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Tabloid Training For Jennifer Jason Leigh

6th April 2005

SINGLE WHITE FEMALE star JENNIFER JASON LEIGH has been enjoying a taste of British tabloid journalism as she prepares for a new movie role as a scandal-starter. The actress will play the deputy...

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Masterson Mad At Name Misunderstanding

31st January 2005

Actress MARY STUART MASTERSON is frustrated with being constantly confused with like-named actresses. The 38-year-old star - who migrated to theatre after a brief Hollywood career - is currently poised to appear alongside KEVIN...

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Bale's Starvation Diet Worried Jason Leigh

24th October 2003

JENNIFER JASON LEIGH is glad her pal CHRISTIAN BALE has been selected to play BATMAN - because he'll have to gain some weight. The 41-year-old screen actress, who co-stars with Bale in the upcoming...

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Gwyneth Was Destined To Play Plath

11th September 2003

GWYNETH PALTROW was destined to portray American poet SYLVIA PLATH - people have been urging her to play the tragic writer for a decade. Paltrow, who plays Plath in new movie SYLVIA, was 20...

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