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Sir Paul Mccartney On Jimmy Savile: "There Was Something A Little Bit Suspect"

By Contributor | 23rd November 2012

Sir Paul McCartney has told The Independent that he always reckoned that the late Jimmy Savile was always “a little suspect” during the period that he and the rest of The Beatles knew him.The two...

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Paul Sir Paul Mccartney Opens Up About Beatles' Work With Jimmy Savile

23rd November 2012

Sir Paul Mccartney has opened up about The Beatles' connection to Sir Jimmy Savile, insisting the band "always thought there was something a little bit suspect" about the shamed British Tv star.Savile, who died last...

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Can Lord Tony Hall Regain Public Respect In The Bbc?

By Hayley Avron | 23rd November 2012

Can Lord Hall of Birkenhead turn around the fortunes of the BBC, as he did with the Royal Opera House?Lord Patten, the BBC Trust chairman had approached Tony Hall earlier in the year, before George...

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Sir Paul Mccartney: 'Suspect' Jimmy Savile Never Let Us Inside His Home

By Michael West | 23rd November 2012

Sir Paul McCartney has broken his silence on the Jimmy Savile sex scandal, claiming that the DJ refused to let The Beatles inside his home, despite the Fab Four giving him a lift home on...

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Dave Lee Travis Denies That Arrest Is Related To Child Abuse

By Joe Wilde | 16th November 2012

Former BBC DJ Dave Lee Thomas has denied any wrongdoing relating to his arrest on suspicion of sexual offences, adding that the allegations have "nothing to do with kids."The 67-year-old is the latest former BBC...

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Dave Lee Travis: This Is Nothing To Do With Kids, All Right?

By Michael West | 16th November 2012

Dave Lee Travis - the former BBC presenter - has denied any wrongdoing after he was arrested by detectives investigating the Jimmy Savile sex abuse scandal. Speaking outside his own in Bedfordshire following his release,...

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Dave Lee Travis Released On Bail After Arrest In Jimmy Savile Case

By Lorna Greville  | 15th November 2012

Ex-BBC Radio 1 presenter Dave Lee Travis was arrested today on suspicion of sexual offences in relation to the Jimmy Savile case, but he has since been released on bail.Travis' arrest, in connection with 'Operation...

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Dave Lee Travis Arrested In Sex Abuse Probe

15th November 2012

Veteran British Dj Dave Lee Travis has been arrested by cops as part of an investigation into sexual abuse sparked by allegations against late Tv star Sir Jimmy Savile.The presenter, a stalwart on the Bbc's...

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Dj Dave Lee Travis Arrested As Savile Bbc Investigation Grows

By Contributor | 15th November 2012

The Jimmy Savile sex case scandal gets wider and wider with radio DJ Dave Lee Travis being arrested by the police and taken in for questioning.The Daily Telegraph reports that the 67 year-old DJ, who...

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'I'm No Sex Pest': Freddie Starr Unable To Be Alone With His Children

By Hayley Avron | 14th November 2012

Freddie Starr has told The Daily Mirror that he has been left feeling suicidal after his connection to the Jimmy Savile sex scandal has resulted in him being unable to spend time alone with his...

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Freddie Starr Banned From Looking After Children Alone

14th November 2012

British comedian Freddie Starr has been left feeling "suicidal" since authorities banned him from looking after his children alone following his arrest in connection with the Jimmy Savile sex abuse investigation.The Tv star was arrested...

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Did Jimmy Savile Engineer Programming To Target Children?

By Jack de Aguilar | 14th November 2012

The Jimmy Savile child abuse scandal has taken yet another turn. Mark Williams-Thomas, the detective who first exposed it all, has added yet more cause for concern, by stating his belief that Savile "engineered" programs...

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Is Jimmy Savile's Highland Cottage In Line For Demolition?

By Hayley Avron | 13th November 2012

A Highland councillor has begun discussing plans to demolish a cottage that belonged to the disgraced BBC presenter Jimmy Savile, in Glencoe.The cottage has become the target of vandalism, since the Jimmy Savile scandal broke...

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Jimmy Savile Chauffeur Arrested Over Sixties Rape

By Holly Williams | 9th November 2012

The former chauffeur and flatmate of Jimmy Savile, Ray Teret, has been arrested in connection with rape allegations dating back to the sixties but police insist it is NOT related to the ongoing investigations into...

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Jimmy Savile's Chauffer Arrested- But It's Not Related To Savile

By Lorna Greville  | 8th November 2012

Despite there already being two arrests in connection to the allegations made against Jimmy Savile's associates, another arrest of his old chauffeur and flatmate, Ray Teret, having been accused of rape, is apparently unrelated to...

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Disgraced Jimmy Savile Was Questioned Over Yorkshire Ripper Murders

By Hayley Avron | 7th November 2012

A former West Yorkshire police detective has revealed that Jimmy Savile was once questioned in relation to an allegation that he may have been the Yorkshire Ripper.Though the claims turned out not to be true...

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Sir Jimmy Savile Quizzed Over Notorious British Murders

7th November 2012

Sir Jimmy Savile was quizzed by police in the 1970s over a string of notorious murders, according to a former cop.The late Tv star, who has been accused of abusing up to 300 youngsters throughout...

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Francis Rossi Of Status Quo Reveals Odd Jimmy Savile Invitation

By Jack de Aguilar | 5th November 2012

As more and more harrowing stories of Jimmy Savile's alleged case continue to get released, it's not just the poor victims that have something to say. Celebrities and people that knew Savile are also enlightening...

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Francis Rossi Snubbed Shamed Jimmy Savile's Sleazy Offer

5th November 2012

Status Quo star Francis Rossi once snubbed Sir Jimmy Savile when the shamed British Tv presenter tried to lure the rocker into a dressing room full of young girls.Rossi reveals the sleazy offer came in...

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Freddie Starr: 'Sex Abuse Scandal Is Killing Me'

4th November 2012

British comic Freddie Starr fears the scandal surrounding his arrest in connection with the Jimmy Savile sex abuse investigation will kill him.The outrageous funnyman was detained by police this week (begs29Oct12) and admits the ordeal...

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Compensation Claims On The Horizon In The Jimmy Savile Case

By Lorna Greville  | 2nd November 2012

With calls of complaints made to the BBC topping 6000, and numerous victims making contact with lawyers all over the country, Natwest have frozen Jimmy Savile's assets in preparation for a compensation claim flood, reports...

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Freddie Starr Returns To Police Station, Questioned In Relation To Jimmy Savile Sex Abuse

By Hayley Avron | 2nd November 2012

The TV entertainer Freddie Starr has been recalled to a police station, so that they can further question him regarding allegations of sexual offences, in relation to the ongoing Jimmy Savile sex abuse scandal, Sky...

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Freddie Starr Detained In Connection To Jimmy Savile Scandal

2nd November 2012

British comedian Freddie Starr has been detained by police investigating sexual abuse allegations against late Tv icon Jimmy Savile.Starr was arrested in Warwickshire, England on Thursday (01Nov12) and taken into custody on suspicion of sexual...

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Freddie Starr Arrested In Conjunction With Jimmy Savile Case: Operation Yewtree

By Jack de Aguilar | 1st November 2012

Freddie Star has been arrested as Met police continue to carry out the Jimmy Savile Case, Operation Yewtree, Channel 4 News reports.The Metropolitan Police issued a statement saying "officers working on operation Yewtree have this...

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Bbc London's 'The Treehouse' Axed: Danny Baker's Angry Twitter Rant

By Hayley Avron | 1st November 2012

Danny Baker has lashed out at the BBC for cancelling his radio show The Treehouse. Baker, who uses the Twitter handle @prodnose posted a message on the micro-blogging site earlier today, to say “So. Just...

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Jimmy Savile's Nephew: Celebrities, Film Stars And Politicians Are All Involved

By Michael West | 1st November 2012

Jimmy Savile's family say they do not want "a penny" of his money after the late presenter's estate was frozen in response to mounting sex abuse claims against him. Relatives of Savile, who died last...

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Sir Jimmy Savile's Estate Is Frozen

1st November 2012

Late British entertainer Sir Jimmy Savile's estate has been frozen as cops investigate sex abuse allegations against him.The estate's executors at NatWest bank have decided to put the dead Dj's estimated $6.9 million (£4.3 million)...

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Jimmy Savile Given Keys To Leeds Hospital Building For Late Night Visits

By Michael West | 31st October 2012

Sir Jimmy Savile was regularly given the keys to a Leeds hospital building where he would arrive with teenage girls in the early hours. An ex-porter told the BBC that Savile would take girls to...

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Victims By Proxy | How The Savile Scandal Is Affecting More And More People

By Lorna Greville  | 30th October 2012

The Jimmy Savile scandal has already officially claimed its first victim in the arrest of Gary Glitter last Sunday (28th Oct. 2012), however there are undoubtedly many more people waiting uncomfortably for their fated call....

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Esther Rantzen Shops Three 'High Profile Bbc Employees' To Jimmy Savile Police

By Michael West | 30th October 2012

Gary Glitter has returned home on bail after being the first person to be arrested in the Jimmy Savile sex abuse inquiry. The 1970s glam rocker, who has served time for child sex crimes, was...

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