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Joan Plowright Retires From Acting

13th May 2014

Veteran actress Dame Joan Plowright has retired from acting after losing her sight.The Tea with Mussolini star, widow of acting legend Laurence Olivier, has decided to end her career after more than 60 years on...

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Dame Maggie: 'I'm Typecast As An Old Bag'

20th March 2007

Veteran actress DAME MAGGIE SMITH hates the way she is typecast because of her age, as she only gets offered parts playing "old bags". The 72-year-old HARRY POTTER star claims she doesn't receive film scripts...

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Plowright's Failing Sight Cost Her Royal Role

20th February 2007

Actress DAME JOAN PLOWRIGHT missed out on a leading role in the Oscar-nominated movie THE QUEEN, because of her failing eyesight. Plowright, the widow of screen legend SIR LAURENCE OLIVIER, was due to play the...

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50 Year-old Olivier Recording Finally Released

15th September 2006

A lost audio tape featuring the late SIR LAURENCE OLIVIER starring in theatrical production THE ENTERTAINER has been discovered nearly 50 years after it was made. The footage was recorded at London's Palace Theatre in...

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Olivier's Widow Clashes With Son

3rd September 2006

LATEST: SIR LAURENCE OLIVIER's widow DAME JOAN PLOWRIGHT has angered the late actor's son by publicly refusing to deny her husband's purported bisexuality. Last week (27AUG06) Olivier's third wife was asked on BBC Radio 4's...

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Olivier Had 'Demons', Says Widow Answering Gay Question

28th August 2006

SIR LAURENCE OLIVIER's widow DAME JOAN PLOWRIGHT dodged a question about the late actor's rumoured homosexual affairs yesterday (27AUG06) by simply recalling he had "demons". Plowright was asked on BBC Radio 4's DESERT ISLAND DISCS...

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Olivier Widow Denies Affair

27th August 2006

SIR LAURENCE OLIVIER's widow DAME JOAN PLOWRIGHT insists she did not begin her relationship with the legendary actor while he was married to actress VIVIEN LEIGH. Plowright met and fell in love with Olivier in...

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Olivier And Plowright's Golden Marriage In Dispute

16th December 2005

SIR LAURENCE OLIVIER's marriage to his third wife DAME JOAN PLOWRIGHT was nothing but a "hollow sham" according to a new biography. The book, titled OLIVIER, claims that 15 years previous to the legendary...

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Olivier's Son Attacks Homosexuality Claims

18th October 2005

The eldest son of late acting legend LAWRENCE OLIVIER is planning to perform a speech attacking a new book about his father. TARQUIN OLIVIER, 68, is furious over authorised biographer TERRY COLEMAN'S claims Lord...

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Son Took Sadistic Pleasure From Olivier's Condition

15th September 2005

SIR LAURENCE OLIVIER's son RICHARD took sadistic pleasure from controlling his incapacitated father in the run-up to his death in 1989. Author TERRY COLEMAN features the shocking admission in his new biography of the...

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Olivier Spent Last Days In 'Misery'

15th September 2005

Legendary actor SIR LAURENCE OLIVIER reportedly spent the final days of his life in misery after his family conspired to deprive him of alcohol and wean him off his steroid medication. TERRY COLEMAN's authorised...

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Leigh And Olivier Enjoyed Open Marriage

9th August 2005

Troubled screen siren VIVIEN LEIGH was so open about her rampant affair with actor PETER FINCH, she often approached them and asked which one wanted to have sex with her. According to author TERRY...

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Olivier's Son Plans Film Biopic

19th January 2005

LAURENCE OLIVIER's son TARQUIN has written a biopic about his father's stormy marriage to screen beauty VIVIEN LEIGH. The 68-year-old, born during the HAMLET actor's first marriage to actress JILL ESMOND, has already attempted...

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Pete Postlethwaite Receives Obe

5th January 2004

Veteran actor PETE POSTLETHWAITE has received an ORDER OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE (OBE) from Britain's QUEEN ELIZABETH II, for services to drama. THE USUAL SUSPECTS actor, 58, was surprised to be named in the...

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Tomei Still Upset Over Oscar Embarrassment

6th June 2003

MARISA TOMEI is still bitter about the controversy that tarnished her Best Supporting Actress ACADEMY AWARD win in 1992, when it was rumoured her name was read out by mistake. The actress shocked Hollywood...

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Latifah Can't Believe She's An Actress

29th May 2003

Rapper-turned-actress QUEEN LATIFAH admits she's amazed at the amount of success she's achieved in the movie business. The buxom screen star still finds it hard to think of herself as an actress, despite being...

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