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Steve Carell's 'Alexander And The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day' Aims For Family Audiences

By Rich Cline | 10th October 2014

It's taken quite a while for a film adaptation of the beloved children's book to appear, perhaps because its title is rather cumbersome: Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. But there...

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Jennifer Coolidge's Young Love

15th September 2013

Jennifer Coolidge dated younger men after playing Stifler's Mom in 'American Pie'.The 52-year-old actress shot to fame playing the seductive mother of Sean William Scott's character in the hit 1999 teen comedy, which spawned the...

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Jennifer Coolidge Hurts Herself To Curb Onset Laughter

13th September 2013

Funnywoman Jennifer Coolidge has developed a bad habit of hurting herself on set to make sure she doesn't laugh during key comedy moments.The American Pie star digs her nails into her wrists to stop herself...

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Jennifer Coolidge: 'American Pie Revived My Love Life'

13th September 2013

Actress Jennifer Coolidge has credited her role as a sexy mother in American Pie with reviving her love life because she spent the following decade dating a succession of younger men.The funnywoman shot to fame...

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Jennifer Coolidge: 'I Was Born To Play A Posh Brit'

22nd August 2013

American Pie star Jennifer Coolidge insists she was perfectly cast as Elizabeth Charming in new comedy Austenland because she grew up watching English period dramas and mimicking the character's airs and graces.The actress plays a...

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The Things They Say: 3829499

22nd August 2013

"I am always really surprised when I get a part and am glad when we get into the second or third week of filming, because I am, like, 'If they fire me now, they will...

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Jennifer Coolidge Shuns Spanx Shapewear

16th August 2013

Jennifer Coolidge hates Spanx.The curvaceous actress - best known for playing Stifler's Mom in the 'American Pie' movies - refuses to wear the slimming shapewear to suck in her stomach and bottom because the undergarments...

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Reese Witherspoon Refused Legally Blonde 3

15th August 2013

Reese Witherspoon turned down 'Legally Blonde 3'.The 37-year-old actress - who played ditzy lawyer Elle Woods in 'Legally Blonde' and 'Legally Blonde: Red, White and Blonde' - has refused to take part in a third...

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Jennifer Coolidge: 'Reese Witherspoon Turned Down Legally Blonde 3'

14th August 2013

Reese Witherspoon torpedoed plans to bring her hit film Legally Blonde back to the big screen in a third film, according to her co-star Jennifer Coolidge.The Oscar winner played ditsy school girl-turned-lawyer Elle Woods in...

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Stars Give Away Sundance Swag Bags To Charity

25th January 2013

Actresses Octavia Spencer, Jane Lynch and Jennifer Coolidge are among the stars putting their celebrity status to good use at the Sundance Film Festival by giving away their swanky gift bags to charity.Throughout the 10-day...

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Susan Sarandon Goes To Hell And Back

3rd July 2012

Susan Sarandon has joined the cast of 'Hell & Back'. The 'Enchanted' actress will voice the character of an angel called Barb in the animated comedy movie, which will be directed by Tom Gianas and...

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Jennifer Coolidge Thanks Lisa Kudrow For Career Support

25th April 2012

Jennifer Coolidge has praised Lisa Kudrow for helping her at the start of her career.The 50-year-old comic actress - who reprises her role as 'Stifler's Mom' in 'American Reunion' - auditioned for Los Angeles improvisation...

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Neve Campbell And Jj Feild Expecting First Child

19th March 2012

Neve Campbell is expecting her first child, with her boyfriend Jj Feild. Rumours began circulating recently that Neve was pregnant and People magazine confirmed the news on Friday (March 16, 2012) after speaking to her...

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Jennifer Coolidge Hitting Comedy Club Circuit

9th June 2011

American Pie actress Jennifer Coolidge is swapping big screen comedy for the stand-up circuit.The 47-year-old blonde, famous for her role as Stifler's Mom in the teen movie series, is returning to her improvisation roots from...

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Jennifer Coolidge Joins American Pie Reunion

23rd May 2011

The gang's all back for the latest American Pie movie - Jennifer Coolidge has signed on to reprise her iconic role as Stifler's Mom.The actress tells Melbourne's Sunday Herald-Sun that the new film, American Reunion,...

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Chris Klein Signs Up For Fourth America Pie Movie

18th April 2011

Chris Klein has signed up for 'American Reunion'.The actor will reprise his role as Chris 'Oz' Ostreicher in the 'American Pie' franchise, his agent Jaime Primak has confirmed.Jaime added to People magazine: "Chris is very...

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'American Pie' Sequel To Film With Original Cast Members

16th March 2011

Seann William Scott, Jason Biggs and Eugene Levy have signed to star in 'American Reunion'.The key cast members of 'American Pie' will come together once again for the sequel, which studio bosses at Universal hope...

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Jennifer Coolidge's Stifler Frustration

11th August 2010

Jennifer Coolidge gets annoyed at always being 'Stifler's mom' from 'American Pie'. The buxom actress - best known for her role as the sexy mother in the teenage comedy movie - admits the fame the...

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Jemaine Clement For Men In Black 3?

19th May 2010

Jemaine Clement is in negotiations to play bad guy Boris in 'Men In Black 3'. The New Zealand-born singer is in the final stages of talks to play a part in the movie alongside Will...

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Coolidge Wins Toyboy Dates With 'Sexy Mum' Image

5th February 2010

Actress JENNIFER COOLIDGE is grateful for her role as a sexy mum in the AMERICAN PIE films - because she's constantly propositioned by younger men.The 48 year old caught the attention of young, male movie...

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Cumming & Coolidge To Star In Young Director's New Film

31st December 2009

ALAN CUMMING and AMERICAN PIE star JENNIFER COOLIDGE are to star in a quirky new comedy featuring a character called JESSICA SIMPSON.Acclaimed 24-year-old filmmaker Ash Christian will direct his own script, which revolves around a...

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Coolidge Wants A Man With A Jet For Christmas

24th December 2009

AMERICAN PIE star JENNIFER COOLIDGE wants a sexy pilot for Christmas - so he can fly her and her pets around the world.The actress is desperate to land a date after a romantic dry spell...

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Coolidge Glad To Leave The Comedy Behind To Play Cage's Stepmom

20th November 2009

AMERICAN PIE star JENNIFER COOLIDGE has her adopted New Orleans, Louisiana to thank for her role as NICOLAS CAGE's stepmother in gritty new film BAD LIEUTENANT - because she fears she wouldn't have landed the...

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Dog Death Gave Coolidge An Edge As Cage's Mum

19th November 2009

Animal lover JENNIFER COOLIDGE has a personal tragedy to thank for turning her into the perfect wreck in NICOLAS CAGE's new drama BAD LIEUTENANT: PORT OF CALL NEW ORLEANS - her dog died a day...

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Coolidge: Joey Cancellation Is 'Probably Good'

14th April 2006

Actress JENNIFER COOLIDGE insists it's a good thing sitcom JOEY has been suspended, because filming would be too hard on star MATT LeBLANC. LeBlanc filed for divorce from his wife MELISSA MCKNIGHT last month (MAR06)...

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Coolidge Caught With Her Clothes Off

24th October 2005

AMERICAN PIE star JENNIFER COOLIDGE has become the flasher lady of her Hollywood neighbourhood because she often finds herself outside her home with little or no clothes on. The funny actress insists she doesn't...

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Katrina Damaged Two Of Coolidge's Homes

1st October 2005

LEGALLY BLONDE star JENNIFER COOLIDGE was personally hit by Hurricane Katrina, after buying two homes in New Orleans just months before the disaster hit the Louisiana city. The actress has spent several years visiting...

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Coolidge Writes For Herself

10th January 2005

Actress JENNIFER COOLIDGE has been forced to write her own comedy scripts, because she's found there are no film roles available for funny women. Coolidge, who appears in MATT LeBLANC's sitcom JOEY, has found...

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Coolidge's Elaborate Eye Lie

21st September 2004

Actress JENNIFER COOLIDGE was so intent on taking days off when she worked as a cocktail waitress she once told bosses somebody put a cigarette out in her eye. The LEGALLY BLONDE star, who...

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Coolidge Hikes Mountains To Lose Weight

21st September 2004

LEGALLY BLONDE actress JENNIFER COOLIDGE has shunned the gym to get trim - by opting to hike mountains instead. Coolidge, who currently stars in MATT LeBLANC's new sitcom JOEY, decided to put herself through...

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