REVEREND JESSE JACKSON has been hit with a $100,000 (£67,600) lawsuit for failing to honour a public appearance commitment.
The U.S. civil rights activist is being sued by the AEI Speakers Bureau for not showing up at a pre-planned 2007 speaking appearance in Trinidad.
According to the lawsuit filed in Chicago, Illinois Jackson's failure to show up cost the organisation $63,932 (£43,197) in commission and left officials with a $36,068 (£24,370) bill for a chartered private jet.
Jackson allegedly "cited a desire to avoid the perception of showing favoritism to a Trinidad and Tobago political party as his reason for not fulfilling his contractual duties".
He didn't pocket his $75,000 (£50,675) fee, but AEI wants to recover the rest of the funds lost by Jackson's no-show, reports AHN.