Jennifer Lopez is undoubtedly one of the most prosperous pop music career's ever, but unfortunately she cannot translate this success into her personal life. The 45 year-old songstress has been married three times and been involved in a string of long-term relationships, but as she finds herself single once again, tying the knot for the fourth time isn't out of the question.

Jnenifer Lopez
Lopez still believes the man of her dreams is "out there somewhere"

"I still believe in love. The nirvana man, he's out there somewhere," the 'Booty' singer said in Elle U.K.'s October issue, adding, "But you just have to work at it. You have to work at everything."

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J-Lo first got married to a Cuban waiter called Ojani Noa in February 1997, and then tied the knot with former back-up dancer Cris Judd in another short partnership. Lopez's final marriage was with fellow singer Marc Anthony in June 2004, they would go on to have twins, a boy and a girl, who were born on February 22nd 2008. They announced their split three years later in June 2011.

The Grammy-winner was also engaged to Ben Affleck and dated P Diddy and Casper Smart.

"Everybody has seen that I make mistakes. Every single album I have ever made is about love. But I am not going to give up. I have to look at what I do wrong. I rush in, I get swept up, I ignore the signs. But so many of us are guilty of these things. Each time it goes wrong, it's hard. I get really hurt but I have to let myself go: 'What did I do? What can I learn?' And as hard and as hurtful as things get, I want to believe I will be able to go one step higher," she added. "I've got to hope that if I keep going I will eventually get it right."

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Even though most of her failed relationships have been well-publicized and have garnered lots of media attention, Lopez doesn't mind the public witnessing this.

Jennifer Lopez
Lopez thinks she will "eventually get" love right

"Is it worth making mistakes, in my case in public, and trying to figure out what you do and balance everything and constantly grow? I'd say yes," she explained. "None of it is easy, none of it is safe-you are going to get big highs and you are going to get big lows, so it's not for everyone-but that's exciting. You just need to believe in yourself."

The full interview will appear in Elle U.K.'s October issue and hits newsstands Sept 4th.