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The Things They Say 12942

21st July 2009

"My doll is cross-eyed and has the biggest chin you have ever seen. Action figures are always a bit off, aren't they? Oddly enough from side on, it is definitely me but front on she...

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Joe Jackson Compares Michael To Recluse Hughes

16th July 2009

MICHAEL JACKSON's father JOE has blamed his son's aides and guards for turning the superstar into a recluse like the obsessive compulsive aviator HOWARD HUGHES.The Jackson clan patriarch claims he desperately tried to reach out...

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Tito Denies Jackson 3 Plans

16th July 2009

MICHAEL JACKSON's brother TITO has blasted reports their father JOE is grooming his grandchildren to become a new version of THE JACKSON 5.Joe, who masterminded Michael's early career, was reportedly gearing up to transform Prince...

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Joe Jackson: 'I Never Beat Michael'

15th July 2009

MICHAEL JACKSON's father JOE has denied he ever beat his superstar son as a child.The Jackson family patriarch has long been accused of ruling the famous clan with an iron fist during his time as...

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Joe Jackson: 'Michael Only Ever Wanted To Do 10 Shows'

14th July 2009

MICHAEL JACKSON's father JOE knew his superstar son would have struggled to complete his 50-date comeback in London - because the Thriller legend only ever wanted to perform ten concerts.The tragic singer was set to...

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Joe Jackson 'Planning To Tour Grandkids As Jackson Three'

13th July 2009

MICHAEL JACKSON's father JOE is gearing up to transform the King of Pop's three children into superstars - by launching them as THE JACKSON THREE, according to reports.The Jackson clan patriarch has made no secret...

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Secret Deal To Keep Jackson Kids Away From Joe

12th July 2009

MICHAEL JACKSON's mother KATHERINE and his ex-wife DEBBIE ROWE have agreed a secret deal to keep family patriarch JOE away from the star's three children, according to reports.A custody hearing for Prince Michael, 12, Paris,...

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Joe Jackson Wants To Turn Grandkids Into Stars Like Their Dad

11th July 2009

MICHAEL JACKSON's father JOE wants to share custody of the King of Pop's three children with his estranged wife KATHERINE, and raise them to become superstar's just like their dad.Katherine Jackson has temporary guardianship of...

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Mccartney Weighs In On Jackson's Woes

7th July 2009

SIR PAUL MCCARTNEY has blamed MICHAEL JACKSON's father JOE for the personal anguish the superstar battled in his adult years.Fans were stunned upon learning the King Of Pop had suffered a fatal cardiac arrest on...

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Joe Jackson's Record Label Facing Name Challenge

4th July 2009

MICHAEL JACKSON's father JOE will have to fight if he wants to name his newly-launched music label Ranch Records - a company already exists under that name.Joe Jackson announced plans for his new business venture...

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Jackson's Dad Suspects 'Foul Play'

29th June 2009

MICHAEL JACKSON's father JOE suspects "foul play" over the superstar's death - because the singer was happily chatting with fans just minutes before suffering a fatal cardiac arrest.The Thriller hitmaker reportedly mingled with supporters at...

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The Things They Say 12718

25th June 2009

"She is nut bags. I love her like I can't even explain. She's one of those people who you can't help but be in a good mood when she's around. She just kind of intoxicates...

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The Things They Say 12711

25th June 2009

"STEVEN SPIELBERG saw it a week ago, and one of the first things he said was, 'Who is that actress who plays the Baroness? She's great.' And I said, 'It's Sienna Miller', and he said,...

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The Things They Say 12426

30th May 2009

"My Baroness doll is so flexible. Her foot can flex 360 degrees. I'll have happy nieces and nephews at Christmas time." SIENNA MILLER has her first action figure made in her likeness for G.I. JOE:...

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Miller Terrified Of G.i. Guns

29th May 2009

SIENNA MILLER doubted she would be able to play a convincing villain in G.I. JOE: THE RISE OF COBRA - because she couldn't bring herself to fire a gun on the film set.The actress was...

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The Things They Say 12262

18th May 2009

"Joe would battle Miley onstage. They'd do microphone tricks to see who was best in front of everyone. One time they were doing it, and all of a sudden JOE went down and did the...

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Simpson's Dad Blasts Romo Rumours

26th March 2009

JESSICA SIMPSON's dad JOE has dismissed reports he's urging his pop star daughter to dump American footballer TONY ROMO - insisting the sportsman is "the best". Earlier this month (Mar09), the National Enquirer alleged that Simpson's...

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Miller Took On Action Film To Give Parents A Break

10th March 2009

SIENNA MILLER's parents were thrilled when they learned their daughter would be kicking butt in action film G.I. JOE - because it meant they wouldn't have to watch the actress die on screen, or battle...

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The Things They Say 11488

3rd March 2009

"Their faces were priceless. They were screaming for I think a good two minutes. They're really nice girls." THE JONAS BROTHERS star JOE on performing for U.S. President BARACK OBAMA's young daughters....

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Sommers Denies Miller's 'Breast' Claims

27th January 2009

Director STEPHEN SOMMERS has denied asking SIENNA MILLER to wear a cleavage enhancing costume for upcoming movie G.I. JOE - after the British actress was reportedly "mildly offended" by the request. The Alfie star recently hit...

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Jonas Brother's Marriage Dreams

29th December 2008

NICK JONAS dreams about marrying the perfect woman - and often discusses his plans to wed with brother JOE. The 16-year-old singer, who has dated Miley Cyrus and is now rumoured to be going out...

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Fascinating Fact 6522

10th December 2008

KATE WINSLET read THE READER six years ago when she was pregnant with her son JOE. She now stars in the film version of the short story....

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Pregnant Simpson All Grown Up For Baby

7th November 2008

ASHLEE SIMPSON matured overnight when she learned she was pregnant with her and husband PETE WENTZ's baby, according to the pop star's father JOE. The singer/actress is due to give birth any day now -...

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Fascinating Fact 6315

6th November 2008

KEVIN JONAS received a $225,000 (GBP141,500) car to celebrate his 21st birthday on Wednesday (05Nov08). The eldest of THE JONAS BROTHERS was seen driving younger sibling JOE around Los Angeles in the white Lamborghini....

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The Things They Say 9662

26th September 2008

"(There is) this viewpoint that someone has to win and someone has to lose. Nobody who thinks like that gets very far. Look at (JOE) FRAZIER and (MUHAMMAD) ALI. Both of them got something out...

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Joe: 'R. Kelly Tried To Sabotage My Career'

7th August 2008

R+B singer JOE has accused R. KELLY of pressuring radio DJs not to play his records - in a bid to scupper his growing stardom. The Stutter singer released six albums with Jive Records over...

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Simpson Denies Father Interferes In Her Love Life

31st July 2008

Singer JESSICA SIMPSON has furiously denied media speculation her father JOE wields control over her love life, branding the reports "ludicrous". The pop star's father - also Jessica and sister Ashlee's manager - has long...

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The Things They Say 8766

2nd July 2008

"I got burned boobs. I'm clumsy. There's a little scar." SIENNA MILLER on her set injury from G.I. JOE - the actress ran the wrong way into an explosion....

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Miller Wears Fake Boobs For G.i. Joe

23rd June 2008

Actress SIENNA MILLER was forced to wear fake breasts for her role in forthcoming action movie G.I. JOE - because her own cleavage was not big enough for director STEPHEN SOMMERS. The Alfie star joins...

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Simpson Slams Press Lies

23rd June 2008

JESSICA SIMPSON has blasted the press for making up stories about her and her manager-dad JOE - insisting so many of the reports about her family life have been fabricated. The singer is astonished by...

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