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Ron Perlman & Jennifer Beals Team Up For New Take On The Virginian

3rd October 2012

HELLBOY star Ron Perlman and Flashdance pin-up Jennifer Beals are teaming up for the latest film adaptation of Owen Wister's classic novel The Virginian.The actors will join Cole Hauser in the western remake, which has...

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Tim Roth, Slater & Beals' Shows Cancelled

12th May 2011

Tim Roth's U.S. TV drama Lie To Me has been cancelled as part of a Fox TV sweep which has also cost Jennifer Beals, Christian Slater and Mark Valley their shows.Beals, who plays Roth's ex-wife...

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Jennifer Beals Turns Down Dancing With The Stars

18th February 2011

JENNIFER BEALS has turned down an opportunity to appear on DANCING WITH THE STARS.JENNIFER BEALS, the American actress and star of the movie 'Flashdance', has turned down an offer to appear as a contestant on...

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Beals Turns Down Dancing With The Stars

18th February 2011

FLASHDANCE star JENNIFER BEALS was put off making an appearance as a contestant on U.S. TV show Dancing with the Stars after visiting the studio to cheer on pal MARLEE MATLIN.The actress had been considering...

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The Things They Say 20236

9th February 2011

"My husband misses me being a lesbian." JENNIFER BEALS' husband loved watching the actress on TV drama The L Word.

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Kunis & Beals Create Oldman Song

4th January 2010

Actress MILA KUNIS and FLASHDANCE star JENNIFER BEALS honoured tough guy actor GARY OLDMAN with a song on the set of new film THE BOOK OF ELI.The two stars both fell in love with the...

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Eisenberg's First Kiss Was Killer Smooch With Beals

18th September 2009

Actor JESSE EISENBERG still can't believe his luck - his first full-on kiss was with FLASHDANCE pin-up JENNIFER BEALS.The young star was 18 when he landed his first movie, Rodger Dodger, opposite Beals - and...

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The Things They Say 7397

27th February 2008

"Making out is so relaxing. When I was last giving birth, I just said to my husband, 'Can we make out?' It was so relaxing." THE L WORD star JENNIFER BEALS paints a colourful picture...

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Beals Loved Lesbian Sex Scenes

7th August 2007

Actress JENNIFER BEALS thrived shooting raunchy lesbian sex scenes in TV show THE L WORD, because she is totally comfortable with her sexuality. The actress claims her co-stars on the lesbian-themed show found it difficult...

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Fascinating Fact 1966

17th August 2006

FLASHDANCE star JENNIFER BEALS was the original choice to play the lead in cult 1986 movie PRETTY IN PINK even though writer/director wrote the part of ANDIE WALSH for eventual star MOLLY RINGWALD.

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Lopez Wins Flashdance Lawsuit

13th June 2006

The woman who inspired the movie FLASHDANCE lost her court battle against JENNIFER LOPEZ yesterday (12JUN06), after alleging the I'M GLAD singer mimicked some of the film's memorable scenes in her video for the song....

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Fascinating Fact 1605

8th June 2006

CYBILL SHEPHERD has become the latest big name to join the cast of acclaimed US lesbian TV drama THE L WORD - she'll appear in 11 episodes of the show, which stars JENNIFER BEALS and...

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Manager Files Breach Of Contract Suit Against Beals

28th November 2005

JENNIFER BEALS' former business manager has filed a breach of contract suit against the actress in Los Angeles County Superior Court, in a row over commission. Seven Summits Pictures And Management, who represented Beals...

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Beals Gives Birth

18th November 2005

Actress JENNIFER BEALS gave birth to her first child in secret last month (OCT05). The 41-year-old FLASHDANCE star and her husband KEN L DIXON welcomed a baby daughter into the world. They haven't revealed...

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Jennifer Beals Pregnant

4th May 2005

FLASHDANCE star JENNIFER BEALS has announced she's pregnant with her first child. A representative for the actress has confirmed to PEOPLE magazine that the 41-year-old actress is expecting her first child in November (05)....

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Stars Team Up For Benefit Show

21st March 2005

CALISTA FLOCKHART, TERI HATCHER and JULIANNE MOORE are teaming up to host a special comedy night to benefit those afflicted with tuberous sclerosis. COMEDY FOR A CURE will take place in Hollywood on 3...

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L Word Billboards Removed In New York

7th March 2005

LATEST: Lewd billboard advertisements for cult lesbian TV show THE L WORD have been taken down in Brooklyn, New York, after a local politician campaigned for their removal. State Senator MARTY GOLDEN had criticised...

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Beals No Fan Of Jolie

3rd March 2005

Actress JENNIFER BEALS would steer clear of Hollywood temptress ANGELINA JOLIE if she was a real-life lesbian. The FLASHDANCE icon admits she would marry her THE L WORD co-star KELLY LYNCH if she was...

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Beals Admits To Crush On Ferguson

18th February 2005

Shy FLASHDANCE star JENNIFER BEALS only agreed to appear on Scot CRAIG FERGUSON's late night US chat show because she has a crush on the host. During an appearance on the LATE LATE SHOW...

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Beals' Covering Act

16th February 2005

JENNIFER BEALS is relishing working on US TV hit THE L WORD because her female co-stars know exactly how to cover up her physical insecurities during love scenes. The FLASHDANCE beauty isn't afraid to...

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Beals Hits Out At Gay Marriage Prejudice

16th February 2005

THE L WORD star JENNIFER BEALS finds the opposition against gay marriage in America "absolutely absurd" especially in the face of December's (26DEC04) tsunami disaster. The 41-year-old actress, who plays BETTE PORTER in the...

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Beal Wants Gellar To Say The L Word

11th February 2005

Sexy actress JENNIFER BEALS would love to have an onscreen lesbian romp with SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR - and the attraction is mutual. The FLASHDANCE actress has become an icon after her steamy performances in...

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Indie Directors Take Charge Of The L Word

4th June 2004

Some of the world's top indie film directors will take charge of all the episodes of the second season of lesbian drama THE L WORD. The hit show, which stars JENNIFER BEALS and PAM...

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Starry End For Frasier

14th May 2004

Long-running American sitcom FRASIER went out in style last night (13MAY04) with a show of stars. The regular cast was joined by ROBBIE COLTRANE, RICHARD E GRANT, LAURA LINNEY, WENDY MALLICK, JENNIFER BEALS and...

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Beals' Laundry Mistake Becomes A Fashion Must-have

9th April 2004

JENNIFER BEALS has let a movie secret slip - the famous grey sweatshirt that became one of FLASHDANCE's big fashion must-haves was a "laundry mistake". The 40-year-old actress reveals the ripped and plunging look...

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Demi Wasn't Hot Enough For Flashdance

5th February 2004

DEMI MOORE lost out on starring in cult movie FLASHDANCE because she wasn't sexy enough, according to legendary screenwriter JOE EZSTERHAS. The writer and casting bosses couldn't decide whether to...

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Pam Grier Hopes Lesbian Show Will Stamp Out Myths

16th January 2004

Actress PAM GRIER is hoping her new TV show about a group of lesbians will serve to educate the public and dispel negative stereotypes. The iconic FOXY BROWN star joins JENNIFER BEALS in THE...

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Beals Hopes To Inspire Young Lesbians

6th January 2004

JENNIFER BEALS hopes her new TV role will help young girls accept lesbianism. The actress plays lesbian socialite BETTE PORTER in new American TV series THE L WORD, and she hopes it inspires gay...

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Flashdancer Sues J.lo

17th November 2003

The female construction worker who inspired cult movie FLASHDANCE is suing JENNIFER LOPEZ for copyright infringement claiming her video I'M GLAD is an unauthorised depiction of her life story. MAUREEN MARDER, who was portrayed...

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Stars Show Off Their Scarves

28th September 2003

DARYL HANNAH, PORTIA DE ROSSI and JENNIFER BEALS are among the stars featured in a new photo book about celebrity knitters. Pictures of the trio wearing their favourite scarves appear in photographer ABRA EDELMAN's...

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