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Bilson To Announce Engagement?

18th February 2009

RACHEL BILSON and HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN could be set to announce some special news - after an engagement ring was spotted on the actress' finger. The young couple have been together for more than a year after...

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Moss' Round Trip From London To Ny In 24 Hours

23rd November 2008

Supermodel KATE MOSS was left fuming this week (17Nov08) after flying in to New York for a modelling job - only to discover the shoot had been cancelled at the last minute. The catwalk star...

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Stone's W Fails To Impress Critics

8th October 2008

OLIVER STONE's filmmaking skills have come under question after a series of noted movie critics were left unimpressed by his eagerly anticipated GEORGE W. BUSH biopic, W. The JFK moviemaker rushed to shoot and edit...

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New York Dash Got Mccartney To Shea Before The Wrecking Ball

28th July 2008

SIR PAUL MCCARTNEY's recent showstopping performance alongside BILLY JOEL at the final Shea Stadium concert in New York was such a last-minute thing, even the headliner had no idea if the Beatle would make it....

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Late Mccartney Lands Police Escort

21st July 2008

PAUL MCCARTNEY was given a high-speed police escort to his surprise appearance at a BILLY JOEL gig - because his flight was late. The Beatles legend arrived at New York's JFK airport on Friday (18Jul08)...

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Oldman Rules Out Stone Collaboration

9th July 2008

British actor GARY OLDMAN has sparked a war of words with director OLIVER STONE - insisting he has "lost his edge." Oliver cast Oldman as Lee Harvey Oswald in his 1991 Oscar-winning film JFK. But...

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Wonder Throws Support At Obama

6th June 2008

Soul legend STEVIE WONDER has heaped praise on U.S. presidential hopeful BARACK OBAMA, insisting he will be a great leader if elected into the White House. The Superstition hitmaker launched his European tour on Thursday...

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Gandolfini Hits Out At Sopranos Fan

30th January 2008

SOPRANOS star JAMES GANDOLFINI launched a violent attack on a fan at a New York airport after he was approached for an autograph. The 46-year-old became enraged when the man, brandishing a notepad and pen,...

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Brolin To Play George W. Bush?

21st January 2008

Legendary director OLIVER STONE is set to make a movie about U.S. president GEORGE W. BUSH - and he's appealing to JOSH BROLIN to take the title role. Stone, who has previously made movies about...

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The Things They Say 5600

14th September 2007

"People are going to say things. Like MARILYN and JFK (former U.S. president John F. Kennedy) or FRANK SINATRA. It's just history repeating itself." Hollywood actress LINDSAY LOHAN compares her liaison with British model CALUM...

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Oldman: 'I'm Not Really Crazy'

29th June 2007

Hollywood star GARY OLDMAN fooled the world into believing he is as crazy as the characters he plays on screen. The Brit is famous for playing a corrupt cop in Leon, an evil drug dealer...

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Campbell Thrilled Community Service Co-workers By Buying Lunch

10th May 2007

Supermodel NAOMI CAMPBELL quickly became a favourite among coworkers at the New York Sanitation Department, where she cleaned up as part of her recent community service, by treating them to lavish lunches. The generous Brit...

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Mcavoy Defends Hathaway Casting

5th March 2007

British star JAMES MCAVOY has defended ANNE HATHAWAY's casting as JANE AUSTEN in BECOMING JANE - insisting "you find the actor, not the accent" for movie roles. Director JULIAN JARROLD was criticised for casting an...

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Monroe And Kennedy Had A 'One Night Stand'

28th November 2006

MARILYN MONROE only had a one night stand with US President JOHN F KENNEDY and not an affair, according to a new biography of the screen beauty. In his book MARILYN MONROE: AS IT WAS,...

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Funnyman Studies Kennedy Assassination In New Movie

22nd November 2006

Comedy screenwriter JIM PIDDOCK is revisiting President JOHN F KENNEDY's assassination in a serious new movie that focuses on the only man who was ever charged with the murder. The writer, who also appeared alongside...

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Stone Slams 'Backward' Bush

29th September 2006

Director OLIVER STONE has accused US President GEORGE W BUSH of "setting America back 10 years" with over-zealous security policies. The JFK movie-maker is disgusted by the politician's response to the 9/11 terrorist atrocities by...

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Stone Denies Conspiracy Obsession

15th September 2006

Hollywood director OLIVER STONE has slammed critics who accuse him of focusing too much on political films. Stone, whose new film WORLD TRADE CENTER is released this month (09AUG06), insists he has made many movies...

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Stone: 'I Wish I Could Change My Name'

7th September 2006

OLIVER STONE has considered changing his name to escape the negative publicity that has accompanied many of his works. The 60-year-old director has enjoyed a long and decorated career - he holds three Academy Awards...

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Stone Defends World Trade Center To Bafta Members

7th September 2006

OLIVER STONE has again defended his decision to make WORLD TRADE CENTER so soon after the 9/11 tragedy - before members of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts in London. The director has...

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Stone: 'It's Fashionable To Hate My Movies'

18th August 2006

Hollywood director OLIVER STONE expected negative criticism of his movie WORLD TRADE CENTER, because it's "fashionable" to hate his films. The 59-year-old movie-maker took considerable flak for his unsettling 1991 film JFK, which has toughened...

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The Da Vinci Code Makes Most Controversial List

9th June 2006

THE DA VINCI CODE has only been in cinemas for three weeks, but it has already been named one of the most controversial movies of all time. Entertainment Weekly magazine has named the top 25...

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Kennedy Clan Actor Says Cuba Blockade Affects U.s. Filmmakers

5th April 2006

Actor Christopher Lawford, a nephew of President John Kennedy who confronted the Soviet Union during the 1962 Cuban missile crisis, has told Australian interviewers that he has been trying to make a film about that...

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Lennon Caught In Plane Flame Drama

2nd January 2006

SEAN LENNON was among 300 passengers left in a state of panic when a Boeing 747 was forced to make an emergency landing at New York City's JFK airport after an engine caught fire....

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Baldwin: 'I Have Ocd'

28th September 2005

THE AVIATOR star ALEC BALDWIN has diagnosed himself as having obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), because he happily risks missing flights so he can neatly align objects in his apartment. The Hollywood actor first noticed...

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Stone Arrested On Drink-driving And Drugs Charges

29th May 2005

Controversial filmmaker OLIVER STONE has been arrested for drink-driving and possession of drugs in Beverly Hills, California. The OSCAR-winning director was stopped at a police checkpoint on Sunset Boulevard on Friday night (27MAY05), where...

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Stereophonics Left Technician Stranded In Desert

27th May 2005

STEREOPHONICS frontman KELLY JONES' favourite rock 'n' roll moment happened while touring America - when the band enjoyed an epic road-trip before realising they'd left one of their crew stranded in the middle of nowhere....

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Stone: 'I'm Not Making A Thatcher Movie'

18th May 2005

Director OLIVER STONE has laughed off reports he wants to make a film about former British Prime Minister MARGARET THATCHER - insisting he was joking. The ALEXANDER movie maker and staunch republican was thought...

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Parewijck Avoids Drug Sentence

30th March 2005

Drug charges against supermodel INGRID PAREWIJCK will be dropped in six months if the Belgian beauty stays clean, a New York judge ruled Monday (28MAR05). The GUERLAIN model, 26, was found in possession of...

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Model Parewijck Back In Court

9th February 2005

Belgian model INGRID PAREWIJCK appeared in a New York court Monday (07FEB04) to report on her progress following a drugs bust last year (04). The GUERLAIN spokesmodel, 25, was found in possession of 2.7...

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Stone Escapes America For France

13th January 2005

Director OLIVER STONE is so distraught over the criticism targeted at his last two big screen projects, he's preparing to flee America for France. The JFK movie-maker sparked controversy by meeting Cuban dictator FIDEL...

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