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Mccartney's Jfk Memories Stirred By 9/11

2nd December 2004

SIR PAUL McCARTNEY chose to tour America immediately after the September 11th (01) atrocities because he felt compelled to raise the population's morale. The singer remembers how a BEATLES tour of America cheered up...

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Kennedy's Family Outraged At New Shooting Game

24th November 2004

Relatives of JOHN F KENNEDY are horrified to learn of a new video game recreating the late American President's death, which was released on the 41st anniversary of the fatal incident. A spokesman for...

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Lachey Blasts Split Rumours

12th November 2004

LATEST: NICK LACHEY has gone public to blast reports of a marriage split between him and pop star wife JESSICA SIMPSON. The former 98 DEGREES star admits he's taking press rumours of a split...

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Farrell Not Bothered By Luhrmann's Alexander

20th October 2004

Hollywood actor COLIN FARRELL is so confident forthcoming movie ALEXANDER will be a triumph, he refuses to consider another big screen version of conqueror ALEXANDER THE GREAT's life a threat. The Irish actor, who...

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Stone: I Lost My Virginity To A Prostitute

12th October 2004

Director OLIVER STONE lost his virginity to a prostitute, because he didn't get the opportunity to meet girls at his single-sex school. The JFK film-maker has confessed his own father set up the experience...

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Hanks Slams 'Fickle' Audience

10th September 2004

OSCAR-winner TOM HANKS blames "fickle" moviegoers for the poor box office performance of his latest film THE TERMINAL. Hanks had high hopes for the film - in which he plays an immigrant who gets...

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Go Rehab Or Face Jail, Parewijck Is Told

27th July 2004

LATEST: Model INGRID PAREWIJCK is facing rehabilitation after New York prosecutors offered her a deal after she was caught with three bags of cocaine at the city's JFK airport earlier this month (JUL04). The...

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Monroe's Gift To Jfk On Sale For Millions

24th June 2004

Hollywood legend MARILYN MONROE's 45th birthday gift to former American President JOHN F KENNEDY is on sale for $4.68 million (GBP2.6 million). The SOME LIKE IT HOT actress gave the ROLEX watch to...

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Angelina In Love With Oliver Stone?

21st May 2004

ALEXANDER beauty ANGELINA JOLIE has reportedly found love with the film's director - Hollywood wildman OLIVER STONE. The stunning OSCAR winner - who has endured failed marriages to JONNY LEE MILLER and BILLY BOB...

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Bacon Finds It Hard To Talk About Paedophile Role

20th May 2004

KEVIN BACON found playing a paedophile in new film THE WOODSMAN so "very unpleasant", he's finding it difficult to promote the movie. The JFK actor is promoting the movie at the current CANNES FILM...

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Jfk Preferred Sleep To Sex

7th April 2004

Assassinated American President JOHN F KENNEDY was a major disappointment to wife JACKIE ONASSIS in the bedroom, according to a new book. In her new revealing biography GRACE AND POWER, author SALLY BEDELL SMITH...

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Costner Received Death Threats On Jfk

11th March 2004

Hollywood star KEVIN COSTNER received death threats while starring in controversial drama JFK. The OPEN RANGE director knew the film, a theory about the 22 November 1963 assassination of American president JOHN F KENNEDY,...

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Stone Turns Down Bush Film

19th February 2004

OLIVER STONE has turned down the chance to make a film about American PRESIDENT GEORGE W BUSH - because the OSCAR-winning director's notoriety would distract from the movie itself. The JFK and NIXON filmmaker...

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Dido Uses Album To Charm Immigration Man

1st October 2003

Melodic British singer DIDO charmed her way into America at a New York airport by giving the immigration man a copy of her new album. The WHITE FLAG star was queuing to enter America...

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Stallone: Biggie + Tupac Like Kennedy

22nd September 2003

The mystery deaths of TUPAC SHAKUR and CHRISTOPHER 'NOTORIOUS B.I.G.' WALLACE are the African-American equivalent of the assassination of American President JOHN F KENNEDY, according to SYLVESTER STALLONE. The ROCKY actor is directing...

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Costner Eyes Musical Departure

11th September 2003

Hollywood star KEVIN COSTNER is planning to adapt a story about Cuban rulers FULGENCIO BATISTA and FIDEL CASTRO - for a musical extravaganza. According to New York gossip columnist CINDY ADAMS, the OPEN RANGE...

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Nicole And Jude's Top Secret Liaison

7th September 2003

Australian stunner NICOLE KIDMAN enjoyed a top secret romantic liaison with hunky actor JUDE LAW - just hours after she was spotted shopping for lingerie in AGENT PROVOCATEUR. The MOULIN ROUGE! actress and the...

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Crawford's Shoe Blues

22nd August 2003

Supermodel CINDY CRAWFORD has fallen victim to a designer shoe thief. The catwalk queen, 37, lost a pair of $960 (GBP600) JIMMY CHOO heels during a recent altercation with an airport security metal detector....

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New Clues To Marilyn's Death

10th August 2003

MARILYN MONROE's death has become a talking point in America again, after tapes made in the days before her death make it clear she'd flushed her pills away. It is believed the tragic actress...

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Meatloaf's Jfk Secrets

12th May 2003

Rotund rocker MEATLOAF is privy to the secrets behind the assassination of beloved American President JOHN F. KENNEDY. The BAT OUT OF HELL singer has revealed that his father WESLEY ADAY - a policeman...

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