British singer Jodie Aysha has won a long-running legal battle over the profits from her international hit single Heartbroken.

The star was just 14 years old when she wrote the song, several years before producer T2 remixed the track and released it in 2007, garnering chart success in both the U.K. and U.S.

However, Aysha, now 24, alleged she was cut out of the royalties having been offered just a one-off payment of $2,400 (£1,500) for her work on the project, and took her claim to court.

She scored a victory on Wednesday (20Feb13) when Britain's Patents County Court ruled in her favour and awarded her a substantial share of the song's profits, which are said to be in the region of a six-figure sum.

The judge overseeing the case ruled T2 "claimed more of the credit for Heartbroken than he deserved".

Aysha said of the ruling, "It proves that if you keep fighting, then the little person can sometimes win."