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Da Vinci Code Verdict Finds Brown Innocent Of Plagiarism

7th April 2006

THE DA VINCI CODE author DAN BROWN has been cleared in London's High Court of allegations he breached copyright and plagiarised the best-seller's plot. MICHAEL BAIGENT and RICHARD LEIGH had insisted Brown ripped off their...

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Castle-hughes To Play Virginal Role

17th March 2006

KEISHA CASTLE-HUGHES is set to play the lead role in NATIVITY, a new film which will explore the life of THE VIRGIN MARY before the birth of JESUS CHRIST. The film will follow Mary and...

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Brown Blasts Da Vinci Code Plagiarism Accusations

14th March 2006

THE DA VINCI CODE author DAN BROWN has slammed allegations he plagiarised the best-seller's plot as "completely fanciful" and is "astounded" by the current copyright wrangle. MICHAEL BAIGENT and RICHARD LEIGH have taken Brown to...

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Catholics Call For Da Vinci Code Edit

15th February 2006

Catholic group Opus Dei has called for "references that hurt Catholics" to be cut from the film adaptation of DAN BROWN's hit novel THE DA VINCI CODE. The group, which formed in 1928, insists...

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West Causes Controversy By Posing As Jesus Christ

25th January 2006

Rapper KANYE WEST has a new feud brewing with America's Catholic League after posing as the wounded JESUS CHRIST on the cover of the upcoming issue of music magazine ROLLING STONE. Bloodied West appears...

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Tv Bosses Call On Security After Death Threats Over Daniel

9th January 2006

LATEST: Bosses at an Indiana TV station posted security outside their studios on Friday night (06JAN06) after receiving death threats for airing controversial new religious drama BOOK OF DANIEL. Executives at Warner Brothers affiliate...

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Us Tv Networks Pull Controversial Religious Drama

5th January 2006

TV networks in America are beginning to take heed of warnings from leading Christian groups about a new NBC drama featuring a drug addicted priest and his dysfunctional family - they've pulled the show....

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Ashcroft Draws Jesus Comparison

5th January 2006

Outspoken British rocker RICHARD ASHCROFT is so confident of the superiority of his music he likens his artistry to JESUS CHRIST. The former THE VERVE frontman is adamant his musical talents set him apart...

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Howard: 'Da Vinci Code Fuss Was A Joke'

4th January 2006

Movie maker RON HOWARD insists the British media made an unnecessary fuss over supposed DA VINCI CODE protestors while he was shooting the film at Lincoln Cathedral in England last summer (05) because many of...

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Curtis Plays Jesus At Parties

30th December 2005

Movie veteran TONY CURTIS tests his acting skills by pretending he's JESUS CHRIST at parties. The SOME LIKE IT HOT star reveals he learned to act by playing pretend characters in acting classes at...

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Christian Group Upset By New Tv Drama

30th December 2005

A leading American Christian group has slammed a new TV show, in which a priest character regularly chats to JESUS CHRIST. Officials at the American Family Association are outraged by new show THE BOOK...

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Cliff Richard: 'The Church Needs To Accept Gays Exist'

14th December 2005

Christian pop legend SIR CLIFF RICHARD has urged the Church to "learn to deal" with homosexuality, and accept the world is very different from when JESUS CHRIST was alive. The SAVIOUR'S DAY singer, 65,...

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Fascinating Fact 600

30th November 2005

THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST star JIM CAVIEZEL is set to turn his back on his role as JESUS CHRIST and play a terrorist who blows up a ferry in DEJA VU. The film stars...

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The Damned Star's Grail Search Documented In New Book

23rd November 2005

THE DAMNED drummer RAT SCABIES is the unlikely subject in a new book about the search for the Holy Grail. The punk icon and pal CHRIS DAWES spent much of 2003 in France and...

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Springer Opera Writers Hit Back At Chat Show Host

19th August 2005

JERRY SPRINGER - THE OPERA writers STEWART LEE and RICHARD THOMAS have slammed JERRY SPRINGER as a "two faced w**ker" for withdrawing support for the London musical, reportedly following pressure from Christian fundamentalists. Last...

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Controversial Jerry Springer Opera Axed

14th August 2005

The British Arts Council has axed JERRY SPRINGER THE OPERA - prompting accusations the funding body has bowed to pressure from Christian fundamentalists. The controversial London musical has sparked death threats and complaints from...

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Gibson Asked To Stage Christ's Crucifixion

8th August 2005

THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST director MEL GIBSON is considering recreating JESUS CHRIST's crucifixion in the streets of Sydney, Australia - if the city wins its bid to host a major Catholic gathering. Organisers...

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Gibson Visits Ancient Civilisation For New Movie

23rd July 2005

MEL GIBSON is going back in time again to direct a movie about an ancient civilisation that existed 1,000 years before JESUS CHRIST. THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST director has invited various studio executives...

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Farrell Hopes To Don The Robe

16th June 2005

COLIN FARRELL is hoping to return to epic period dramas, despite the flop of ALEXANDER by remaking one of his favourite movies THE BLACK ROBE. The Irish actor hopes to produce and star in...

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Caviezel Attended Pope's Funeral

9th May 2005

Actor JIM CAVIEZEL was so taken by the late POPE JOHN PAUL II, he dropped all of his plans to attend the pontiff's funeral last month (APR05). The devout Catholic met with the church...

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The Da Vinci Code Crowned Best Book

21st April 2005

DAN BROWN's controversial novel THE DA VINCI CODE scooped the top prize at the BRITISH BOOK AWARDS in London last night (20APR05). The Vatican City-based thriller - which won the Book of the Year...

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Bbc Dismisses Springer Outcry

30th March 2005

The BBC has rejected over 55,000 complaints from outraged viewers over its broadcast of controversial stage show JERRY SPRINGER - THE OPERA. THE GOVERNORS' PROGRAM COMPLAINTS COMMITTEE (GPCC) insisted today (30MAR05) that January's (05)...

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Bishop Stands Up For Da Vinci Book

17th March 2005

Brazilian bishop MONSIGNOR JOSE MARIA PINHEIRO has hit out at a Catholic cardinal who's demanded bestselling novel THE DA VINCI CODE should be boycotted. CARDINAL TARCISIO BERTONE, the Archbishop of Genoa, has branded DAN...

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Roman Catholics Blast The Da Vinci Code

15th March 2005

Roman Catholic Church heads have attacked mega-selling novel THE DA VINCI CODE for containing a series of "shameful and unfounded lies". CARDINAL TARCISIO BERTONE, Archbishop of Genoa, has finally broken the Church's official silence...

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Vatican Battle Against Da Vinci Code

15th March 2005

The Vatican is furious about the movie adaptation of DAN BROWN's international bestseller THE DA VINCI CODE, because it fears the novel was deliberately written to discredit the Roman Catholic Church through "absurd and vulgar...

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Re-edited Passion On New Release

2nd March 2005

MEL GIBSON has re-edited his controversial movie THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST in time for a UK Good Friday (25MAR05) re-release. The re-cut movie has lost six minutes of its most violent footage, allowing...

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Simpsons Voted Top Cartoon

28th February 2005

Animated TV series THE SIMPSONS has beaten 99 TV shows and movies to top the UK's greatest cartoon poll. The long-running comedy show - now in its 16th year - topped the list of...

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Quinn To Play Drug-addicted Priest

9th February 2005

Actor AIDAN QUINN has signed up to star in a new TV drama - as a drug-addicted priest. Quinn will appear in a drama pilot for TV network NBC in BOOK OF DANIEL, which...

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Jackson Insists He Had No Input In Nativity Scene

24th January 2005

SAMUEL L JACKSON is assuring outraged fans he had nothing to do with his wax model's appearance in a controversial nativity scene. The display, which was recently housed at London's Madame Tussauds, displayed DAVID...

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Caviezel's Scary Home Look

22nd December 2004

JIM CAVIEZEL terrified his family by returning home in the form of a flesh-torn, bloody JESUS CHRIST while shooting THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST - because he couldn't stand having his make-up reapplied every morning....

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