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Goldblum Groans About Aloof Actors

29th June 2005

THE FLY star JEFF GOLDBLUM is on a personal crusade to improve actors' manners when they appear on chat shows. The actor always makes sure he's prepared for promotional appearances on TV shows by...

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Goldblum And Tomlin Join Will + Grace

8th December 2004

JEFF GOLDBLUM and LILY TOMLIN are the latest stars to join the cast of hit sitcom WILL + GRACE. In an episode airing at the end of the month (DEC04), Goldblum will guest-star as...

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Elephant Man Crowned The Most Extreme Screen Makeover

15th August 2004

Hollywood actor JOHN HURT's portrayal of THE ELEPHANT MAN has been voted the most extreme screen makeover of all time. Hurt was nominated for an Oscar in 1980 for his excruciating portrayal of tragically...

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Goldblum Gets Real With Fiancee

8th July 2004

THE FLY star JEFF GOLDBLUM is taking his romance with actress CATHERINE WREFORD to the next level - by turning it into a reality TV show. The actor, who fell in love with Wreford...

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Goldblum Credits Airport Security With Meeting Wife-to-be

18th June 2004

THE FLY star JEFF GOLDBLUM credits new stricter airport policies with providing his chance to meet Canadian fiancee CATHERINE WREFORD. The couple, who are due to appear on a Pennsylvania stage together in acclaimed...

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Goldblum Teams Up With Fiancee Onstage

17th June 2004

THE FLY star JEFF GOLDBLUM is taking his actress fiancee CATHERINE WREFORD back to his hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - so they can appear onstage together in THE MUSIC MAN. The pair, who have...

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Jeff Goldblum Engaged

11th March 2004

THE FLY star JEFF GOLDBLUM is celebrating after becoming engaged to his actress girlfriend CATHERINE WREFORD. The 51-year-old actor and Canadian Wreford, 23, embarked on a romance last year (03), and quickly decided they...

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Kudrow In Talks For New Sitcom

8th March 2004

LISA KUDROW looks set to become the first FRIENDS cast member to land a new show that isn't related to the beloved sitcom. The actress is in negotiations with former MAD ABOUT YOU co-star...

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Blige Finds More Drama

19th February 2004

Soul superstar MARY J BLIGE has signed up to make her theatrical debut in New York City. From 24 to 29 February (04), the NO MORE DRAMA singer will star in THE EXONERATED, an...

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Heavyweight Cast For New Anderson Film

3rd September 2003

PLATOON veteran WILLEM DAFOE and Australian beauty CATE BLANCHETT are set to appear in WES ANDERSON's new adventure comedy THE LIFE AQUATIC. The duo will join BILL MURRAY, ANJELICA HUSTON, OWEN WILSON, JEFF GOLDBLUM...

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Caan Son's New Flick Sparks Crowd Frenzy

1st July 2003

Hollywood offspring SCOTT CAAN had a manic first-time director's experience when a Los Angeles screening of his movie DALLAS 362 erupted into chaos. Guests outside the LITTLE THEATER at the FOX STUDIOS lot came...

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Goldblum: Anti-money

1st July 2003

Eccentric actor JEFF GOLDBLUM insists money does not equate to happiness - and would like the whole world to learn that lesson. Goldblum claims his character in low-budget comedy IGBY GOES DOWN, DH BANES,...

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Jeff Goldblum Living The Single Life

30th June 2003

Eternal bachelor JEFF GOLDBLUM wishes the press would stop invading his private life - because he has never done anything to hurt women. The actor, 50, enjoyed a two-year engagement to his JURASSIC PARK...

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Movie Tenenbaums Regroup

15th June 2003

THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS stars OWEN and LUKE WILSON, BILL MURRAY and ANJELICA HUSTON are to team up for another oddball family-based comedy. The quartet appeared in WES ANDERSON's critically-acclaimed THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS and now...

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Igby Director Gets By With A Little Help From His Friends

8th June 2003

IGBY GOES DOWN director BURR STEERS had to rely on the goodwill of others to get his film made - and feels blessed that so many big names were drawn to it. The filmmaker...

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Anderson Lures Back Tenenbaums Cast

5th June 2003

Acclaimed filmmaker WES ANDERSON has managed to persuade many of the cast of his hit film THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS to take roles in his upcoming project. Anderson will direct BILL MURRAY, OWEN WILSON and...

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Stage Star Shocks Goldblum

5th May 2003

TOBY JONES shocked co-star JEFF GOLDBLUM when he split his eye open during a performance of their hit production THE PLAY WHAT I WROTE - and gushed blood over the stage. The star of...

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Independence Day Two?

2nd May 2003

Seven years after WILL SMITH saved the world from invading aliens in INDEPENDENCE DAY, movie makers DEAN DEVLIN and ROLAND EMMERICH are still planning a sequel. The 1996 blockbuster wowed film fans and raked...

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