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No More 'Dude' For Scott

8th June 2008

AMERICAN PIE star SEANN WILLIAM SCOTT has been forced to erase the word 'dude' from his vocabulary after naming his new Labrador puppy after JEFF BRIDGES' character in THE BIG LEBOWSKI. The actor quickly realised...

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Makeup Artist Captures Bridges' First Moment With His Wife

11th May 2008

JEFF BRIDGES has a cherished photograph of the first time he spoke to his wife - thanks to an observant make-up man. The Big Lebowski star was shooting Rancho Deluxe in Montana in 1975 when...

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The Things They Say 8205

4th May 2008

"I'd just wear a red, white and blue condom - one over each of my big toes. I'm patriotic." IRON MAN actor JEFF BRIDGES reveals his latex-laden superhero costume of choice....

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Timberlake To Walk Open Road

8th February 2008

Justin Timberlake's burgeoning acting career is to continue with a starring role in upcoming drama The Open Road.The FutureSex star is to appear alongside Jeff Bridges and Mary Steenburgen in Michael Meredith's film, set to...

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Dvd Release For Danson + Bridges' Sex Film

24th December 2007

TED DANSON and JEFF BRIDGES' new movie is to hit DVD shelves just a month after the stars promoted the film's cinema release. First Look Studios executives have announced The Moguls, in which Bridges leads...

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Bridges Wrote To Scorsese To Plead For Judas Role

12th December 2007

JEFF BRIDGES was so desperate to land a part in controversial film THE LAST TEMPTATION OF CHRIST he wrote a letter to director MARTIN SCORSESE. The Big Lebowski star insists it was the only time...

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Bridges Regrets Not Pushing His Kids Into Acting

9th August 2007

JEFF BRIDGES regrets he didn't encourage his three daughters to carry on the Bridges acting dynasty. The 57-year-old actor grew up in a Hollywood household with his late father Lloyd and brother Beau - and...

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The Things They Say 4938

18th June 2007

"They showed that on a plane; can you imagine? I think it was a mistake." JEFF BRIDGES reveals his film FEARLESS, which features a harrowing plane crash, once terrified passengers on one flight....

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Bridges Shows Off His New Bald Look

16th June 2007

Actor JEFF BRIDGES stunned America on Thursday night (14Jun07) by donning a long black wig for his appearance on late night TV show The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson - and then removing it...

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Bridges Back Into Surfing Thanks To Penguin Movie

27th May 2007

THE BIG LEBOWSKI star JEFF BRIDGES has ventured back into the ocean after his role as a penguin in Surf's Up helped him to overcome his water fears. The 57-year-old actor voices the character of...

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Bridges Goes Bald For Iron Man

24th May 2007

THE BIG LEBOWSKI star JEFF BRIDGES has gone bald for a shocking new role in comic book adaptation IRON MAN. The actor, who plays Obadiah Stane in the highly-anticipated new movie admits he wasn't told...

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Bridges Hired To Play Vanity Fair Editor

18th May 2007

Hollywood star JEFF BRIDGES has been cast to play Vanity Fair editor GRAYDON CARTER in a new movie. Bridges will star alongside Kirsten Dunst and Simon Pegg in the film adaptation of British journalist Toby...

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Bridges' Flowery Cadaver

15th August 2006

Actor JEFF BRIDGES was so thrilled when a model corpse of himself was created for new TERRY GILLIAM movie TIDELAND, he wanted to take it home as a souvenir. THE BIG LEBOWSKI star admits he...

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Bridges Defends Heroin Scene

14th August 2006

JEFF BRIDGES has defended a shocking scene in new TERRY GILLIAM movie TIDELAND in which his on-screen daughter prepares heroin for his drug addict character to take. The AIRPLANE! star insists audiences need to be...

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Bridges Plans Moondog Movie

8th May 2006

THE BIG LEBOWSKI star JEFF BRIDGES is fighting to play iconic blind 1960s composer MOONDOG in a new biopic. The actor has always been a fan of the New York eccentric, who penned tunes for...

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Rv Drives To Top Of Us Box Office

1st May 2006

ROBIN WILLIAMS and his family-vacation romp RV cruised to the top of the US box office with a $16.4 million (GBP9.4 million) haul this weekend (29-30APR06), while September 11th (01) drama UNITED 93 debuted in...

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Bridges Teams Up With Film-makers To Chronicle Obsessed Fan

24th April 2006

Movie star JEFF BRIDGES has taken part in a documentary about the eccentric busker who has stalked him for the past decade. The SEABISCUIT star first encountered RICHARD PETERSON when he was making AMERICAN HEART...

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Bridges To Sing Gilliam Movie Theme

24th April 2006

JEFF BRIDGES is set to show off his singing skills in his next movie after recording the theme to director pal TERRY GILLIAM's new film, TIDELAND. The actor, who records his own albums and releases...

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Bridges' Kids Gave Big Lebowski Go Ahead

24th April 2006

Movie star JEFF BRIDGES almost turned down the iconic lead role in cult film THE BIG LEBOWSKI because he didn't want his daughters to think he was condoning drug use. The actor played stoner THE...

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Bridges Fought Acting Urges

21st April 2006

Rebellious star JEFF BRIDGES almost missed out on his glamorous acting career, because he wanted to defy his acting parents. Son of famous actor LLOYD BRIDGES and taking his first role in THE COMPANY SHE...

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Bridges Hated Jockstrap In Tron

21st April 2006

Actor JEFF BRIDGES hated making 1982 film TRON because he had to spend 16 weeks wearing tights and a jockstrap. The gladiatorial cyber-adventure film was the star's worst movie experience because his restrictive dance belt...

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Bridges Regrets Banning Daughters From Fame

20th April 2006

Actor JEFF BRIDGES regrets banning his daughters from entering the world of showbiz. THE BIG LEBOWSKI star had a famous father, LLOYD BRIDGES, and well-known godparents, LARRY PARKS and BETTY GARRETT. Bridges admits he never...

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Daniels Pens Tune For The Wife He Left Behind

18th April 2006

Movie star JEFF DANIELS has written a new song that's an ode to his long-suffering wife KATHLEEN - about the time he mistakenly dumped her at a gas station. The DUMB + DUMBER star's THE...

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Kournikova Delivers The Mail For Amazon

9th July 2005

ANNA KOURNIKOVA has become the latest celebrity to deliver the mail as part of Internet shopping site's 10th anniversary celebrations. The semi-retired tennis star and model delivered a package containing Adidas shoes and...

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Jeff + Harrison Team Up With

6th July 2005

Movie stars JEFF BRIDGES and HARRISON FORD have teamed up with Internet shopping service to help the company celebrate its 10th anniversary - and deliver some treats to fans. The actors are...

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Bridges And Tilly Play Addicts

7th June 2005

JEFF BRIDGES and JENNIFER TILLY were forced to leave vanity at home for their latest movie roles - because they play haggard drug addicts. Bridges has re-teamed with his FABULOUS BAKER BOYS co-star to...

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Bridges To Coach Gymnastics

5th April 2005

SEABISCUIT star JEFF BRIDGES is getting himself into shape for his next movie role - as a gymnastics coach. Sports-themed comedy STICK IT will focus on a team of down-trodden gymnasts who develop...

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Wild Child Bijou Takes To The Screen

2nd February 2005

Wildchild BIJOU PHILLIPS has abandoned her dream to become a pop star to focus on her new passion - acting. The glamorous daughter of MAMAS AND PAPAS rocker JOHN PHILLIPS once claimed music was...

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Bridges Prepares For Massive Garage Clean-up

8th January 2005

Actor JEFF BRIDGES has vowed to dedicate some time to clearing out his garage - because he hasn't cleaned it in 10 years. The SEABISCUIT star admits he's neglected that particular area of his...

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Jeff Bridges' House Of Clay Heads

17th December 2004

SEABISCUIT star JEFF BRIDGES has used his creative talents to adorn his home with a range of unusual decorations - clay heads. The Hollywood actor often makes plates, cups and other ceramic gifts for...

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