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'Playful' Jon Hamm

27th August 2014

Jon Hamm is ''very playful'' with his co-stars. The 43-year-old actor - who has been in a relationship with actress Jennifer Westfeldt for 17 years - stars as unemotional Don Draper in drama series 'Mad...

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Jon Hamm Recalls Mother's 'Hard' Cancer Battle

7th August 2014

Jon Hamm found it ''incredibly hard'' watching his mother lose her battle with cancer.The 'Mad Men' star was just 10 years old when his beloved parent - who divorced his father when he was two...

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Jon Hamm Reveals Career Doubts

5th August 2014

Jon Hamm used to doubt whether he'd ever make it in showbiz.The 43-year-old actor - who is most famous for playing the role of Don Draper on AMC show 'Mad Men' - says the death...

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Jon Hamm Is More Than A Piece Of Meat

8th May 2014

Jon Hamm insists talk of him being a sex symbol is ''crazy''.The 'Mad Men' actor is baffled by the attention he receives for his handsome looks, as there are also many people who thinks he...

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Jon Hamm 'Confused' By Sex Symbol Status

9th April 2014

Jon Hamm is ''confused'' by his ''silly'' sex symbol status.The 'Mad Men' star was made to audition seven times for the show as bosses said he ''wasn't sexy enough'' but he's now been branded one...

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Jon Hamm To Have Throat Surgery

24th September 2013

Jon Hamm is set to undergo throat surgery.The 'Mad Men' actor will go under the knife to remove a single polyp - a growth of abnormal tissue - his representative confirms to E! News.The 42-year-old...

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Jon Hamm Jetting Between India And Los Angeles To Maintain Relationship

16th May 2013

Actor Jon Hamm is racking up the air miles as he shoots baseball movie Million Dollar Arm in India because he insists on flying back to Los Angeles whenever he can to spend time with...

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Jon Hamm Glad Fame Came Late

10th December 2012

Jon Hamm is pleased he found fame later in life.The 'Mad Men' actor got his big break at the age of 36 and he is pleased success didn't happen for him at an earlier age...

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Jon Hamm's Girlfriend Wants To Marry Him

12th October 2012

Jon Hamm's girlfriend wants to marry him.Jennifer Westfeldt, the 'Mad Men' star's partner of 14 years, recently issued him with an ultimatum that they marry or break up but Jon refused.A source said: ''Jon and...

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Fascinating Fact: 3300861

25th September 2012

Robin Williams, Betty White, Malin Akerman and celebrity couple Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt have teamed up to sing the Beatles' Hey Jude anthem for a new public service announcement. The actors join singers Jennifer...

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Jon Hamm 'Left Behind' By Friends With Children

29th June 2012

Jon Hamm felt ''a little bit left behind'' when all his friends started having children.The actor and his partner Jennifer Westfeldt have been together for 15 years but remain childless and unmarried, which provided the...

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Westfeldt And Hamm Complement Each Other

29th June 2012

Jennifer Westfeldt and Jon Hamm ''complement'' one another.The couple have been together for 14 years and the actress believes the key to their relationship success is their strong friendship.She said: ''I think we're very complementary....

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Jon Hamm Robbed While Dining In London

28th June 2012

Jon Hamm and his girlfriend Jennifer Westfeldt had a rather less than enjoyable holiday across the Atlantic in London last month after it was revealed that the couple were robbed whilst visiting, reports Life &...

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Jon Hamm Robbed In London

26th June 2012

Jon Hamm and his girlfriend Jennifer Westfeldt were robbed while on a recent stay in London.The 'Mad Men' actor was in the British capital to promote his new movie 'Friends With Kids', which Jennifer directed,...

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Jon Hamm And Jennifer Westfeldt Robbed In London

25th June 2012

Actress/director Jennifer Westfeldt and her boyfriend Jon Hamm fell victim to robbers during a recent trip to London.The couple was in the U.K. to promote comedy/drama Friends With Kids earlier this month (Jun12) when a...

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Jon Hamm Doesn't Want To Marry

23rd June 2012

Jon Hamm has no desire to marry girlfriend Jennifer Westfeldt.The 'Mad Men' actor has been with the stunning actress for 15 years and he says they have no plans to tie the knot as they...

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The Things They Say 25521

19th June 2012

"It was really fun, though we were shooting on a tight schedule in a short period of time in the worst winter New York has seen in 40 years, so it was testing. Getting it...

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Jon Hamm To Play Babysitter

12th May 2012

'Mad Men's Jon Hamm will go from cocktail-drinking to babysitting for his upcoming film.Jon, who plays bad boy advertising executive Don Draper in 'Mad Men', has taken on a role in 'Friends with Kids', where...

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Jon Hamm: On-screen Smoking Is Debilitating

29th March 2012

Jon Hamm admits his on-screen smoking is ''debilitating''.The 41-year-old 'Mad Men' actor has to plough his way through a raft of herbal cigarettes in his role as advertising executive Don Draper, and says the smoke...

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John Hamm Tells Mad Men Fans To Smoke And Drink

27th March 2012

John Hamm is proud that 'Mad Men' makes people want to booze and smoke.The 41-year-old actor plays hard-drinking and hard-smoking character Don Draper in the 1960s advertising drama and he admits he has to smoke...

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Jon Hamm Believes He'd Be A 'Terrible' Father

26th March 2012

Jon Hamm believes he would be a ''terrible'' father.The 41-year-old 'Mad Men' actor and partner of 14-years Jennifer Westfeldt have never tried for children - and with good reason according to Jon.He said: ''I'd be...

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Jon Hamm Loves 'Strong Women'

22nd March 2012

Jon Hamm has a ''thing for strong women''. The 'Mad Men' star has been in a relationship with actress and screenwriter Jennifer Westfeldt since 1997 and he admits he continues to be ''inspired'' by her...

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Jon Hamm: Kim Kardashian Remarks Were Misunderstood

15th March 2012

Jon Hamm seemed fairly confident in his own opinions when he branded Kim Kardashian as a "f*cking idiot." The Mad Men star has now tempered his argument somewhat, though, insisting that his comments were taken...

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Jennifer Westfeldt Surprised To Be Childless At 42

12th March 2012

Jon Hamm's longterm partner Jennifer Westfeldt is surprised she's still childless at the age of 42, but insists she doesn't have a "compelling enough reason" to start a family yet.The stars have been in a...

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Jennifer Westfeldt Admits 'Friends With Kids' Almost Didn't Make It To Debut Show

9th March 2012

Jennifer Westfeldt could well have bitten off more than she could've chewed when writing, producing and also acting in her latest film 'Friends With Kids,' and speaking in an interview she admitted how hard the...

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Kristen Wiig's Favourable Friends Casting

9th March 2012

Jon Hamm said casting co-star Kristen Wiig in 'Friends with Kids' was not a favour.The American actor helped partner and director Jennifer Westfeldt cast for new movie 'Friends with Kids' , but insists asking Kristen...

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Jon Hamm Won't Wed

8th March 2012

Jon Hamm doesn't feel the need to get married.The 'Mad Men' star has been with partner Jennifer Westfeldt for 15 years but doesn't think making their union official will make any difference.He said: ''The flip...

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Jon Hamm & Westfeldt Get Animated For Kids Show

20th January 2012

Mad Men star Jon Hamm and his girlfriend Jennifer Westfeldt have been animated for a new TV kids show.The two stars will play actors, alongside their pet dog Cora, in a two-part Martha Speaks episode...

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Megan Fox Causes A Stir With Giorgio Armani Ad

4th March 2011

Megan Fox has caused a stir with her latest ad for Giorgio Armani.Megan Fox, the American model and actress, appears in a provocative new ad for Giorgio Armani, reports the Examiner.Fox has taken over from...

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Megan Fox Hits The Slopes With Jon Hamm

18th February 2011

MEGAN FOX hit the ski-slopes with MAD MEN's JON HAMM this week.MEGAN FOX and JON HAMM were photographed on the slopes at the Mt. Peter ski resort in Warwick, New York this week, reports the...

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