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Jerry Weintraub To Receive First Legend Award

21st August 2013

Jerry Weintraub, the movie mogul behind George Clooney's Ocean's Eleven films is to receive the inaugural Legend Award at the Hollywood Film Awards.The producer, who most recently won acclaim for his Liberace Tv movie Behind...

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Chris Hemsworth For Steve Mcqueen Biopic?

14th November 2012

Chris Hemsworth is set to star in a Steve McQueen biopic. The 'Snow White and the Huntsman' actor has been linked to the project, entitled 'Triumph AKA 40 Summers Ago', which is being produced by...

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Henry Cavill And Charlie Hunman In Line For Tarzan Role?

8th November 2012

Henry Cavill and Charlie Hunnam are on the shortlist to play Tarzan.The 'Man of Steel' actor and 'Green Street' star have caught the interest of director David Yates - whose previous work includes the final...

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The Things They Say: 3297724

23rd September 2012

"We sent Julia Roberts the script with a $20 bill in it, and we said, 'We heard that you get 20'. She got $20 million. She said, 'I’m in'." Movie mogul Jerry Weintraub on how...

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Peter Morgan Considers Writing Hugh Hefner Biopic

18th July 2012

Oscar-nominated screenwriter Peter Morgan has met with Playboy boss Hugh Hefner as he considers penning the script for movie mogul Jerry Weintraub's new biopic about the publisher.Morgan, who received acclaim for his The Queen and...

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Jerry Weintraub To Be Honoured At Zurich Film Festival

17th July 2012

Legendary Hollywood producer Jerry Weintraub will be presented with a lifetime achievement award at the Zurich Film Festival on his 75th birthday later this year (12).The man behind Ocean's Eleven and The Karate Kid will...

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Matt Damon To Play Michael Douglas' Lover In Liberace Biopic

12th October 2011

Matt Damon and Michael Douglas are in line to play lovers in 'Behind the Candelabra'.The Hollywood actors are set to star in the biopic about US pianist and vocalist Liberace - who became well known...

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Morgan To Be Honoured With Star On The Walk Of Fame

1st May 2011

Movie mogul Jerry Weintraub's actress/singer wife Jane Morgan is to be honoured with the 2,439th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.Morgan's husband and her great friend Johnny Mathis will induct her star onto the...

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Jerry Weintraub Saddened By Elizabeth Taylor's Suffering

1st April 2011

Hollywood producer Jerry Weintraub was "very sad" to learn of his friend Elizabeth Taylor's death last month (Mar11) after witnessing her declining health in recent years.The screen icon passed away last week (23Mar11) after losing...

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Fascinating Fact 11135

23rd March 2011

Stars including Bruce Willis, Matt Damon and Sylvester Stallone turned out to honour legendary movie producer Jerry Weintraub at the Los Angeles premiere of a new documentary about the movie mogul's career. His Way, which...

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Weintraub Caught Out By Clooney & Pitt's Prank

30th July 2010

Hollywood producer JERRY WEINTRAUB was caught out by pranksters BRAD PITT and GEORGE CLOONEY on a boozy flight to Los Angeles - the pair filled his underpants with M&M's after he fell asleep.The trio was...

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Weintraub Almost Died After Surgery

12th July 2010

Movie mogul JERRY WEINTRAUB "came back" from the dead after an infection from a back operation left him fighting for his life last year (09).The Ocean's Eleven producer had surgery for a spine problem but...

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Weintraub Is A Beverly Hills Hero

15th May 2010

Movie mogul JERRY WEINTRAUB has been hailed a hero in Beverly Hills after saving a man's life in a medical emergency.The legendary producer and his girlfriend Susie Elkins visited the Barneys New York department store...

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Weintraub Caught Out By Clooney Shoe Prank

16th April 2010

Movie mogul JERRY WEINTRAUB fears tourists and film fans will always think he's far from well endowed thanks to a prank GEORGE CLOONEY pulled when the producer and his OCEAN'S ELEVEN stars were immortalised in...

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Weintraub's Wife 'Best Friends' With Mistress

7th April 2010

Movie mogul JERRY WEINTRAUB is a happily married man despite living with his mistress - because the two women have overcome their differences and become "best friends".The Ocean's Eleven producer married his wife Jane in...

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The Things They Say 15863

23rd March 2010

"I thought it was a bad idea, but Will Smith convinced me to remake The Karate Kid. He wanted to do it with his son Jaden... I sat there and bawled when I saw what...

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Weintraub's Regrets Over Denver Fallout

12th March 2010

Movie mogul JERRY WEINTRAUB regrets failing to reconcile with late folk singer JOHN DENVER before his fatal 1997 plane crash, because pair ended their business relationship on bitter terms.The Ocean's Eleven producer, who was Denver's...

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Weintraub Won Over Roberts With $20 Bill

1st March 2010

Movie mogul JERRY WEINTRAUB convinced JULIA ROBERTS to drop her going rate of $20 million (£12.5 million)-a-movie to star in OCEAN'S ELEVEN by sending her a cheeky note poking fun at her high salary.The Pretty...

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Fanning Takes Tv Driving Lesson

16th October 2008

Teenage actress DAKOTA FANNING had her first driving test live on U.S. TV on Wednesday (15Oct08) - in movie mogul JERRY WEINTRAUB's golf cart. The 14-year-old was treated to a spin around the studio while...

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Parker To Taste The Other Side Of New York Life

27th June 2008

After living the high life as columnist CARRIE BRADSHAW in SEX + THE CITY, actress SARAH JESSICA PARKER is set to hit rock bottom as a struggling New York single mum in movie mogul JERRY...

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Ocean's Producer To Tackle Tarzan

12th December 2007

OCEAN'S ELEVEN, TWELVE and THIRTEEN producer JERRY WEINTRAUB is on the hunt for the next TARZAN. The multi-millionaire movie mogul has set his sights on the tale of the man-ape for his next big screen...

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Fascinating Fact 3940

17th September 2007

GEORGE CLOONEY stunned his OCEAN'S THIRTEEN producer and co-star JERRY WEINTRAUB on Saturday night (15Sep07) when he presented the movie mogul with the Lifetime Achievement Award at a Boston Film Festival tribute dinner in Massachusetts....

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Willis + Weintraub Humiliated By Briatore In Sardinia

10th August 2007

BRUCE WILLIS and OCEAN'S 13 producer/star JERRY WEINTRAUB have warned celebrities to steer clear of Sardinia's swanky Cipriani restaurant in The Billionaire nightclub after they were humiliated there for refusing to pose for pictures. Angry...

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Soderbergh Puts End To Oceans Series

22nd August 2006

Director STEVEN SODERBERGH insists OCEAN'S THIRTEEN will be the last installment of the lucrative franchise led by an all-star cast including GEORGE CLOONEY, BRAD PITT and MATT DAMON. The director confirmed the news during a...

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Weintraub's Wealthy Secret

9th August 2006

OCEAN'S TWELVE producer JERRY WEINTRAUB has discovered the secret to staggering wealth - giving money away. The affluent film-maker has always believed what goes around comes around, and by donating a percentage of the cash...

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Weintraub: 'Clooney Has A Suite In My House'

8th August 2006

OCEAN'S TWELVE producer JERRY WEINTRAUB is so determined to make his actors feel comfortable, he insists they treat his plush residence in Palm Desert, California, as their own home. The hospitable movie-maker claims BRAD PITT,...

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Ocean's 13 Stars Get Their Own Poker Lounge

3rd August 2006

OCEAN'S ELEVEN producer JERRY WEINTRAUB has built an exclusive on-set poker lounge for the cast and crew of sequel OCEAN'S 13. Stars like GEORGE CLOONEY and BRAD PITT will be able to gamble and live...

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Clooney And Soderbergh Back For Ocean's 13

4th January 2006

GEORGE CLOONEY and director STEVEN SODERBERGH have signed up for a second OCEAN'S ELEVEN sequel. Movie mogul JERRY WEINTRAUB, who produced the first two OCEAN'S ELEVEN films, convinced the movie-making partners to sign on...

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Clooney Pulls Out Of World Trip

10th December 2004

LATEST: GEORGE CLOONEY has been forced to pull out of the OCEAN'S TWELVE world premiere tour because he's in too much pain. The movie star aggravated a ruptured disc in his back while making...

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Damon Begged For Smaller Ocean's Role

7th December 2004

MATT DAMON begged producers of forthcoming sequel OCEAN'S TWELVE to make sure his role as LINUS CALDWELL was just as small as it had been in the 2001 original. Damon spent most of this...

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