Jessica Raine isn't interested in marriage.

The 30-year-old actress refuses to name her actor boyfriend, but has admitted wedding bells aren't ringing out for the couple.

She told You magazine: ''I am not massively interested in getting married, to be honest - we live together and that's fine.

''And as for babies, I think I have had my fair share over the past couple of years [on 'Call the Midwife'] and for now my babies are Pickle and Margot, my two Battersea rescue cats.''

Although Jessica is keeping tight-lipped on the identity of her mystery man, she has revealed she doesn't like to get stuck in a routine, preferring to keep their relationship ''exciting''.

She said: ''[He works] in theatre, television and film. We are both working in London at the moment so that's great, but I like not having a routine because it keeps our relationship fresh and exciting.''

She seems settled with her private life but change could be on the horizon for her career, as Jessica admitted she may not continue with 'Call the Midwife' past its second series.

She revealed: ''I am really up for playing someone a million miles from Jenny [her role in the show], much as I love her.

''I would like to explore comedy. I want to do more theatre and I definitely want a future in film.''