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Networks Snub Jackson Reality Show

16th June 2005

LATEST: Plans by MICHAEL JACKSON's family to air a reality TV show have hit a stumbling block - US networks have rejected it. According to the HOLLYWOOD REPORTER, as the jury was still deliberating...

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Jacksons Plan Reality Tv Show

15th June 2005

MICHAEL JACKSON's family is hoping to cash in on the pop star's recent trials and tribulations by pitching a reality TV show to America's top networks. Just two days after he was acquitted on...

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Grohl's Cool Mum

8th June 2005

Rocker DAVE GROHL has finally learned to trust his bandmates and crew to take care of his mother when she joins the FOO FIGHTERS frontman on tour. Grohl admits his mother is a huge...

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Joe Jackson Attacked By Rosie O'donnell

7th June 2005

MICHAEL JACKSON's dad JOE has been branded "the problem" in his family by outspoken US comedienne ROSIE O'DONNELL. O'Donnell learned Joe Jackson's confused arrival in court yesterday (06JUN05), where he thought he'd meet with...

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Allen Sticks With Johansson

25th April 2005

Legendary director WOODY ALLEN is so impressed with the acting talents of SCARLETT JOHANSSON, he has cast her again in his next movie. The curvy 20-year-old stars in Allen's film MATCH POINT, which screens...

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Allen's Confidence Boosted By Johansson

22nd April 2005

Neurotic film-maker WOODY ALLEN is unusually confident about his forthcoming film MATCH POINT - because it features the "strong" acting talents of SCARLETT JOHANSSON. Allen cast the 20-year-old Johansson last summer (04) after his...

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Items From Marilyn Monroe's Estate To Be Sold

21st April 2005

A horde of items from the estate of MARILYN MONROE will go up for auction in June (05). Stored for 43 years, the personal and professional items include her JOE DiMAGGIO divorce papers, her...

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Former Neverland Guard Takes To The Stand

20th April 2005

One of MICHAEL JACKSON's former security guards has testified there was once a notice posted in a guard station stating the star's accuser was not allowed to leave the Neverland Ranch. But the witness,...

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Mendes Raves About 'Incredible' Winslet

15th April 2005

Director SAM MENDES insists his actress wife KATE WINSLET deserves much of the credit for his new movie JARHEAD - because she waited patiently by his side throughout the movie's gruelling nine-month shoot. The...

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Winslet Puts Hollywood In Second Place

13th April 2005

KATE WINSLET is determined to put her family before her Hollywood career - and she's finding her job more rewarding by being selective about which roles she'll accept. The ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS...

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Winslet Snubs Weight Worries And Puts Kids First

12th April 2005

Curvaceous actress KATE WINSLET insists focusing on being a mother is far more important than obsessing over staying slim. The FINDING NEVERLAND beauty never looks at unflattering pictures of herself in magazines because she...

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Winslet Gushes Over Hollywood Mums

11th April 2005

KATE WINSLET has hailed motherhood with transforming her a-list peers JULIA ROBERTS and GWYNETH PALTROW into "beautiful, grounded" human beings. Winslet has two children - four-year-old daughter MIA with ex-husband JAMES THREAPLETON and one-year-old...

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50 Cent Launches Another Lyrical Attack On Jadakiss

9th April 2005

50 CENT has declared himself the boss of New York City in a new rap track, in which he also brands JADAKISS little more than a "disgruntled employee". In an ongoing war of words...

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Eminem + 50 Confirm Summer Dates

4th April 2005

LATEST: EMINEM and 50 CENT have confirmed they're hitting the road together for a month-long US tour this July (05). The pair's ANGER MANAGEMENT 3 tour, which will also feature LIL JON +...

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Nas: '50 Cent Isn't Worthy Of A Response'

28th March 2005

Rapper NAS has refused to respond to jibes by rival 50 CENT, slamming the star as a "new artist" who needs to record more albums before he is worthy of the effort. Since storming...

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Nelly Postpones Shows To Mourn Dead Sister

25th March 2005

LATEST: Rapper NELLY has scrapped a string of concerts so he can properly mourn the passing of his sister, who died yesterday (24MAR05) after a long battle with leukaemia. JACQUELINE DONAHUE, 31, had...

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Rourke Owes His Life To Priest And Shrink

25th March 2005

A psychiatrist and a New York priest helped bring MICKEY ROURKE back from the brink when he thought his life was over. The fallen actor was out of work and broke when he sought...

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Costner Kids Jealous Of New Wife

4th March 2005

Actor KEVIN COSTNER's grown-up children find it hard to accept his new wife CHRISTINE BAUMGARTNER into the family. The DANCES WITH WOLVES star hopes to have a child with his model wife, who he...

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Geldof: 'The Clash Were S**T'

4th March 2005

Irish rocker SIR BOB GELDOF has accused his former contemporaries THE CLASH of being a s**t band who faked their punk image. The ex-BOOMTOWN RATS star is still bitter the SHOULD I STAY OR...

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Jagger Joins Sir Elton In Olympic Campaign

18th February 2005

SIR MICK JAGGER has joined forces with rock pal SIR ELTON JOHN to support London's bid to host the 2012 OLYMPIC GAMES. The ROLLING STONE frontman is leading a campaign for the historical...

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Motherhood Made Winslet Love Work Again

9th February 2005

KATE WINSLET learned an important lesson after giving birth to her two children - acting is a far simpler challenge than motherhood. The ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND actress has two children -...

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Winslet And Mendes Buy New York Home

2nd February 2005

OSCAR-nominated actress KATE WINSLET has bought a $5 million (GBP2.63 million) FRIENDS-style New York apartment with Oscar-winning husband SAM MENDES. The British couple fell in love with the city when Winslet filmed ETERNAL...

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Jackson's Parents Agree To Take Custody Of Children

30th January 2005

MICHAEL JACKSON's parents have agreed to take custody of the troubled singer's three children if he is jailed for child molestation. JOE and KATE JACKSON are convinced their son will be cleared of...

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Jackson's Parents Fight In Front Of The Camera

29th January 2005

MICHAEL JACKSON's parents turned an exclusive news interview into a slanging match when the pop superstar's mother attacked her husband for making racist slurs and talking about their son's plastic surgery. JOE and KATHERINE...

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Nelson Raises Hordes Of Cash At Tsunami Aid Concert

11th January 2005

LATEST: Country star WILLIE NELSON is elated after raising $75,000 (GBP39,473) for victims of the 26 December (04) tsunami tragedy during his charity show in Texas. Nelson and his fellow performers' show at the...

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Simpson's Vow To Father

30th December 2004

JESSICA SIMPSON's father JOE made the singer promise to stay a virgin until she married, during a ceremony when she was twelve. Simpson sr, who doubles as Jessica's manager, handed the 24-year-old a promise...

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Winslet's Primitive Christmas

29th December 2004

KATE WINSLET and her family were forced to spend Christmas (04) in a primitive outhouse, after builders failed to finish work on their new home in time. Winslet, director husband SAM MENDES, daughter MIA...

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Ashlee Simpson's Dad Bans Her Lesbian Scenes

16th December 2004

Pop beauty ASHLEE SIMPSON's manager and father JOE has changed the gay plot in her movie debut WANNABE, because he's uncomfortable with his daughter playing a lesbian. The former Baptist minister fears the PIECES...

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Ashlee Simpson's Fans Offered Alternatives

17th November 2004

Talk of ASHLEE SIMPSON's lip-syncing scandal has been revived after a group stepped forward to offer her fans "real" music in exchange for her debut album AUTOBIOGRAPHY. New York's HOPE (HORRIFIED OBSERVERS OF PEDESTRIAN...

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Jackson 'Has Half-sister'

1st November 2004

Pop superstar MICHAEL JACKSON has a secret half-sister who is 16 years his junior, reports a British newspaper. JOH'VONNIE JACKSON, 30, previously worked as an airport baggage handler and is thought to have never...

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