Jim Sturgess - Jim Sturgess loved Tom Hanks' Cloud Atlas costume

Jim Sturgess says Tom Hanks was unrecognisable on the set of 'Cloud Atlas'.

The 'One Day' actor feels like he spent four months filming with a ''big sweaty ginger'' because the make-up and prosthetics used for the film were so convincing he hardly ever saw the real Tom.

Jim said: ''It was weird for me because I did a lot of stuff with Tom Hanks... but I hardly ever saw Tom as Tom, you know? I'd come into the make-up room and he'd already be putting it on.

''And then we'd do a whole day and he'd be dressed up as Dr. Goose with the big ginger beard and crazy teeth. I got so used to seeing Tom like that, it was pretty rare for the whole four months to see Tom as Tom Hanks.

''Because when the day was done he'd be getting it all taken off and I would leave before it was all finished. Tom Hanks to me was a big sweaty, ginger Dr for most of the time. He was having fun.''

The British actor was intrigued by Andy and Lana Wachowski's ambitious project - which also stars Halle Berry, Hugh Grant and Jim Broadbent - when they first offered him a part and thinks the film's message about how one person's life can impact on another's offers ''giant scope'' for thought.

He told FlicksandBits.com: ''I was excited. It has big ideas, it's a film about all kinds of things. It has big ideas about love, hatred, oppression, corporate corruption, science, religion...

''It's such a giant scope of ideas all thrown into these sort of crazy stories that all kind of interconnect. There's loads to take from it and think about.''

'Cloud Atlas' is released in February 2013.


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