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Anderson Lures Back Tenenbaums Cast

5th June 2003

Acclaimed filmmaker WES ANDERSON has managed to persuade many of the cast of his hit film THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS to take roles in his upcoming project. Anderson will direct BILL MURRAY, OWEN WILSON and...

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Stage Star Shocks Goldblum

5th May 2003

TOBY JONES shocked co-star JEFF GOLDBLUM when he split his eye open during a performance of their hit production THE PLAY WHAT I WROTE - and gushed blood over the stage. The star of...

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Independence Day Two?

2nd May 2003

Seven years after WILL SMITH saved the world from invading aliens in INDEPENDENCE DAY, movie makers DEAN DEVLIN and ROLAND EMMERICH are still planning a sequel. The 1996 blockbuster wowed film fans and raked...

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