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Jeremy Paxman In Talks With Channel 4, Jon Snow Not Under Threat

By Michael West | 22nd August 2014

Jeremy Paxman is in talks to join Channel 4 after leaving rival broadcaster BBC. However, it is not though that Jon Snow's position is under threat. Speaking at the Edinburgh International Television Festival, Channel 4's...

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From Newsnight To The Fringe: Jeremy Paxman Delights With One Man Show

By Lenny Barksdale | 19th August 2014

Jeremy Paxman’s exit from Newsnight was in line with his candour as a presenter: clean cut, no nonsense and controversial. His talents, though, don’t lay dormant in a country home in Kent; he’s not whiling...

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Edinburgh Fringe 2014 Celebrations Kick Off... At The Airport

By Lenny Barksdale | 4th August 2014

August has arrived in Edinburgh – and the rest of the world, in fact – bringing with it a deluge of travelling live performance from stand up comedy to theatre; everything in between, before and...

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Evan Davis Is The New 'Newsnight' Guy

By Jack de Aguilar | 21st July 2014

Evan Davis – yep, the bloke who presented The Dragons’ Den – is replacing Jeremy Paxman as host of BBC2’s Newsnight. The decision has plunged The BBC’s female presence in lead anchor roles into further...

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Fascinating Fact: 4249481

19th June 2014

Revered British broadcaster Jeremy Paxman hosted his last episode of Bbc programme Newsnight on Wednesday (18Jun14). The journalist, known for his aggressive interviewing style, has been at the helm of the show since 1994 and...

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Jeremy Paxman's Last Newsnight: The Best Bits

By Jack de Aguilar | 19th June 2014

Politicians and decision makers held up a glass last night as Jeremy Paxman, famous for his uncompromising interviewing style, signed off on his last ever Newsnight after 25 years at the helm of The BBC’s...

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Edinburgh Fringe 2014 Is The Biggest Ever. Promise.

By Jack de Aguilar | 7th June 2014

With 49,497 performances of 3,193 shows, The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is set to be the biggest yet. Organisers are promising a "truly unboring experience” while 299 venues will be used across the city, compared to...

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Kevin Spacey Gives Paxman An F-bomb To Defuse On Bbc 2'S Newsnight

By Jack de Aguilar | 6th June 2014

Kevn Spacey’s liberal use of the English language was there for all to see and hear on Wednesday’s (June 4) Newsnight. Host, Jeremy Paxman, did his best to warn the audience, but the House of...

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Jeremy Paxman Told Off As He Embarks On New Career Chapter

By Jack de Aguilar | 2nd May 2014

Jeremy Paxman seems to have treated the BBC a bit like he treats his interviewees: with a deadpan glare and an unforgiving manner. But the very thing that makes him so watchable shouldn’t be held...

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Jeremy Paxman, And His Beard, To Leave 'Newsnight' After 25 Years

By Michael West | 1st May 2014

Jeremy Paxman is to quit his job at 'Newsnight' after 25 years. The presenter, who once asked hapless a Michael Howard the same question a dozen times, had informed new editor Ian Katz of his...

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Fascinating Fact: 4174953

30th April 2014

Revered British broadcaster Jeremy Paxman is to step down as the host of Bbc programme Newsnight after 25 years. The Tv presenter will continue to front the show until June (14), when he will step...

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Why Jeremy Paxman Is Concentrating On Beards For One Man Show At Edinburgh Fringe

By Jack de Aguilar | 11th April 2014

Jeremy Paxman is making the move from grumpy broadcaster to one-man entertainer at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with his new show, PAXMAN. But why, oh why, is the Newsnight presenter focussing so much on beards?Here's...

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Jeremy Paxman Hitting Edinburgh Fringe With One-man Show: Paxman

By Jack de Aguilar | 10th April 2014

Jeremy Paxman has cultivated a reputation for being uncompromising and fairly rude while presenting both Newsnight and University Challenge. But don’t take our word for it; GQ were the ones that voted him Great Britain’s...

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Piers Morgan Questioned By Police Over Hacking Scandal

By Jack de Aguilar | 14th February 2014

Piers Morgan, the former editor of The Daily Mirror, has been questioned in the hacking scandal. The Metropolitan Police confirmed a 48-year-old journalist was interviewed under caution on 6 December.Piers Morgan was questioned by investigators...

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Matthew Perry Defends Drug Addiction In Peter Hitchens 'Newsnight' Clash [Video]

By Lauren James | 17th December 2013

Matthew Perry has marked a temporary shift from comedy acting by moving into the more serious spheres of political debate and current affairs. The Friends actor appeared on the BBC's news analysis programme Newsnight last...

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Jack Whitehall And His Father Team Up In 'Backchat': What's The Verdict?

By Holly Williams | 21st November 2013

Jack Whitehall teams up with his theatrical agent father for his latest show 'Backchat with Jack Whitehall and His Dad', the first episode of which has hit TV screens to a warm welcome.Michael and Jack...

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Russell Brand Wants Jemima Khan To Move To Los Angeles

16th November 2013

Russell Brand has asked Jemima Khan to live with him in Los Angeles.The 38-year-old comedian wants to prove he is committed to his on/off girlfriend and has reportedly told her he wants her to move...

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Russell Brand: I've Never Voted

24th October 2013

Russell Brand has never voted.Despite taking over political magazine New Statesman as guest editor for one issue, the comedian admits he has never cast a single vote in a UK election because he doesn't believe...

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Bbc Gears Up For 4 Year Wwi Season With 2,500 Hours Of Programming

By Lauren James | 16th October 2013

The BBC is preparing a colossal and extensive remembrance of the first world war with a four year-spanning theme of programming based upon the events of the war which began in 1914 and ended in...

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Jeremy Paxman Scolds David Cameron For Celebrating Catastrophic Wwi

By Michael West | 8th October 2013

Jeremy Paxman has criticised Prime Minister David Cameron for comments he made about Britain celebrating the centenary of World War I. In a speech in October, Mr Cameron said he wanted to see "commemoration that,...

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Jeremy Paxman's Beard Furore Triggers Twitter Cries Of "Pogonophobia"

By Lauren James | 14th August 2013

Newsnight presenter, Jeremy Paxman has said that he may keep his beard firmly attached to his face after he finally decided to jump on to the ubiquitous trend for facial hair. The BBC journalist, who...

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Jeremy Paxman Has A Large Beard. You Need To Know This.

By Michael West | 13th August 2013

Jeremy Paxman's beard became a trending topic on Twitter during Newsnight on Monday evening (August 12, 2013).Remember when Beyonce announced she was pregnant at the MTV Video Music Awards and it was tweeted more than...

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Jeremy Paxman: Bbc’S Peter Rippon Was "The Fall Guy"

By Jack de Aguilar | 22nd February 2013

Pollard report into the BBC's Savile inquiry show Jeremy Paxman to be hugely critical of the way The BBC treated its then Newsnight editor Peter Rippon. In a set of transcripts, Paxman said he had...

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Jeremy Paxman Will Be Returning To Newsnight

By Contributor | 19th November 2012

Fear not Newsnight fans, your saviour will be returning. There has been much speculation of late as to whether the BBC daily affairs discussion program would see its long running host Jeremy Paxman returning to...

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Bbc Chief Quits After New Scandal Erupts

12th November 2012

ritain's venerable BBC is facing arguably the greatest crisis of its existence after George Entwistle, its director general, quit late Saturday following the second scandal involving the public broadcaster's flagship news magazine show to erupt...

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Estelle's Fury At Dizzee Rascal Interview

18th December 2008

Singer ESTELLE has blasted BBC journalist JEREMY PAXMAN for treating British rapper DIZZEE RASCAL like an "idiot" during a recent TV debate. The Fix Up, Look Sharp hitmaker - real name Dylan Mills - appeared...

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Rowling Raises Funds For Ms Charity

18th March 2006

HARRY POTTER creator JK ROWLING's masquerade charity ball raised over $340,000 (GBP200,000) for the Multiple Sclerosis Society Scotland, yesterday (17MAR06). Hollywood actor ROBBIE COLTRANE, who stars as HAGRID in the wizardry movie series, attended, while...

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Jk Rowling's Money Woes

20th June 2003

Multi-millionairess HARRY POTTER scribe JK ROWLING once wished she had never penned the magical franchise - because she felt so guilty about the enormous wealth the books brought her. The acclaimed author - whose...

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Rowling Considered Arm Break To Beat Block

11th June 2003

HARRY POTTER author JK ROWLING suffered from writer's block so badly she considered breaking her arm to escape the pressure. The multi-millionairess delayed new book HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX -...

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