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Patsy Kensit Left Devastated By Weight Jibes

15th December 2012

Patsy Kensit was left devastated after being bullied about her weight.The former 'Holby City' actress - who reached over 11 1/2 stone - admits she struggled to shed the pounds after her marriage with Liam...

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The Things They Say 21286

15th April 2011

"I might become a granny quite soon, it's my (former) stepdaughter." British actress Patsy Kensit will become an honorary grandmother when Yasmin Kerr, the daughter of her ex-husband Jim Kerr, gives birth in the coming...

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The Things They Say 18676

29th October 2010

"There is a whole myth that because I'm divorced from Jim and Liam, I got all this money. But it's nonsense. My boys are really well looked after, but, like every other woman, I still...

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Patsy Kensit's Support From Exes

25th October 2010

Patsy Kensit is getting over her fourth marriage break-up with help from her ex-husbands. The actress split from her DJ husband Jeremy Healy in March after 11 months of marriage but said she doesn't want...

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Patsy Kensit Done With Marriage

13th August 2010

Patsy Kensit won't marry again.The four times wed actress recently split from her DJ husband Jeremy Healy and after being humiliated by the experience she has decided she is finished with marriage. The 'Lethal Weapon...

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Kensit Axes Autobiography

27th June 2010

British actress PATSY KENSIT has scrapped her autobiography, which was set to lift the lid on her marriages to rockers LIAM GALLAGHER, JIM KERR, and DAN DONOVAN, just weeks before it was due to hit...

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Kerr Missed Flight To Write Song

10th May 2010

Rocker JIM KERR was so obsessed with perfecting his debut solo album, he missed a flight because he was busy writing a song in the departure lounge.The Simple Minds frontman will release his first solo...

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Kensit To Pen Autobiography?

25th April 2010

British actress PATSY KENSIT is to write an explosive tome lifting the lid on her marriages to rockers LIAM GALLAGHER, JIM KERR, and DAN DONOVAN according to a U.K. report.The Lethal Weapon 2 star, whose...

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Bitter Davies Refuses To Talk To Ex-wife Hynde

31st January 2006

Rocker RAY DAVIES insisted his ex-wife CHRISSIE HYNDE was among those paying tribute to his group THE KINKS at their UK Music Hall of Fame induction - but refused to speak to her. The...

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Kerr Keeps Pure

30th November 2005

SIMPLE MINDS rocker JIM KERR always performs in white because it reflects the band's purity and spirituality. The Scottish singer confesses he has 100 white shirts he rotates for gigs and it has become...

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Kerr Feared For Son When Kensit Married Gallagher

30th August 2005

SIMPLE MINDS rocker JIM KERR feared for his son's welfare when his former wife PATSY KENSIT wed LIAM GALLAGHER in 1997, because of the hedonistic lifestyle the couple were then leading. DON'T YOU (FORGET...

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Kerr Blames Divorces On Constant Touring

30th August 2005

Scottish rocker JIM KERR blames his rock 'n' roll lifestyle for the failure of his marriages to CHRISSIE HYNDE and PATSY KENSIT. While the DON'T YOU FORGET ABOUT ME singer used to enjoy...

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Kerr Urges Gallagher To Forget Kensit And Reclaim His Career

8th August 2005

SIMPLE MINDS star JIM KERR has urged OASIS frontman LIAM GALLAGHER to get over his divorce from actress PATSY KENSIT if he wants to win back the band's fans. Kerr also married and divorced...

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Kensit Shields Sons From Showbiz Childhood

13th July 2005

Former rock star wife PATSY KENSIT is forbidding her sons from following in her footsteps by becoming child stars. The 37-year-old beauty feels she had her youth snatched away from her when she went...

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Kensit Learns To Love Her Curves

6th July 2005

Model-turned-actress PATSY KENSIT is enjoying her newfound curvy body after spending years starving herself to impress her string of rockstar lovers. In the 1990s, the 37-year-old beauty struggled to maintain a slim look while...

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Killers Inspire Simple Minds Comeback

4th July 2005

Scottish rockers SIMPLE MINDS have credited THE KILLERS with inspiring them to release their first new album in three years. The DON'T YOU (FORGET ABOUT ME) stars - JIM KERR and CHARLIE BURCHILL -...

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Mccartney Stamps Out Kensit's Groupie Instinct

9th March 2005

Blonde actress PATSY KENSIT has romanced a string of rockers, but seeing SIR PAUL McCARTNEY perform live brought her 'groupie' days to an end. The British beauty has been married to OASIS frontman LIAM...

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Kensit Slams Gallagher And Kerr's Huge Egos

8th March 2005

OASIS rocker LIAM GALLAGHER and SIMPLE MIND star JIM KERR's huge egos made his ex-wife PATSY KENSIT "feel diluted" during their three-year marriage. Kensit had already married two musicians before wedding her last husband...

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Kerr Slams Bono For Political 'Suck Up'

2nd February 2005

British rock star JIM KERR has slammed U2 frontman BONO for "shamefully sucking up" to leading politicians. The SIMPLE MINDS singer hit out at Bono after he appeared with British Prime Minister TONY BLAIR...

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Kensit Up For Best Newcomer

13th October 2004

Despite being in showbusiness for 32 years, British actress PATSY KENSIT has been nominated in the British NATIONAL TV AWARDS Best Newcomer category for her role in soap opera EMMERDALE. The 36-year-old, who has...

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Kensit: I'll Never Marry Again

21st April 2004

Serial rock wife PATSY KENSIT has vowed never to get married again - after three failed unions with musicians. The British actress has married and divorced BIG AUDIO DYNAMITE's DAN DONOVAN, SIMPLE MINDS singer...

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Kerr Loses Teeth On Stage

3rd March 2004

SIMPLE MINDS frontman JIM KERR almost choked on his two front teeth - after accidentally knocking them out with his microphone on stage. The DON'T YOU (FORGET ABOUT ME) singer was getting into his...

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Simple Minds Perform Again

11th February 2004

The original line-up of SIMPLE MINDS have reformed for one night only - to celebrate the birthday of their former manager. The band, who formed in 1978 and are best known for their 1985...

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Kerr Sues Vodafone

26th January 2004

SIMPLE MINDS singer JIM KERR has launched a $5.9 million (GBP3.5 million) law suit against mobile giant VODAFONE - accusing them of breaking a lucrative deal with him. According to court papers, Kerr, 44,...

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Kensit Set To Start In Soap

25th January 2004

Actress PATSY KENSIT is set to make an acting comeback, starring in a British soap opera. Bosses on popular TV show EMMERDALE - about farming life in northern England - are reportedly courting the...

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Mother Kensit Happy With Motherly Curves

1st August 2003

Rock divorcee PATSY KENSIT is embracing her new found curves - and believes mothers the world over should resist pressure to lose excess weight. Rocker LIAM GALLAGHER's ex-wife is currently preparing to star in...

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Patsy Kensit To Grace London Stage

25th July 2003

Rock divorcee PATSY KENSIT is "thrilled" to be making her debut on London's West End this autumn (03). Patsy, who is divorced from rockers DAN DONOVAN, JIM KERR and LIAM GALLAGHER, will first appear...

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Rod Stewart's Soccer Extravagance

11th May 2003

Legendary rocker ROD STEWART has splashed out an impressive $90,000 (GBP56,000) for a private luxury aircraft to go to Seville to see soccer's UEFA Cup final - even though he doesn't have any tickets....

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Jim Kerr.s Daughter Forgives His Absence

9th April 2003

The daughter of rocker CHRISSIE HYNDE has spoken out about her relationship with her errant father - SIMPLE MINDS frontman JIM KERR. Actress YASMIN KERR, 18, was brought up by her PRETENDERS singer mother,...

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