Jermaine Jackson - Jermaine Jackson Slams Murray Ruling


Jermaine Jackson has slammed Dr. Conrad Murray's four year jail sentence as "not enough time".

The medic was given the maximum penalty for the involuntary manslaughter of Jermaine's brother Michael - who died from acute Propofol intoxication in 2009 - but the musician's sibling believes Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor was too lenient with his ruling today (29.11.11).

As he left the courtroom, following the verdict in Los Angeles, Jermaine told E! News: "It wasn't enough time."

However, his sister LaToya was happy, saying: "Justice was served. Now we just have to deal with the jail overcrowding."

Longtime family friend Kathy Hilton, who accompanied LaToya to court, added: "They were complaining about [Murray] being in an eight-foot jail cell, Michael is in a box forever."

It is unclear how long Conrad will actually serve with District Attorney Steve Cooley commenting: "This is one of the great mysteries of life: What amount of time is someone going to actually do when they're sentenced to do so by a judge?"

Los Angeles Sheriff spokesman Steve Whitmore, explained: "As far as the Sheriff is concerned, after the state takes away two years and he gets credit for time served, he will do a little less than two years."


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I ain't kiddin's picture

I ain't kiddin

Shock horror. It's been said for the last god knows how long that the max sentence was 4 years. Murray got 4 yeras and he has to come out and and slam it?????? What was he unsure about with the words 'max 4 years' two years ago? Just wants to make sure he meets his attention quota for the day. Geez these Jacksons do come across as quite stupid.
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2 years 9 months ago
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YANNI54's picture


What the hell is with this cite who insist that The Jacksons are "blasting" this judge. This is just an outright lie. There has NEVER been a time when anyone in this family have raised their voices at anyone although I believe they may actually have had plenty a reasons to. This family have used their freedom of speech and have voiced their opinion, not BLASTED anyone.Not Jermaine or Mrs. Jackson and no other Jackson. It seems that the only people who have blasted in the past and who continue to blast are the ones like "I ain't kiddin". This repetition of name calling and accusations about people that some of these folks have never met in their little lives, is just amazing. Most of the comments are how MJ was nothing, or a molester, or how irrelevant he is and how much a of HORROR he was, yet they use "their" time and energy blogging and talking about Michael Jackson over and over and over again. MJ has been gone almost three years and it's obvious how much MJ is still on their minds but now they have added his family on their hit list. I can only hope that the haters of The Jacksons and any other well known people, will never have a close relative like their child, their father, or their brother or sister dies, because I can assure you that if someone call you or your family stupid and any other juvenile, cowardly name as you seem to assume makes you and others like you looks like the adult in the room don't flatter yourself. I don't know if it is the fact that The Jacksons are well known people or the fact that you and other haters of this family aren't well known and that is what powers this massive amounts of ignorance to continue for years to beat up on this family to know end. Well they have shown that they have class because beating up on others have never been their thing and it didn't matter what was said or done to them. It just wasn't necessary! Murray's guilt is now a done deal and even if he spends only one day in jail he will always be marked as the man who killed Michael Jackson and that is whether you like it or not or if you believe it or not,or whether you call MJ or his family any name you can come up with one thing is a fact THAT IS THE WAY IT IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE !!!!!
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2 years 9 months ago
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