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1st October 2013

Actress Jennifer Hudson has poked fun at Kerry Washington's role in hit political drama Scandal by filming a spoof for comedy website In Scandalous, the Dreamgirls star runs around Washington, D.C. as a "covert...

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Jennifer Hudson Promotes Obamacare With 'Scandal' Spoof

By Joe Wilde | 1st October 2013

Jennifer Hudson and the online team over at Funny Or Die hooked up for a scandalous campaign promoting the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare as it is more widely known. Spoofing the hit ABC series...

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Jennifer Hudson Feels Sorry For Lookalike

23rd September 2013

Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson has offered her sympathy to a woman who was chased by paparazzi after she was mistaken for the Dreamgirls star.The unnamed female, who bears a striking resemblance to Hudson, was photographed...

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Jennifer Hudson Has Never Drank Alcohol

7th September 2013

Jennifer Hudson has never tasted alcohol.The Oscar-winning actress and singer admits she was initially terrified of playing a heroin addict in her new movie 'The Inevitable Defeat Of Mister And Pete' because she has never...

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Jennifer Hudson Was Intimidated By Winnie Mandela Role

6th September 2013

Actress/singer Jennifer Hudson contemplated dropping out of her new Winnie Mandela biopic, because she feared the role was too much to handle.The Oscar-winning Dreamgirls star plays the wife of iconic South African civil rights activist...

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The Things They Say: 3849375

4th September 2013

"He would always come to my trailer with his guitar and play and sing songs in Nelson's (Mandela) accent. Every day. It would never end! He's a good singer and guitar player. He's no Luther...

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"The Inevitable Defeat Of Mister And Pete" - This Year's Inevitable Social Tragedy? [Trailer]

By Victoria Pavlova | 2nd September 2013

The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete looks like one of those stories that leave a bad taste in your mouth, precisely because of how well-made they are. Mister is a 13-year-old boy living in...

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Dr. Luke Joins Jennifer Lopez & Keith Urban As Third 'American Idol' Judge

By Elinor Cosgrave | 26th August 2013

Dr. Luke will be joining Keith Urban and Jennifer Lopez on the judging panel of American Idol. Dr. Luke a.k.a. Lukas Gottwald is the third judge to be announced with another yet to be agreed...

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22nd August 2013

Jennifer Hudson has been transformed into a Disney princess by top photographer Annie Leibovitz. The singer/actress has posed as Tiana from 2009 movie The Princess & the Frog for a new Disney Parks ad campaign....

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Jennifer Lopez Planning Return To American Idol?

By Elinor Cosgrave | 21st August 2013

Jennifer Lopez may be returning to judge American Idol if sources working on the televised reality show can be believed. This is according to a source speaking to the New York Post earleir this week,...

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After A Long And Bumpy Production, 'Winnie Mandela' Is Due Out This Year [Trailer + Stills]

By Victoria Pavlova | 9th August 2013

This year will see the release of a full-blown Nelson Mandela biopic, but before that, another film will focus on a crucial character in the Mandela story – Winnie Mandela, the woman, who stood by...

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American Idol's Next Season Will Be A Blast From The Past, With Jennifer Lopez Back On The Judging Panel

By Victoria Pavlova | 5th August 2013

Turns out Jennifer Lopez’s time on American Idol really has been the show’s most entertaining run to date. It’s no wonder that the show is bringing back the opinionated singer (hopefully with her majestic top...

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American Idol Judges: Keith Urban Confirmed And Jennifer Lopez In Talks

By Elinor Cosgrave | 2nd August 2013

Keith Urban will return to the American Idol judging panel. The show will start its 13th season with a new (well returning) set of judges and will, possibly, have a new format. Fox entertainment Chief...

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Kelly Osbourne: Jack Is Unstoppable

1st August 2013

Kelly Osbourne says brother Jack is ''unstoppable'' despite suffering from multiple sclerosis.The 'Fashion Police' star's sibling was diagnosed with the nerve condition last year and since she has become a staunch supporter of the Race...

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Kelly Osbourne Collects Award For Charity Work

1st August 2013

Kelly Osbourne was honoured with an award for raising awareness for multiple sclerosis last night (31.07.13).The 'Fashion Police' star - whose brother Jack was diagnosed with the condition last year - is a staunch supporter...

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Jennifer Hudson Moved To Tears Over Honour For Nephew's Foundation

1st August 2013

Jennifer Hudson broke down in tears at Vh1's Do Something Awards on Wednesday (31Jul13) as she was honoured for setting up a foundation in memory of her slain nephew.The singer/actress was one of the main...

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President Obama Enlists Hollywood To Help With Healthcare Plan

23rd July 2013

Jennifer Hudson, Bon Jovi and other big name Hollywood entertainers have been asked to help U.S. leader President Barack Obama spread awareness about his healthcare plan to young people.Officials at the White House held a...

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Whitney Houston's Tombstone Engraved With Famous Lyrics

15th July 2013

Whitney Houston's grave has been commemorated with the words ''I Will Always Love You''.The iconic singer's final resting place was given a tombstone last week - after being unmarked for more than a year following...

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A Week In Movies: Pacific Rim Launches, The Wolverine Shows Himself And Gwyneth Deals With Sex-addiction

By Rich Cline | 5th July 2013

This week's big world premiere was for Guillermo Del Toro's Pacific Rim, which was held in Mexico City on Monday with cast members Charlie Day, Ron Perlman and Rinko Kikuchi. They were joined by British...

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Jennifer Lopez Meets Up With Ryan Seacrest

9th June 2013

Jennifer Lopez held a secret meeting with Ryan Seacrest amid rumours she is preparing to return to 'American Idol'.The 43-year-old singer met with the show's host at an industry office building in Beverly Hills on...

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Jennifer Lopez Could Return As American Idol Judge

4th June 2013

Jennifer Lopez reportedly wants to return to 'American Idol'.The 43-year-old star looks set to take back her seat on the judging panel when Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj - who quit the talent show last...

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John Fogerty Returns With 'Wrote A Song For Everyone'

30th May 2013

Rock 'n' roll legend John Fogerty has made a welcome musical comeback.The former Creedence Clearwater Revival star is back with his ninth solo album, 'Wrote A Song For Everyone', which sees him collaborate with everyone...

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John Fogerty's New Album Features Foo Fighters, Keith Urban, Jennifer Hudson

By Michael West | 29th May 2013

Nobody can accuse John Fogerty of resting on his laurels. The former Creedence Clearwater Revival singer has teamed up with the likes of Foo Fighters, Keith Urban, Miranda Lambert, Brad Paisley, Jennifer Hudson and Kid...

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Keith Urban Wants To Return To 'American Idol'?

28th May 2013

Keith Urban has no idea if he is returning to 'American Idol' next season.The 45-year-old Australian country singer - who is married to actress Nicole Kidman and has two daughters Sunday Rose, four, and two-year-old...

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Jennifer Hudson In Talks To Land American Idol Judge Role

28th May 2013

Former American Idol reject Jennifer Hudson is in talks to return to the show as a judge.The singer, who went on to win an Oscar after she was dumped from the reality series in 2004,...

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Fox Looking To Recruit Former American Idol Winners As Judges For Next Season, But Will It Work?

By Joe Wilde | 25th May 2013

With FOX bosses panning a complete re-haul of the American Idol judging panel for next season, it has emerged that producers will no longer be looking to the stars for a new panel, but rather...

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Randy Jackson Wants 'Idol' To Be About New Talent

24th May 2013

Randy Jackson thinks 'American Idol' needs go back to basics.The 56-year-old music producer - who recently confirmed he is leaving the reality show after 12 seasons - thinks the focus needs to go back to...

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A Possible American Idol Alumni Panel Could Feature Jennifer Hudson, Among Others

By Victoria Pavlova | 24th May 2013

There has been a lot of talk about the possibility of a new American Idol judging panel lately – possibly one featuring Jennifer Hudson. After the departure of veteran Randy Jackson and the reported booting...

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Jennifer Hudson To Judge American Idol

24th May 2013

Jennifer Hudson has signed up to be an 'American Idol' judge.The Oscar-winning actress-and-singer has been confirmed as one of the panellists for season 13 of the reality TV competition, according to E! News.The revamped judging...

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Jennifer Hudson To Judge On The Show That Launched Her Career?

By Holly Williams | 24th May 2013

Jennifer Hudson is reportedly in talks about becoming a judge on the 13th season of 'American Idol'; the same show on which she became a finalist in season 3.The 'Dreamgirls' star and Grammy winning pop...

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