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Emmy Awards 2013: Jim Parsons Completes Emmy Hat Trick For 'The Big Bang Theory'

By Nick Hill | 23rd September 2013

The 65th Primetime Emmy awards are here and the best and most talented personal that television has to offer have arrived at the Nokia theatre in Los Angeles.Comedy series 'The Big Bang Theory' has come...

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The Ladies Of 'The Big Bang Theory' Band Together To Demand Higher Paychecks

By Victoria Pavlova | 20th September 2013

Two of the ladies of The Big Bang Theory cast - Mayim Bialik and Melissa Rauch - have reportedly banded together and earned themselves a significant pay increase for the show’s upcoming season. After a...

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The Big Bang Theory Stars Set For $500,000 Payday?

19th September 2013

'The Big Bang Theory' stars Kaley Cuoco, Jim Parsons and Johnny Galecki want $500,000 per episode.The three leads in the sitcom - who play Penny, Sheldon and Leonard respectively - are reportedly seeking a big...

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Big Bang Theory Cast Pestering For More Cash Per Episode

By Lauren James | 19th September 2013

The cast of The Big Bang Theory are reportedly in talks to be paid a higher salary per episode filmed. The show's three lead actors, Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki, are seeking potentially...

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Time Warner Institutes Nationwide Cbs Blackout: La, Nyc And Dallas Lose Biggest Cable Channel

By Victoria Pavlova | 4th August 2013

The CBS cable channel has gone dark in several of its largest US markets, including New York City, Los Angeles, Dallas and several others. The blackout was due to the cable provider not reaching a...

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Tony Award 2013: A Battle Of The Musicals?

By Jack de Aguilar | 7th June 2013

Matilda: The Musical and Kinky Boots will be fighting it out for the most coveted prize in theatre on June 9th, as the Tony Awards are once again announced from Radio City Music Hall, New...

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Critics' Choice Television Awards Nominations Revealed

22nd May 2013

'American Horror Story: Asylum' and 'The Big Bang Theory' have each been nominated for six Critics' Choice Television Awards.'AHS: Asylum' received nods for Best Movie or Minseries, Best Actress in a Movie or Minseries for...

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Big Bang Theory Finalale Ends Season 6 In Underwhelming Style: The Bon Voyage Reaction Recap

By Joe Wilde | 17th May 2013

Thursday (May 16) night's episode of the Big Bang Theory ushered out the latest series of the sitcom in thoroughly underwhelming fashion, ending the sixth season of the show in the same kind of style...

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Big Bang Theory Finale Promises To Be Packed With Surprises And Cliffhangers

By Victoria Pavlova | 16th May 2013

It’s that time of the year again – the season of season finales – and one of those is the final episode of Big Bang Theory. Not the final final one, though we don’t see...

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Big Bang Theory Finale – Expect To Be Left Hanging

By Jack de Aguilar | 16th May 2013

The Big Bang Theory Finale ties up season 6 tonight. We’re not sure if we should say SPOILER here in big capital letters, because all you should expect is a nice bit cliff hanger, ready...

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What Were Bob Newhart's Two Conditions For Joining 'The Big Bang Theory'?

By Michael West | 2nd May 2013

Comedy legend Bob Newhart makes his debut on The Big Bang Theory on Thursday (May 2, 2013) with a role that has been a long-time coming for both Newhart and producer Chuck Lorre. The co-creator...

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Congratulations Internet, You Just Bought Zach Braff's Garden State Follow-up

By Michael West | 25th April 2013

So, Wish I Was Here, Zach Braff's follow-up to Garden State looks likely to happen after 20,000 Kickstarter users pledged $1.5 million within 24 hours. The actor and director is looking for $2 million to...

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Zach Braff Inspired By Kristen Bell

24th April 2013

Zach Braff wants his fans to help finance his new movie.The 'Oz: The Great and Powerful' star wants to emulate the success of the fundraising campaign run by his pal Kristen Bell through recently,...

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Big Bag Theory Tops American Idol In Raitings – Geeks 1 Singers 0

By Jack de Aguilar | 20th April 2013

The geeks are coming. American Idol can’t beat out the Big Bang Theory when it comes to the ratings; people enjoy Sheldon, Leaonard, Howard and Raj just too much to switch off for some talent...

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Big Bang Theory: Four Years Celebrated At Paleyfest 2013!

By Michael West | 14th March 2013

The last time the cast of The Big Bang Theory appeared at PaleyFest, some four years ago, their sitcom wasn't considered among the Top 40 rated shows in the United States. Now, the Cecil Thomson...

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Cbs To Air Big Bang Theory Christmas Special Later Tonight

By Victoria Pavlova | 14th December 2012

Roll in the Christmas specials! The world (of avid TV fans anyway) eagerly awaits the Christmas episodes of things like Downton Abbey and Doctor Who. And of course, as people are marking off days until...

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Ashton Kutcher Tops Forbes Tv Rich List

18th October 2012

Ashton Kutcher has taken Charlie Sheen's crown as the highest paid TV actor.The 34-year-old star knocked his rival off the top spot on Forbes' Highest Paid TV Actor list and is estimated to have banked...

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Ashton Kutcher Surpasses Charlie Sheen In Forbes' Rich List

18th October 2012

Ashton Kutcher has beaten Charlie Sheen to the title of highest paid TV actor.The Hollywood hunk rocketed to the top spot on Forbes' Rich List, knocking his rival off the list altogether thanks to his...

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Forbes' Television Top Earners Revealed: Ashton Kutcher Leads The Pack.

By Jack de Aguilar | 17th October 2012

Two-and-a-Half Men is the show that forks out the most for its lead actors; last year Charlie Sheen topped Forbes' list of TV's Highest-Paid TV Actors list with $40m and this year its new lead...

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Brits Abroad: Damian Lewis And Maggie Smith Win Big At Emmy Awards 2012

By Michael West | 25th September 2012

British actor Damian Lewis and screen veteran Maggie Smith were among the winners at the Emmy Awards 2012 in Los Angeles on Sunday evening (September 23, 2012). Lewis – who plays an American soldier in...

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So, What Exactly Happened At The Primetime Emmys?

By Michael West | 25th September 2012

The Emmy Awards 2012 has been and gone. The tuxedos dry cleaned and the dresses sold in ex-worn outlet stores, never to be donned by a star again for fear of the unwanted headlines. But...

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Emmy Awards: Homeland And Modern Family Take Home The Big Prizes

By Jack de Aguilar | 24th September 2012

The 64th Primetime Emmy Awards kicked off last night, and there were some surprises and with Homeland winning best drama. Modern Family also picked up best comedy, but everyone knew that would happenSome expected Breaking...

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Getting Ready For The Primetime Emmys: Our Predictions!

By Michael West | 22nd September 2012

The 64th Annual Primetime Emmys kicks off this Sunday (September 23rd) and what better way to spend a Friday night than trying to predict who’ll walk home with the big prizes? None. There’s none, apart...

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Comic Con Is Out Of This World As The Big Bang Theory Send Fan Into Space

14th July 2012

The Big Bang Theory is set to go where no sitcom has gone before, when a real-life astronaut rewarded a fan with the chance to take a sub-orbital space flight at yesterdays COMIC CON. The...

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Rihanna To Star In Dreamworks Animation 'Happy Smekday!'

21st June 2012

Rihanna will be moving forward with her acting aspirations by providing a voiceover in the animated film 'Happy Smekday!' RiRi may be the centre of news at the moment, with two of her ex-boyfriends apparently...

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Rihanna To Star In 'Happy Smekday'

21st June 2012

Rihanna will take on her first animation film role in 'Happy Smekday'.The 'You Da One' singer and 'The Big Bang Theory' actor Jim Parsons will lend their voices to the lead roles in the upcoming...

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Fascinating Fact 13616

20th June 2012

Pop star Rihanna is to make her second foray into cinema by lending her voice to upcoming film Happy Smekday!, a DreamWorks Animation adaptation of Adam Rex's award-winning book The True Meaning of Smekday. The...

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Jim Parsons Comes Out As Gay: Didn't We Already Know That?

24th May 2012

Jim Parsons recently spoke to the New York Times for a profile piece, as he prepares for his first summer on Broadway leading a cast - 'The Big Bang Theory' man starring in a revival...

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Big Bang's Jim Parsons Is Gay: But Was He Ever In The Closet?

24th May 2012

Was Jim Parsons ever really in the closet? The Hollywood Reporter seem to think so and have pounced on a brief sentence in a New York Times review to ensure that he leaves the closet,...

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New York Times Columnist Outs Jim Parsons As Gay

23rd May 2012

Actor Jim Parsons has been outed in a New York Times profile piece.The Emmy Award and Golden Globe-winning The Big Bang Theory star, 39, has previously skirted around long-running rumours about his sexuality, but, as...

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