The musician was walking to dinner with his family in the city at the time an explosion ripped through the streets close to the Erawan Hindu shrine, a major tourist attraction, killing at least 20 people.

Barnes was just metres away when the bomb went off and he has revealed a last-minute decision to walk the "long way" to the restaurant with his wife and his daughter's family saved their lives.

In a post on, he writes, "My family and I are lucky to be alive. We walked the long way around to get to a restaurant because we had my grandson Dylan with us, and that probably saved our lives. Had we gone the direct route we would have been right where the bomb exploded, in the wrong place at the wrong time.

"When it first happened we didn't realise quite how devastating it had been but we now know that many people lost their lives or were hurt. All those families will be left with pain and sadness that will stay with them forever. Our prayers and our love go out to all those people and our thanks also go out to everyone who reached out to see if we were all right.

"The Thai people are beautiful people and we send all our love out to them in this time of great pain. Thankfully we are fine but this is a reminder that life can change in a heartbeat."