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Caviezel Slams Basketball Movies

3rd May 2004

THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST star JIM CAVIEZEL can't stand watching basketball movies - despite being a huge fan of the sport. The actor played the basketball at an intense level for a number...

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Passion Of Christ Star Hopes Next Film Is Big Hit

16th April 2004

THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST star JIM CAVIEZEL's latest film has got Hollywood producers hoping it will set the box office alight - just like MEL GIBSON's record-breaking biblical epic. Caviezel - who...

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The Passion Breaks UK Cinema Records

30th March 2004

MEL GIBSON's controversial THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST has broken box-office records in Britain, for being the highest grossing subtitled film to open in the country. The biblical epic took $3,635,600 (GBP2,019,803) on its...

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Yet More Criticism For Gibson

28th March 2004

MEL GIBSON has now come under attack from film fans who have spotted 10 mistakes in THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST. Throughout the epic - which charts the final 12 hours of JESUS CHRIST's...

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Gibson's Aramaic Gags

18th March 2004

THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST filmmaker MEL GIBSON decided to inject some light-hearted humour into the tragic epic - by adding hilarious private jokes. The staunchly Catholic superstar found the perfect way to break...

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Caviezel Meets The Pope

16th March 2004

THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST star JIM CAVIEZEL had a private meeting with POPE JOHN PAUL II yesterday (15MAR04). The 35-year-old actor, who plays JESUS CHRIST in the controversial MEL GIBSON-directed epic, was reportedly...

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Cavielzel Always Committed

16th March 2004

THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST star JIM CAVIEZEL has always striven for success - even when he was a aspiring college basketball player. The actor, who has always been a committed Christian, marked himself...

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Vatican Sermons Criticises Gibson's Passion

14th March 2004

A Vatican sermon made a veiled criticism of MEL GIBSON's controversial movie THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST in a church service this weekend (13-14MAR04) FATHER RANIERO CANTALAMESSA told a congregation in the holy city,...

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Mel Gibson Reshot Christ Scenes In Porn Mecca

9th March 2004

MEL GIBSON was so convinced his religious epic THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST needed added scenes after filming in Italy was complete, he planned reshoots in California's porn movie capital. Gibson felt the film...

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Gibson: Passion Will Be A Blockbuster

29th February 2004

Confident movie-maker MEL GIBSON is determined his controversial new film THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST will be an international blockbuster. The WHAT WOMEN WANT star directed JIM CAVIEZEL in the movie about the final...

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Caviezel's Glad That Painful Jesus Role Is Over

27th January 2004

JIM CAVIEZEL had a real sense of the pain JESUS CHRIST went through in his final hours while he was filming crucifixion scenes in MEL GIBSON's controversial new film THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST....

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Senior Rabbi Backs Mel Gibson's Passion Of Christ

28th November 2003

MEL GIBSON's controversial new film THE PASSION OF CHRIST has found an unlikely defender in a senior American rabbi. RABBI A JAMES RUDIN has urged people not to boycott the movie, which has enraged...

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Jesus Star Hit By Lightning

24th October 2003

The hunky actor who stars as JESUS CHRIST in MEL GIBSON's controversial new movie was struck by lightning on the set. JIM CAVIEZEL, who escaped injury, was filming THE PASSION OF CHRIST near Rome,...

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Mel Gibson's Christ Film Renamed

16th October 2003

MEL GIBSON has been forced to rename his controversial epic about the last hours of JESUS, because it shared its name with another new movie. Gibson's picture will now be called THE PASSION OF...

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Sorvino Joins The Final Cut

12th June 2003

Screen beauty MIRA SORVINO has joined ROBIN WILLIAMS and JIM CAVIEZEL in the sci-fi thriller FINAL CUT. The actress will play the girlfriend of a man who edits footage recorded in microchips implanted in...

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Williams Makes The Cut

10th June 2003

Funnyman ROBIN WILLIAMS begins filming his new movie FINAL CUT in Vancouver today (10JUN03) - and he's playing against type in the futuristic dystopian thriller. The science-fiction drama is set in a world where...

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Caviezel. Jesus Chose Me To Play Him

10th April 2003

Actor JIM CAVIEZEL believes Divine Intervention got him the role of JESUS CHRIST in a new religious biopic. The actor - a devout Catholic - stars in THE PASSION, directed by MEL GIBSON. And...

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Jim Caviezel.s Jimmy Stewart Sacrifice

3rd April 2003

Actor JIM CAVIEZEL used to work as a waiter - and once lost his job after breaking the rules by talking to guests at a posh bash for GEORGE BUSH SENIOR. But the COUNT...

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