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Jewel's Alcohol Awakening

14th June 2006

American singer JEWEL has only recently discovered the joys of alcohol - even though she's in her thirties. The 32-year-old singer tells men's magazine Blender she is more willing to hit the bottle now then...

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Kidney Infection Inspired Jewel

13th June 2006

Singer JEWEL was inspired to form her own charity after falling sick with a kidney infection when she was too poor to afford clean water and healthcare. The pop star was waiting for her big...

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Jewel To Star In Daytime Soap

16th May 2006

Singer/songwriter JEWEL is set to perform on US soap opera THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS in a bid to promote her latest album. The INTUITION hitmaker, 31, will sing two songs from her new disc...

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Jewel Fronts Nascar Campaign

30th March 2006

Sensitive singer/songwriter JEWEL has become the unlikely choice to front a new NASCAR racing campaign. The STILL STANDING singer will appear in a new 30-second TV commercial for the motor sport, entitled NASCAR: HOW BAD...

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Jewel Turns Biography Into New Concept Album

23rd January 2006

Alaskan pop star JEWEL has turned her memoirs into a new concept album. The STILL STANDING singer's upcoming sixth album, GOODBYE ALICE IN WONDERLAND, started life as an autobiography, which was to track the...

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Fascinating Fact 768

6th January 2006

Q'ORIANKA KILCHER, COLIN FARRELL's teenage love interest in new period action movie THE NEW WORLD, is looking to follow cousin JEWEL into the pop charts with an album of songs inspired by the film....

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The Things They Say 804

8th December 2005

"I think all guys want to be cowboys and all girls want to have sex with them." Singer JEWEL muses about dating bull-riding champion TY MURRAY....

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Jewel Takes Simpson Under Her Wing

30th November 2005

Singer JEWEL has become JESSICA SIMPSON's guardian angel, as she battles her way through her split with husband NICK LACHEY. Last week (ends25NOV05), Simpson and Lachey ended months of relentless speculation when they announced...

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Madonna's Label Reaches Deal Over Payola Scandal

23rd November 2005

Bosses at MADONNA's record label Warner Music Group are working on a deal to stamp out the company's alleged bribery of DJs and rigging of ratings. New York attorney general ELIOT SPITZER is working...

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Fainting Fears Of Farrell's Teenage Lover

14th October 2005

Hollywood newcomer Q'ORIANKA KILCHER had to sneak a peek at THE NEW WORLD co-star COLIN FARRELL - so she wouldn't faint when she met him. The teenager, who plays Native American princess POCAHONTAS opposite...

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Jewel Shows Off Her Jewellery Skills

6th October 2005

Pop star JEWEL has designed a new "organic bracelet" for beauty product company Organics to give away to customers. The Alaskan singer/songwriter jumped at the chance to show off her creative skills when she...

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Fascinating Fact 123

1st September 2005

Q'ORIANKA KILCHER, the new face of POCAHONTAS in upcoming movie THE NEW WORLD, is pop star JEWEL's cousin....

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Jewel Keeps Fans Guessing

13th August 2005

Country star JEWEL wants fans to associate to the songs on her next album - so she's keeping their inspiration secret. The singer's album is "99 per cent done" but has yet to be...

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Rimes + Seal Get Orchestrated

12th April 2005

LEANN RIMES and SEAL are among the stars teaming up with orchestras for special summer (05) shows in America. The singers are the first artists confirmed to take part in the upcoming Argent Mortgage...

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Jewel To Test Out Tracks On Tour

5th April 2005

Blonde beauty JEWEL has decided to test out the songs she's working on for her upcoming album by embarking on a tour. The INTUITION singer will hit the road for a string of acoustic...

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Simpson Backs Teen Pregnancy Campaign

2nd April 2005

Pop star ASHLEE SIMPSON is re-teaming with shoe company CANDIE'S to raise awareness about teen pregnancy. The PIECES OF ME singer, who worked with Candie's in the autumn (04) to encourage people to vote,...

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Douglas Planning To Romance The Stone Again In India

25th January 2005

MICHAEL DOUGLAS is heading off to India to make a third ROMANCING THE STONE movie, 20 years after he last played fortune hunter JACK COLTON on the big screen. The 61-year-old star plans to...

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Jewel To Open Jewellery Store

21st October 2004

Sexy singer JEWEL plans to live up to her name by opening a new HARRY WINSTON salon. The INTUITION singer will cut a diamond-studded ribbon worth $150,000 (GBP83,000) at the new store, which will...

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Jewel's Armpit Trauma

6th August 2004

Sexy singer JEWEL hates being "armpit height" - because tall fans make her feel vulnerable and insecure. The INTUITION star, 30, - who measures 5 foot 6 (1.68 metres) - was horrified after a...

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Jewel Plans To Team Up With Rob Thomas

20th July 2004

Sexy singer JEWEL is hoping to team up with MATCHBOX TWENTY frontman ROB THOMAS in the recording studio, after agreeing to take part in his wife's charity show. The INTUITION beauty recently agreed to...

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Jewel Ready To Record

16th July 2004

Folk star JEWEL is heading back to the recording studio as soon as she returns home from her current tour to record a new album. The INTUITION singer is desperate to start work on...

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Jewel's Tour Therapy

16th July 2004

Singer JEWEL was glad she had to go straight on tour after the death of her bassist last summer (03), because it helped keep her mind off the tragedy. The country star was devastated...

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Jewel Hits Back At Critics

15th July 2004

Country star JEWEL was shocked by the negative response to her more mainstream last album, insisting fans who listened to the whole LP got the message. Her 2003 release 0304 and the first video...

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Jewel Inks Deal For Concert Cds

30th June 2004

Sexy singer JEWEL has been announced as the first major-label artist to take part in a new controversial service for instant concert recordings. CLEAR CHANNEL COMMUNICATIONS' INSTANT LIVE operation, which makes CDs of concert...

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Jewel's Oddball Concert Appearance

25th May 2004

Fans of singing beauty JEWEL are worried about her state of mind - after she attacked fans at a recent bizarre concert in America. The PIECES OF YOU star astonished gig-goers in Hampton Beach,...

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Nick And Jessica Thrilled With Recruiting Mr T

7th April 2004

Pop couple JESSICA SIMPSON and NICK LACHEY were elated when THE A-TEAM icon MR T agreed to appear on their upcoming variety show, because he was one their childhood heroes. The singers have scored...

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Lachey Lands Tv Acting Role

29th March 2004

Ex-98 DEGREES singer NICK LACHEY is to star in the TV comedy HOT MAMMA - playing GINA GERSHON's onscreen son. The NEWLYWEDS reality TV star, 30, will play the struggling actor son of FACE/OFF...

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Jessica Teams Up With Jewel + Kenny In Variety Show

23rd March 2004

JESSICA SIMPSON will duet with JEWEL and KENNY ROGERS on her first TV special in America next month (11APR04). The pop star-turned-reality TV queen will also perform with husband NICK LACHEY when the first...

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Jewel Brought In To Save Lowe Drama

28th November 2003

Pop star JEWEL has been added to the cast of ROB LOWE's new TV drama THE LYON'S DEN in a bid to save the show. Despite the sexy singer's romantic scenes with Lowe reportedly...

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Jewel's Hair Flight

7th November 2003

JEWEL was so desperate to have her hair styled perfectly at the recent RADIO CITY AWARDS in Las Vegas, she flew her hairdresser in from Los Angeles by private jet. The sexy INTUITION singer...

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