Jermaine Jackson Thinks Wade Robson Is Full Of Something, And It’s Not Love

According to Jermaine Jackson, the allegations made by Wage Robson against his late, great brother, Michael Jackson, aren’t true. What’s more, he’s “Full of s**t”.

That’s according to Jackson, anyway. Jermaine tells TMZ, "Wade Robson is full of s---. Wade Robson and his mother helped me with my book. He got on the stand and told the courts that Michael never touched him and it's the truth. ... I really don't know what's going on, there's no truth to it." "That's a big lie," he added. "Michael can't defend himself, Michael's not here." These explosive claims have lead Wade Robson to leave town as he moved to Hawaii. The 30-year-old filed a creditor's claim against Jackson's estate on May 1st seeking payment for the abuse he said lasted seven years. Jackson Estate lawyer Howard Weitzman responded saying Robson's claims are "outrageous and pathetic," adding: "This is a young man who has testified at least twice under oath over the past 20 years and said in numerous interviews that Michael Jackson never did anything inappropriate to him or with him."

The King of Pop died aged 50 from an overdose of powerful anaesthetic shortly before the This Is It shows were was due to start at London’s O2 Arena in July 2009. Since his death, numerous cases have gone to court regarding the nature of his passing.

Jermaine Jackson
Jermaine Jackson At The ITV Studios In The UK


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Jermaine Jackson Thinks Wade Robson Is Full Of Something, And It’s Not Love

According to Jermaine Jackson, the allegations made by Wage Robson against his late, great brother, Michael Jackson, aren’t true. What’s more, he’s “Full of s**t”.That’s...

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You got that right Jermaine!! Today I read an article that claims in London there are two more people who are making the same claims all of a sudden against MJ's ESTATE also. But guess what, they are waiting to see what happens with Wade's claim before they procede! As the O'Jay's song goes, MONEY, MONEY,MONEY, MONEY!!!!! AEG is in full force with this crap! In my view they are promising to take care of Conrad Murray's financial situation if he keeps his mouth closed about them hiring him and I will bet you that AEG has offered Wade compensation if he will recanted(perjure himself)all the true testimony that he said on the stand (more than once) about Michael's "friendship" with him and the messier he can make it the better. What is it with these oversea people? He's Australian and the other two are suppose to be British!! The two original accusers which he was found innocent were Hispanic! AEG has promised to make this trial as messy as possible and they are also promising to "MAKE" MJ look as horrible as possible, but so far all of the witnesses have testified totally opposite so AEG is losing, so they are paying people off to lie. All of this stuff they are coming up with has been tried before. All of these accusations have been tried and failed because this man would not have hurt a child no matter what they claims are, and they know that! So if AEG can get others to put negative things in the press while the trial is going on then they assume it will be just enough of a distraction so people won't realize they are losing! So this is how it will go, AEG is getting sued for a specific amount of money. I will bet you that Wade will sue the estate for a simular amount or something close. So what will happen from there is if Wade sues and loses, AEG will still pay him for a certain amount because he did the job they needed him to do by messing with MJ's reputation in the media, etc. If Wade sues and wins, he will still get a payday from the estate and if it is for that enormous amount Wade has agreement to pay AEG a portion of the money as compensation (if AEG loses) for helping Wade by getting press exposure and extensive publicity all over the world. And all of this is by design by using a deceased celebrity's name which always get press, Michael Jackson!!

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