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Lily Collins: Becoming An Actress Was Inevitable

19th June 2013

Lily Collins says it was ''inevitable'' she was going to become actress.The 24-year-old star began her career at the tender age of two in the British TV series 'Growing Pains' and although she had other...

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Lily Collins Didn't Want Fame

10th April 2012

Lily Collins never set out to be famous.The 'Mirror, Mirror' actress - daughter of singing legend Phil Collins - says she always wanted to be in movies but was doing it because she loved acting...

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Lily Collins' Disney Obsession

9th March 2012

Lily Collins was ''obsessed'' with Disney movies when she was growing up.The 22-year-old actress plays Snow White in new movie 'Mirror, Mirror' and says the role was a dream come true because she loved fairytale...

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Lily Collins Happy To Date Fellow Star

27th February 2012

Lily Collins says it's ''helpful'' to date another famous person.The 'Mirror Mirror' actress - who has previously romanced Taylor Lautner and has recently been linked to Zac Efron - can understand why celebrities get involved...

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Lily Collins' Practical Joke Fears

19th February 2012

Lily Collins thought she was the victim of a prank when she was offered the lead role in 'Mirror, Mirror'.The 22-year-old actress admits she was initially "angry" when she received a call asking her to...

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Collins' Wife 'Surprised' By Split

17th March 2006

LATEST: The wife of former GENESIS star PHIL COLLINS was unaware their marriage was ending, insisting separation speculation was untrue just hours before her husband announced their split on Wednesday (15MAR06). Collins' wife of six...

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