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15th January 2007

"I don't think he wants to see his dad do that. There are some scenes I've shown him, but I keep my hand hovering over the pause button. I know what's coming." Actor JAMES PUREFOY...

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Simpson Slams Kennedy Center Reimbursement Reports

3rd January 2007

JESSICA SIMPSON's father/manager JOE has hit back at reports he is furious that the Kennedy Center won't reimburse him for $15,000 (GBP7,700) in stylist's fees after his daughter was cut from a tribute to country...

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Simpson Sacks Troubled Prison Break Star

22nd December 2006

JESSICA SIMPSON's father and manager JOE has fired troubled PRISON BREAK star LANE GARRISON from his daughter's latest movie project. Garrison was a troubled youth in Texas when he moved in with his family's minister...

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Elvis' Granddaughter Caught Lip Locking Cabrera

6th December 2006

ELVIS PRESLEY's teenage granddaughter has a new man - and mum LISA MARIE PRESLEY approves. Model RILEY KEOUGH and pop star RYAN CABRERA were spotted kissing up a storm at trendy Los Angeles club Metal...

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Romo Blasts Simpson Romance Rumours

1st December 2006

American football player TONY ROMO has slammed reports he's dating singer and actress JESSICA SIMPSON. The rumours began when Romo confessed to having a crush on Simpson, but the Dallas Cowboys quarterback insists he's never...

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Is Jessica Romancing Romo?

22nd November 2006

JESSICA SIMPSON is reportedly back in the dating game after finding love with fellow Texan TONY ROMO. The pop star and actress, who has been romantically linked with JOHN MAYER since her split from husband...

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Winslet Keen For More Kids

14th November 2006

KATE WINSLET is enjoying motherhood so much she plans to double her brood. The TITANIC actress already has two children - MIA, six, with ex-husband JIM THREAPLETON, and JOE, three, with her current spouse SAM...

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Simpson Defends Father's Comments About Her Breasts

20th October 2006

Pop star JESSICA SIMPSON insists she wasn't offended when her father JOE made comments about her large breasts during a magazine interview. Simpson's father/manager was criticised about commenting on his daughter's cleavage during an interview...

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Simpson: 'I Am My Own Publicist Now'

17th October 2006

Pop star JESSICA SIMPSON has taken over her own public relations duties after the media fallout surrounding her relationship with singer JOHN MAYER. Simpson's father JOE fired her former publicist ROB SHUTER last month (SEP06),...

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Chevelle Rockers Still Not Speaking To Estranged Brother Joe

13th October 2006

CHEVELLE rockers SAM and PETE LOEFFLER haven't spoken to their brother and former bandmate JOE in over a year, after the bassist left the group acrimoniously last year (05). Joe quit Chevelle just as the...

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Jackson Rubbishes Parental Eviction Stories

5th October 2006

Pop superstar MICHAEL JACKSON has dismissed reports his parents JOE and KATHERINE JACKSON could be evicted from their Los Angeles home. Sources claim the Jackson parents are facing foreclosure on their home in Encino, California,...

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Winslet 'Happy To Kill' Paedophiles

30th September 2006

British actress KATE WINSLET would kill any child molester who threatened her children MIA and JOE. The TITANIC actress, who is married to director SAM MENDES, reveals her extreme stance on paedophiles as she promotes...

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Simpsons Slammed By Priest

21st September 2006

Pop siblings JESSICA and ASHLEE SIMPSON have been criticised by a Texan priest, who warns the pretty pair will pay for their overt sexuality. Reverend BOB HARRINGTON is disgusted by the sexy twosome for swapping...

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Simpson's Dad To Launch Restaurant Chain

20th September 2006

JESSICA SIMPSON's manager father JOE is cashing in on his daughter's movie success by opening a new restaurant chain, called Daisy Dukes. The former minister will reportedly launch the barbecue-style diner chain in Las Vegas,...

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Simpson And Lachey Divide Assets In Divorce

6th September 2006

LATEST: NICK LACHEY and JESSICA SIMPSON have finally divided up the assets from their marriage after the pop hunk agreed to less than his share in order to avoid an ugly court battle. The couple...

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Simpson Falls For Fall Out Boy Bassist

5th September 2006

ASHLEE SIMPSON has dumped her guitarist boyfriend BRAXTON OLITA and fallen for FALL OUT BOY bassist PETE WENTZ. The 21-year-old was spotted kissing Wentz on Saturday night (02SEP06) in the VIP section of a New...

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Simpson Fires Agent After Furious Row With Father

17th August 2006

JESSICA SIMPSON has reportedly fired her agent BRANDT JOEL after he was involved in a furious row with her father JOE. Simpson was represented by Joel, who works for high-powered Hollywood agency CAA, for several...

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Mardin's Son Completes Dad's Final Tribute

12th August 2006

The tribute album music mogul ARIF MARDIN was recording when he died in June (06) will be completed by his producer son JOE. The Atlantic Records producer, who masterminded some of ARETHA FRANKLIN and DUSTY...

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Michael Taught Janet About The Birds And The Bees

4th August 2006

Superstar JANET JACKSON was taught the facts of life by her older brother MICHAEL JACKSON. The singer turned to Michael for an explanation after walking in on their parents JOE and KATHERINE having sex. She...

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Fascinating Fact 1862

28th July 2006

JESSICA SIMPSON loved the roller skates that she wore in her music video for A PUBLIC AFFAIR so much she had the company, Skub Bros, create custom wheels for her sister ASHLEE, along with parents...

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Simpson's Mum Calls Shots On Photo-shoot

19th July 2006

Pop star JESSICA SIMPSON's mum TINA has reportedly put a stop to a risque fashion shoot fearing its sexual overtones may taint her daughter's reputation. The shoot earlier this week (begs17JUL06) - which mimics a...

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Simpson Denies Son-in-law Stalking

17th July 2006

Pop star JESSICA SIMPSON's manager-dad JOE has hit out at claims he spied on his daughter's ex-husband singer/actor NICK LACHEY before the couple divorced last month (JUN06). The New York Daily News reports a source...

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Rourke's Fatherhood Fears

11th July 2006

MICKEY ROURKE has never had kids because he's terrified the abuse he suffered as a child will reappear. The SIN CITY star had a difficult relationship with his parents who divorced when he was young....

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Elliott Continued Partying After Guitarist's Death

17th June 2006

DEF LEPPARD frontman JOE ELLIOTT insists sex and drugs are an essential part of the rock 'n' roll lifestyle, despite guitarist STEVE CLARK's overdose death in 1991. The LET'S GET ROCKED singer witnessed first hand...

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Sarandon's Near-death Dolphin Horror

12th June 2006

Actress SUSAN SARANDON was nearly killed when she was attacked by a jealous female dolphin. In the 1970s the THELMA + LOUISE star was invited by American writer TIMOTHY LEARY to interact with dolphins...

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Gest To Reveal Jackson Sex Secrets

19th May 2006

LIZA MINELLI's ex-husband DAVID GEST is to release an autobiography which promises to reveal secrets regarding MICHAEL JACKSON's sex life. Gest and Jackson were friends in their teens when they were growing up in Encino,...

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Lachey: 'I Don't Understand My Father-in-law'

20th April 2006

Singer NICK LACHEY insists the constant presence of estranged wife JESSICA SIMPSON's father JOE put a strain on their marriage. Simpson's father and manager has publicly admitted that he didn't want his daughter to marry...

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Simpson Family Has Holiday Down Under

11th April 2006

JESSICA SIMPSON flew into Australia yesterday morning (10APR06) to show her support for her sister ASHLEE, who is hosting the MTV Australian Video Music Awards tomorrow night (12APR06). The singer was ushered through a VIP...

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Turturro Celebrates Winslet's Curves

24th March 2006

Actor-turned-director JOHN TURTURRO begged KATE WINSLET not to slim for her role in ROMANCE AND CIGARETTES because her post-pregnancy curves were perfect for the part. Turturro was initially concerned Winslet was too lean to play...

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Jermaine Jackson Attacks 'Abusive' Father Joe

7th March 2006

MICHAEL JACKSON's father JOE's abusive behaviour towards his children would have landed him in jail if he hadn't had the protection of his wife KATHERINE, according to a book proposal JERMAINE JACKSON put forward in...

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