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Daniels Releases Album

17th April 2006

Actor JEFF DANIELS was inspired to pursue a singing career after seeing so many other Hollywood actors expressing themselves musically. THE SQUID AND THE WHALE star was trying to raise funds for a theatre company...

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Daniels Takes Mobile Homes Seriously

10th April 2006

DUMB + DUMBER star JEFF DANIELS was the ideal choice to star in new mobile home movie comedy RV because he owns one of the handy vehicles. Daniels, who stars alongside ROBIN WILLIAMS in the...

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The Things They Say 1815

10th April 2006

"It's damn near like sex." DUMB + DUMBER star JEFF DANIELS enjoyed being shot by CLINT EASTWOOD in BLOOD WORK.

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Fascinating Fact 804

10th January 2006

DUMB + DUMBER star JEFF DANIELS has been forced to sell three of his prized guitars to buy his dream instrument - a 1934 Martin....

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Red-faced Daniels Left With Dog Urine Problem

9th January 2006

DUMB + DUMBER star JEFF DANIELS kicked off his New Year (06) by performing an embarrassing gig while covered in dog urine. The actor/guitarist decided to take his dogs on the road with him...

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Farrellys Want Del Toro And Daniels For Stooges

16th December 2005

BENICIO DEL TORO and JEFF DANIELS are set to make up two of THE THREE STOOGES if movie-maker brothers PETER and BOBBY FARRELLY get their way. The THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY directors are bringing...

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Capote Claims First Big Film Prize

1st December 2005

PHILIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN's portrayal of writer TRUMAN CAPOTE in biopic CAPOTE has earned the film the first of the movie award season's big prizes. The film was named the Best Feature at the Independent...

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The Squid And The Whale Claims Six Indie Spirit Nominations

30th November 2005

Actress LAURA LINNEY was in for a big shock when she read out the 2006 Independent Spirit Awards nominations yesterday (29NOV05) - her hit new movie THE SQUID AMD THE WHALE picked up six nods....

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Fascinating Fact 385

20th October 2005

DUMB + DUMBER star JEFF DANIELS played guitar on former MIAMI VICE star DON JOHNSON's 1989 album LET IT ROLL....

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The Things They Say 437

20th October 2005

"The whole thing was we wanted not to raise the kids inside Hollywood, in the industry, which meant we kind of lose out on the Easter egg hunts at SLY STALLONE's house." Actor JEFF DANIELS...

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Daniels Pays Tribute To Eastwood In New Song

20th October 2005

DUMB AND DUMBER star JEFF DANIELS has written a song about his role opposite his hero CLINT EASTWOOD in BLOOD WORK. The tune, DIRTY HARRY BLUES, which features on Daniels' new album JEFF DANIELS:...

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Daniels Raises A Laugh At Cmt Music Awards

12th April 2005

DUMB + DUMBER star JEFF DANIELS braved sound problems at the CMT MUSIC AWARDS in Nashville, Tennessee last night (11APR05) to show off his musical skills. The actor surprised guests at the country music...

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Clooney Hopes To Shine Light On 'Hard' Journalism

24th March 2005

GEORGE CLOONEY hopes his new movie GOODNIGHT, AND GOOD LUCK will prompt a renewed respect for "good hard" journalism. The Hollywood actor is directing and appearing in the film, which tells the story of...

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Downey Jr Joins Clooney Movie

15th March 2005

ROBERT DOWNEY JR is one of a host of actors who have signed up to star in GEORGE CLOONEY's latest directorial outing, GOOD NIGHT, AND GOOD LUCK. RAY WISE, TATE DONOVAN, JEFF DANIELS, DAVID...

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Younger Kline Gets Movie Break

26th January 2005

Showbusiness couple KEVIN KLINE and PHOEBE CATES' son OWEN is getting a taste of the big time in new independent movie THE SQUID + THE WHALE. The younger Kline plays divorcing parents LAURA...

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More Stars Sign Up For Imaginary Heroes

5th August 2003

DUMB + DUMBER star JEFF DANIELS and THE RULES OF ATTRACTION actor KIP PARDUE have joined the cast of indie black comedy IMAGINARY HEROES. Production for the SIGOURNEY WEAVER-starring movie - written and directed...

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Alan Cumming Signs For Goodbye Girl Remake

13th June 2003

Scottish actor ALAN CUMMING has joined the cast of a TV remake of THE GOODBYE GIRL. The X2: X-MEN UNITED star will join already-signed PATRICIA HEATON and JEFF DANIELS to play MARK BODINE, the...

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Jim Carrey's Dumb And Dumberer Swipe

23rd May 2003

JIM CARREY has hit out at Hollywood bosses for cashing in on the success of his 1994 comedy hit DUMB + DUMBER, and making a prequel. Carrey and co-star JEFF DANIELS reportedly refused to...

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