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Jimmy Savile's Sickening Hospital Abuse Revealed In Report

26th June 2014

Sir Jimmy Savile sexually assaulted victims aged five to 75 and "interfered" with dead bodies, according to a report into his sickening campaign of abuse at hospitals across the U.K.The Dj and Bbc broadcaster was...

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English Primary School Cancels Play After Realising Character Is Based On Jimmy Savile

By Jack de Aguilar | 23rd June 2014

Parents of children at Scargill Junior School in Rainham, Essex have expressed their dismay following the cancellation of 'Lights Camera Action!', a school play featuring a caretaker charachter called Will Fixit - based on...

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Compensation Scheme Approved For Jimmy Savile Abuse Victims

26th February 2014

A London judge has approved a compensation scheme for Jimmy Savile's abuse victims after the late British Tv presenter was outed as a serial paedophile following his death in 2011.The Dj and Tv personality's estate...

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Jim Davidson "Delighted" After Sex Offences Allegations Are Dropped

By Michael West | 17th December 2013

Jim Davidson says he is "delighted" after the attorney general of the Falkland Islands confirmed that the comedian will not be prosecuted for an alleged sex offence from the 1980s. Jim Davidson Is Free To...

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Bbc Dj Paul Gambaccini Arrested Over Historical Sexual Offences

1st November 2013

Veteran Bbc broadcaster Paul Gambaccini has been arrested and quizzed about historical sexual offences as part of a wide-ranging U.K. police investigation launched in the wake of the Jimmy Savile child abuse revelations.The 64-year-old Dj...

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Fascinating Fact: 3917272

22nd October 2013

A Halloween costume resembling disgraced Tv presenter Sir Jimmy Savile has been pulled from sale in the U.K. Savile was exposed as a serial paedophile following his death in 2011.

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Jimmy Savile Bragged About Suing Over Child Abuse

16th October 2013

Disgraced Tv presenter Sir Jimmy Savile gloated about receiving a $300,000 (£200,000) payout from British newspaper The Sun over child abuse allegations that turned out to be true.The Dj, who was unmasked as a serial...

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Pan's People Stars Preyed On By 'Repulsive' Jimmy Savile

13th October 2013

Several members of veteran British dance troupe Pan's People have recalled how they were preyed upon by paedophile Tv presenter Sir Jimmy Savile during their 1970s heyday.The glamorous dancers were regular guests on U.K. music...

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James Mcavoy Denies Interest In Jimmy Savile Role

1st October 2013

Actor James Mcavoy has denied reports he wants to play disgraced British Tv presenter Sir Jimmy Savile on the big screen.Writer Irvine Welsh, whose book Filth is the basis for MCAvoy's latest film, recently alleged...

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Suggs Sent Bbc Bosses Into A Panic By Dressing As Jimmy Savile

20th September 2013

Madness frontman Graham 'suggs' Mcpherson sent Bbc producers into a spin last year (12) after arriving for a live performance dressed as disgraced Tv presenter Sir Jimmy Savile.The band was preparing to play on Jools...

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The Jimmy Savile Child Abuse Enquiry: £5 Million Well Spent By The Bbc?

By Joe Wilde | 16th July 2013

When the news of former television presenter Jimmy Savile's sordid past was brought to light last year the world shrieked in horror at the appalling allegations brought forward against the once beloved philanthropist and TV...

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Stuart Hall Sent To Prison For 15 Months: Is It Long Enough?

By Michael West | 17th June 2013

Stuart Hall's prison sentence was passed down at Preston Crown Court on Monday (June 17, 2013), with the veteran BBC broadcaster told he will serve 15 months for sexually abusing under-age girls. Hall, 83, of...

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John Lydon Foresaw Jimmy Savile Scandal

29th May 2013

Punk icon John Lydon was unsurprised when legendary British Tv presenter Sir Jimmy Savile was unmasked as a paedophile, because the rocker caused a storm by branding him "seedy" 35 years ago.Bbc bosses were rocked...

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Jeremy Clarkson Sparks Storm Over Bbc Sex Abuse Scandal

7th May 2013

British Tv host Jeremy Clarkson has sparked outrage by apparently mocking the paedophile scandal gripping the Bbc in the wake of revelations Sir Jimmy Savile was a serial sex offender.Bosses at the corporation were rocked...

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Jimmy Tarbuck The Latest Celebrity To Be Arrested For Claims Of Child Sex Abuse

By Joe Wilde | 7th May 2013

Jimmy Tarbuck is the latest celebrity to be tarnished by claims that he sexually assaulted children throughout his decade-spanning career on television. The allegations, stemming from the inquest started by the revelations into Jimmy...

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Freddie Starr Re-arrested Over Sexual Offences Allegations

25th April 2013

Veteran British comedian Freddie Starr has been arrested for a second time by officers investigating the Jimmy Savile sex abuse scandal.The Tv star was taken into custody and quizzed over new sexual offence allegations on...

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Rolf Harris Tv Shows Axed Following Arrest

20th April 2013

Tv bosses in the U.K. have pulled two shows set to feature veteran Australian entertainer Rolf Harris following his arrest last month (Mar13) as part of the ongoing sex abuse investigation surrounding late U.K. Tv...

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Rolf Harris Arrested As Part Of Sex Abuse Probe

19th April 2013

Veteran Australian entertainer Rolf Harris has been arrested and questioned by police as part of the ongoing sex abuse investigation surrounding late U.K. Tv and radio star Sir Jimmy Savile.The 83 year old was interviewed...

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Rolf Harris Arrested On Suspicion Of Sex Offences After Long Investigation

By Michael West | 19th April 2013

Rolf Harris has been arrested by police officers working on Operation Yewtree on suspicion of sex offences. The much-loved 83-year-old TV star and singer was held over historic sex abuse allegations by the police unit...

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Comedian Jim Davidson Arrested Again Over Sexual Abuse Allegations

20th March 2013

British comedian Jim Davidson was arrested on Wednesday (20Mar13) for the second time in three months as part of the ongoing sex abuse investigation surrounding late U.K. Tv and radio star Jimmy Savile.The 59 year...

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Have Comedy Audiences Turned Against Frankie Boyle?

7th March 2013

Frankie Boyle has angered fans by joking he wishes Britain's Queen Elizabeth would die.The outspoken funnyman shocked the audience at the 'Give It Up for Comic Relief' concert at London's Wembley Arena last night (06.03.13)...

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Jeremy Paxman: Bbc’S Peter Rippon Was "The Fall Guy"

By Jack de Aguilar | 22nd February 2013

Pollard report into the BBC's Savile inquiry show Jeremy Paxman to be hugely critical of the way The BBC treated its then Newsnight editor Peter Rippon. In a set of transcripts, Paxman said he had...

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Jimmy Savile Sex Scandal Documentary Wins Two Journalism Awards

By Hayley Avron | 21st February 2013

The ITV documentary that sparked the Jimmy Savile sex scandal has won two prizes at the Royal Television Society TV journalism awards. The Guardian reports that Exposure: The Other Side of Jimmy Savile won ‘scoop...

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Fascinating Fact: 3517352

21st February 2013

The reporting team behind the U.K. documentary which helped uncover the Sir Jimmy Savile sex abuse scandal have landed the Scoop of the Year prize at Britain's Royal Television Society's (Rts) Journalism Awards. Exposure: The...

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Jimmy Savile Victims To Sue Bbc

13th February 2013

More than 30 victims of disgraced British Tv legend Sir Jimmy Savile are to launch legal action against the Bbc and the late presenter's estate.Savile was unmasked as a serial paedophile following his death at...

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Luke Haines Scraps Song About Jimmy Savile Over Sex Scandal

22nd January 2013

Veteran rocker Luke Haines dropped a song about controversial British Tv host Sir Jimmy Savile from his new album after it emerged the late presenter was a serial paedophile.The former Auteurs frontman teamed up with...

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Bbc Under Fire After The Tweenies Jimmy Savile Spoof Is Repeated

By Contributor | 21st January 2013

A repeated episode of children’s BBC show The Tweenies, that was initially show in 2001, has come under fire after it portrayed a spoof of the disgraced late disc jockey and television presenter Jimmy Savile.The...

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Children's Tv Character Dresses As Jimmy Savile In The Tweenies, Bbc Apologizes

By Lorna Greville  | 20th January 2013

The BBC have had to apologise after its much loved children's show The Tweenies saw one of its characters dress up as Jimmy Savile.Few things are taboo to joke about anymore. Judging by movies and...

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54 Years Of Abuse And No Chance Of Punishment: The Disappointments Of The Jimmy Savile Report

By Lorna Greville  | 11th January 2013

By 1990 Jimmy Savile had been made a knight in his lifetime, as well as given the Roman Catholic's highest honor, the Knight Commander of the Pontifical Equestrian Order of Saint Gregory the Great. 22...

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'He Groomed A Nation': Shocking Report Of Jimmy Savile’S Abuse, Revealed

By Hayley Avron | 11th January 2013

A Metropolitan Police report detailing the findings of the investigation into allegations of sexual abuse made against Jimmy Savile’s has been released to the press. The report, named the ‘Giving Victims a Voice’ report, was...

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