strummer 'Would Have Cringed' At Tribute

24th July 2005

Late punk legend JOE STRUMMER has been honoured with a plaque on the house where he first decided to become a rocker, but the man behind the tribute knows his pal would have been mortified...

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Burke: 'Clash Autograph Was Always Mine'

22nd July 2005

Actress KATHY BURKE gets furious when friends assume she bought her vintage copy of NME signed by punk legends THE CLASH at an auction - as she approached them herself at the age of 15....

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Pistol Crowned King Of Punk

17th June 2005

Former SEX PISTOLS frontman JOHN LYDON has been voted the "most punk" person of all time. The flame-haired PRETTY VACANT rocker, famously known as JOHNNY ROTTEN during the 1970s punk era because of his...

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Exclusive Strummer Tracks Released

3rd April 2005

Previously unheard tracks from JOE STRUMMER's pre-CLASH days are to be released on CD later this month (APR05). The exclusive recordings come from the late singer's time in his first band 101ERS. The...

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Clash Star Remembered At Auction

24th March 2005

Rock legends are lining up to celebrate THE CLASH icon JOE STRUMMER's life at a celebrity auction. A guitar signed by THE WHO rockers ROGER DALTREY and PETE TOWNSHEND, drummer KENNY JONES and THE...

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